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Editorial Board of Cardiovascular Research (CVR)

Editorial Office

Managing Editor
Rachel Geenens

Cardiovascular Research
Cardiovascular Sciences Dept
KU Leuven
Herestraat 49
B-3000 Leuven

Editorial Board

Tomasz J. Guzik, UK

Deputy Editors
P. Holvoet, FESC, Belgium
S. Janssens, FESC, Belgium
A. Luttun, Belgium
M. Sampaolesi, Belgium

Editorial Board

M. Aikawa, United States of America
G. Ambrosio, FESC, Italy
C. Antoniades, FESC, United Kingdom
M. Avkiran, FESC, United Kingdom
M. Back, Sweden
J. Backs, Germany
P. Backx, Canada
L. Badimon, FESC, Spain
J L. Balligand, FESC, Belgium
J. Bauersachs, FESC, Germany
C R. Bezzina, Netherlands
G E. Billman, United States of America
L A. Blatter, United States of America
A. Bobik, Australia
K R. Boheler, United States of America
RA. Boon, Germany
G W. Booz, United States of America
Y. Cao, Sweden
P. Carmeliet, Belgium
L. Carrier, FESC, Germany
B. Casadei, FESC, United Kingdom
E. Cerbai, FESC, Italy
H. Cheng, China People's Republic of
A. Clerk, United Kingdom
G. Condorelli, Italy
EM. Conway, Canada
R. Coronel, Netherlands
F-R. Curry, United States of America
M. Daemen, FESC, Netherlands
S M. Davidson, United Kingdom
RA. De Boer, FESC, Netherlands
R. De Caterina, FESC, Italy
LJ. De Windt, FESC, Netherlands
C. Depre, United States of America
F. Di Lisa, Italy
J. Diez Martinez, Spain
D. Dobrev, Germany
J. DU, China People's Republic of
DJ. Duncker, FESC, Netherlands
D A. Eisner, United Kingdom
O. Ellingsen, FESC, Norway
M. Endoh, , Japan
L J. Field, United States of America
J G. Filep, Canada
R. Fischmeister, France
I. Fleming, Germany
D. Franco, Spain
K. Fujiwara, United States of America
K. Fukuda, FESC, Japan
F. Gao, China People's Republic of
R. Geenens, Belgium
S. George, United Kingdom
M. Gomez, FESC, France
S E. Harding, FESC, United Kingdom
G. Hasenfuss, FESC, Germany
N. Hatem, France
G. Heusch, FESC, Germany
D. Hilfiker-Kleiner, FESC, Germany
K. Hirata, FESC, Japan
E. Hirsch, Italy
I. Hoefer, Netherlands
M. Hori, FESC, Japan
Y. Ishikawa, FESC, Japan
M J. Janse, EFESC, Netherlands
E. Kardami, Canada
Z. Katusic, United States of America
R. Kelly, France
C G. Kevil, United States of America
M. Kitakaze, FESC, Japan
R N. Kitsis, United States of America
A G. Kleber, Switzerland
I. Komuro, FESC, Japan
R. Krams, United Kingdom
P. Lacolley, France
R. Latini, Italy
U. Laufs, Germany
G. Lembo, Italy
G. Liu, China People's Republic of
T. Makinen, Sweden
A. Mattiazzi, Argentina
M. Mayr, United Kingdom
P. Menasche, France
D. Merkus, Netherlands
J. Miano, United States of America
J-B. Michel, France
T. Miura, FESC, Japan
F U. Mueller, Germany
C. Mummery, Netherlands
E. Murphy, United States of America
R. Nagai, FESC, Japan
S. Nattel, Canada
A C. Newby, United Kingdom
T. Opthof, Netherlands
B. O'Rourke, United States of America
P. Pagano, United States of America
Z. Papp, FESC, Hungary
JA. Paramo Fernandez, Spain
R. Passier, Netherlands
G. Pasterkamp, FESC, Netherlands
J D. Pearson, FESC, United Kingdom
M. Post, Netherlands
A R. Pries, FESC, Germany
S G. Priori, FESC, Italy
U. Ravens, FESC, Germany
L. Roderick, Belgium
M. Santoro, Italy
R. Schulz, Canada
L. Scorrano, Italy
A M. Shah, FESC, United Kingdom
N. Smart, United Kingdom
C. Steenbergen, United States of America
J L. Tamargo, FESC, Spain
G. Theilmeier, Germany
G F. Tomaselli, United States of America
MAG. Van Der Heyden, Netherlands
J. van der Velden, FESC, Netherlands
J. van Eyk, United States of America
V W M. Van Hinsbergh, Netherlands
D R. Van Wagoner, United States of America
R. Vander Heide, United States of America
W. Vandevelde, Belgium
P M. Vanhoutte, EFESC, Hong Kong SAR People's Republic of China
A. Varro, FESC, Hungary
RF. Ventura-Clapier, France
E. Vlachopoulou, Belgium
J P T. Ward, United Kingdom
H. Watanabe, Japan
C. Weber, FESC, Germany
K T. Weber, United States of America
R P. Xiao, United States of America
S. Yla-Herttuala, FESC, Finland
M. Zaccolo, United Kingdom