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Young EP Insight

EHRA Young EP networking programme aiming at providing one to two weeks hands-off observational training with an expert electrophysiologist.

Purpose and Scope

To provide an opportunity for networking and contribute to developing clinical experience in the field of Arrhythmias and Cardiac Pacing (CP) in a chosen centre for Cardiac Electrophysiology (EP) and Devices. The goal of this programme is also to give the participants some insight on the workflow of different EP centres, allowing to watch state-of-the-art techniques, strategies, clinical and procedural standards thanks to a one to two weeks hands-off training with an expert electrophysiologist. Lastly, this programme can act as an introduction and first experience for Young EPs planning on a longer future visit in the chosen centre.

EP Insight has been designed for physicians with some experience in the field of cardiology and interventional electrophysiology. The visiting Young EP will gain theoretical knowledge in different clinical and interventional settings, including EP/CP techniques and procedures such as, all hands-off:

  • Conventional electrophysiology as well as advanced ablation strategies for the treatment of complex atrial and ventricular arrhythmias (including 3D mapping methods and image integration);
  • Basic permanent pacing as well as complex CRT procedures;
    lead extraction, leadless pacemakers and S-ICD implantations ;
    pre-procedural imaging;
    as well as:
  • Cardiovascular research and scientific networking;
    hospital logistics;
  • Different academic models.


Participating centres

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For full detailed information on each above participating centre, please view the file.


Medical University of Graz
  • Head of EP: Prof. Daniel Scherr
  • City of the centre: Graz


ASZ Aalst
  • Head of EP: Dr. Grim De Meyer
  • City of the centre: Aalst
AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende
  • Head of EP: Prof. Dr. Rene Tavernier
  • City of the centre: Bruges
Erasme Hospital
  • Head of EP: Prof. Ruben Casado Arroyo
  • City of the centre: Brussels
Hartcentrum AZ Maria Middelares Gent
  • Head of EP: Dr. Frank Provenier
  • City of the centre: Gent
Heart Rhythm Management Centre, UZ Brussel VUB
  • Head of EP: Prof. Carlo de Asmundis
  • City of the centre: Brussels
OLV Hospital Aalst, Cardiovascular Centre, Arrhythmia Unit
  • Head of EP: Dr. Tom De Potter
  • City of the centre: Aalst
Ziekenhuis Oost Limbur (ZOL)
  • Head of EP: Dr. Maximo Rivero-Ayerza
  • City of the centre: Genk
ZNA Heart Centre, Middelheim
  • Head of EP: Prof. Dr. De Greef Yves
  • City of the centre: Antwerp


University Hospital Centre Zagreb, Department of Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Head of EP: Prof. Dr. Davor Puljevic
  • City of the centre: Zagreb
University Hospital Centre Sestre milosrdnice, Department of Cardiology
  • Head of EP: Dr. Nikola Pavlovic (head of EP lab) / Prof. Sime Manola (head of Arrhythmology dept)
  • City of the centre: Zagreb


Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology, St. Anne's University Hospital Brno, International Clinical Research Centre
  • Head of EP: Dr. Zdenek Starek 
  • City of the centre: Brno


Brest University Hospital, Department of Cardiology
  • Head of EP: Prof. Jacques Mansourati
  • City of the centre: Brest
Centre Cardiologique du Nord
  • Head of EP: Dr. Olivier PIOT
  • City of the centre: Saint-Denis
Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital
  • Head of EP: Prof. Romain Eschalier
  • City of the centre: Clermont-Ferrand
Clinique Pasteur
  • Head of EP: Assoc. Prof. Serge Boveda / Dr. Jean-Paul Albenque
  • City of the centre: Toulouse
Dijon University Hospital Dijon
  • Head of EP: Prof. Gabriel Laurent
  • City of the centre: Dijon
Grenoble University Hospital, Cardiology Department, Arrythmia Department
  • Head of EP: Prof. Pascal Defaye
  • City of the centre: Grenoble
Nantes University Hospital
  • Head of EP: Dr. Gilles Lande
  • City of the centre: Nantes


Alfried Krupp Hospital
  • Head of EP: Prof. Kars Neven
  • City of the centre: Essen
CCB Frankfurt
  • Head of EP: PD Dr. KR Julian Chun  / PD Dr. Boris Schmidt
  • City of the centre: Frankfurt
Hannover Medical School
  • Head of EP: Prof. Dr. Christian Veltmann
  • City of the centre: Hannover
Herz- und Diabeteszentrum NRW
  • Head of EP: Prof. Philippe Sommer
  • City of the centre: Bad Oeynhausen
Klinikum der Universität München
  • Head of EP: Prof. Heidi Estner
  • City of the centre: Munich
University Hospital Lübeck, II Medical Clinic, Division of Electrophysiology
  • Head of EP: Prof. Roland Tilz
  • City of the centre: Lübeck


Athens Medical Center
  • Head of EP: Dr. Dimitris Tsiachris
  • City of the centre: Athens
First Department of Cardiology, Athens Medical School of National and Kapodistrian University, Hippocratio Hospital
  • Head of EP: Prof. Konstantinos A. Gatzoulis
  • City of the centre: Athens


 Gottsegen Gyorgy National Institute of Cardiology
  •  Head of EP: Dr. Csaba Foldesi 
  • City of the centre: Budapest
Health Center, Hungarian Defence Forces
  • Head of EP: Dr. Gabor Duray
  • City of the centre: Budapest
Saint Rafael Hospital of Zala County
  • Head of EP: Dr Tamas Tahin
  • City of the centre: Zalaegerszeg
Semmelweis University Heart and Vascular Centre
  • Head of EP: Prof. Béla Merkely / Prof. László Gellér
  • City of the centre: Budapest
University of Szeged, 2nd Department of Medicine and Cardiology Centre
  • Head of EP: Assist. Prof. László Sághy
  • City of the centre: Szeged


Galilee Medical Centre
  • Head of EP: Dr. Ron Sela 
  • City of the Centre: Nahariya
Baruch Padeh Poriya Medical Centre
  • Head of EP: Dr. Ibrahim Marai
  • City of the centre: Tiberias


Medical University of Warsaw, Chair of Cardiology, Department of Electrocardiology
  • Head of EP: Prof. Marcin Grabowski
  • City of the centre: Warsaw


Santa Maria University Hospital, Arrhythmia Unit
  • Head of EP: Dr. João de Sousa
  • City of the centre: Lisbon
Hospital Sta Cruz
  • Head of EP: Dr. Pedro Adragão
  • City of the centre: Lisbon
Santa Marta Hospital - University Central Center of Lisbon
  • Head of EP: Prof. Mario Oliveira
  • City of the centre: Lisbon


Cardiovascular Diseases Institute Iasi "Prof. Dr. George I. M. Georgescu"
  • Head of EP: Dr. Mihaela Grecu
  • City of the centre: Iasi
Clinical Emergency Hospital from Bucharest - Clinical Electrophysiology and Pacing Laboratory
  • Head of EP: Dr. Radu Vatasescu
  • City of the centre: Bucharest
Clinical Rehabilitation Hospital Cluj-Napoca
  • Head of EP: Assist. Prof. Radu Rosu 
  • City of the centre: Cluj-Napoca
Clinicco Cardiology Hospital
  • Head of EP: Dr. Sorin Micu
  • City of the centre: Brasov
Colentina University Hospital
  • Head of EP: Prof. Gheorghe Andrei Dan (head of department) / Dr. Alexandru Deutsch (head of EP laboratory)
  • City of the centre: Bucharest
Emergency University Hospital Bucharest Romania
  • Head of EP: Dr. Calin Siliste 
  • City of the centre: Bucharest
Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Timisoara
  • Head of EP: Assoc. Prof. Dragos Cozma
  • City of the centre: Timisoara
Prof. C. C. Iliescu Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Fundeni Bucharest
  • Head of EP: Dr. Radu Ciudin 
  • City of the centre: Bucharest


East Slovak Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Head of EP: Dr. Silvia Misikova
  • City of the centre: Kosice
National Cardiovascular Institute Bratislava, Dept. of Arrhythmias and Cardiac Paong
  • Head of EP: Prof. Dr. Robert Hatala
  • City of the centre: Bratislava


University Medical Center Ljubljana
  • Head of EP: Prof. Andrej Pernat
  • City of the centre:  Ljubljana


Bart's Heart Centre
  • Head of EP: Dr. Mark Earley
  • City fo the centre: London
Bristol Heart Institute Cardiac Electrophysiology and Devices Centre
  • Head of EP: Dr. Ihab Diab
  • City of the centre: Bristol
 Leeds General Infirmary
  • Head of EP: Dr. Lee N. Graham
  • City of the centre: Leeds
Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital
  • Head of EP: Dr. Mark Hall
  • City of the centre: Liverpool
Manchester University Foundation Trust
  • Head of EP: NA
  • City of the centre: Manchester
Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
  • Head of EP: Dr. Vias Markides
  • City of the centre: London
Royal Papworth Hospital
  • Head of EP: Dr. Patrick Heck
  • City of the centre: Cambridge
St. George's Hospital
  • Head of EP: Dr. Magdi Saba
  • City fo the centre: London
University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust
  • Head of EP: Dr. David R. Tomlinson & Dr. Guy Haywood
  • City of the centre: Plymouth

Downloadable document

For full detailed information on each above participating centre, please view the file.

More information

Your centre is interested in participating centres in the project ?

Before joining, centres should read the Rules and Regulations carefully.


Join here

Young EP Applicants


Applicants eligible for the programme need to:

  • be EHRA and Young EP member (mandatory)
  • speak English or the official national language of the host institution

Application process

  1. The applicant may choose up to 3 EP centres of his/her preference.
    Please check the list of available centres website and list by order of priority.
  2. The applicant must complete the online application form.
    Withing 15-20 days, the applicant will receive an approval together with the contact details of the person responsible for the program in each selected centre.
  3. After receiving the approval, the applicant can directly email the centre’s contact person and start arranging his/her visit.
  4. The applicant may be asked by the hosting centre to complete additional documents according to the local policy. EHRA is not responsible for any additional information requested by the centre.


The applicants may apply anytime during the year (subject to the centres’ availability). Please note a ‘first come, first served’ policy applies.


Before applying, candidates should read the Rules and Regulations carefully.


Apply here



  1. The EP Insight networking programme is a one to two-weeks hands-off training based on a non-funded agreement between the visiting Young EP and the hosting centre only, with no contractual involvement of EHRA. EHRA solely acts as a facilitator during the application process.
  2. Any complaints from Young EP should be directly addressed to the centre.
  3. The ESC complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 and the data protection laws in France. The ESC therefore takes all reasonable care and action to prevent any unauthorised access to the centres’ and candidates’ personal data. Please refer to the dedicated GDPR webpage if needed.