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Having a pre-recorded or live presentation

ESC Preventive Cardiology 2021

We are committed to showcasing your presentation in the best possible light.
To that end, there are a few simple tips and tricks we can suggest to make your recorded or live presentation stand out.

Preparation Tips

Dress professionally

The way you would for a presentation at a face-to-face congress. You will be communicating with distinguished colleagues from around the world. Don’t let your appearance distract.

Sit in a quiet room

Mute your phone and computer. Close all programs opened on your computer except the ones needed for the recording.

Laptops are easier

If possible, use a laptop computer. It allows you greater flexibility so you can achieve the optimal height and light.

Make your background simple and neat

Virtual backgrounds are not recommended. Ideally, have as much depth as possible behind you. But look closely. Remove anything that in any way could be distracting to your audience.

Lighting is key

Identify where most of the light is coming from (including a window) and put your computer or recording device in front of it – as close as you can – so you get as much light on your face as possible. Otherwise, consider taking two lamps (remove the shades) and position them in front of you at 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock so that the sides of your face are evenly lit. You may also wish to purchase two small, professional LED lights which are widely available online.

Put your lens at eye level or slightly higher

You never want to be looking down at your audience. Use a stack of books to prop up your computer or recording device. (Please check: if you see any part of the ceiling behind you, your camera is still too low and needs to be raised further.) If you cannot raise your computer high enough, consider using a much shorter chair. No one will know that you are lower than your desk, but they will appreciate that you are speaking at eye level.

Internet connection

If possible, use a wired internet connection – NO WIFI - If you wish to test your Internet speed: Upload speed below 0.5Mbps will not be sufficient.

Your webcam

If you purchase a webcam for these recordings, just make sure it is NOT a wide-angle lens.

An external microphone

You can then plug it directly into your computer or recording device. It will be money well spent and provide superior audio quality for presentations to come. It will also allow you to abandon the bulky headset.
Consider a desktop microphone you can position beside you or a lavalier microphone you can clip on to your lapel if you record standing up– all available online.

Prepare Your Slides

• Please use the ESC Preventive Cardiology 2021 slide template to create your slides.
• Make sure your slides are clean and simple. Do not overwhelm your audience with too much text.
• Just three or four key bullet points, one or two lines each, per slide. (Your talk can flesh them out with context and background information.)
• As a general rule, one or two slides per minute. No more than one data set per slide.
• Ensure the font is large enough – 12 or 13 pt is good – and easy to read. Consider using ESC red (R:174 G:16 B:34) in places to help break up the text.
• Add supporting visuals/pictures to your slides to make them more appealing and reinforce your messages. Help make your presentation memorable.
• Please respect the timing allocated to your presentation as indicated in your agreement form.

Ready to record your presentation?

Introduce yourself

Begin by introducing yourself very briefly with your name, location and title of your paper. Even if the information is on your slide, it is a much warmer way to begin. “Hello, I’m Professor John Smith from Madrid, Spain and my paper is entitled XX YYYY”

Be engaging

Capture the excitement of your research. People are watching because they are eager to see what you have discovered.
Feel free to use your hands. Your energy can help make your presentation ‘come alive’.
Maintain eye contact with the camera lens throughout your presentation. Consider putting a small piece of colourful tape beside or just under the lens; anything that will draw your attention to the lens and keep it there.
Imagine you are talking to a dear colleague. Think of him/her throughout your presentation. This can have a surprisingly profound impact. It can make you visibly more relaxed and engaging.

Do several practice and review them critically

Is your energy level high enough throughout? Is the pace quick enough? Do you look like you are talking to a good friend? Your passion for the subject matter will be contagious. Don’t be shy.

Make sure you respect the timing allocated to your presentation as indicated in your agreement form.


You may be contacted shortly by members of the ESC production team to provide further details and assist you.
At any time, however, never hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Speakers and presenters can contact