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ESC Working Group on Thrombosis

Platelets and coagulation factors have diverse roles in many cardiovascular diseases and basic and clinical research in this area has led to marked improvements in clinical outcomes such as in patients with atherothrombotic events or atrial fibrillation. The pathways involved in thrombosis and haemostasis also play important roles in vascular inflammation and wound healing. The evolving complexities of the science and available treatments for management and prevention of thrombosis, as well as the requirements for yet more effective treatments, drive the need for ongoing dissemination of knowledge and development of consensus amongst both practising physicians and research scientists.

It is this need that the ESC Working Group on Thrombosis aims to meet.

Aims and Activities

  • Enhance knowledge of thrombosis in clinical cardiology in Europe.
  • Stimulate postgraduate education in thrombosis both at the European Congress of Cardiology and beyond.
  • Stimulate clinical research in thrombosis in clinical cardiology in Europe, to be performed preferably by young investigators.
  • Stimulate basic research on thrombosis in order to increase our knowledge on the pathophysiology to initiate the development of new preventive and therapeutic tools.
  • Bridge basic science in these areas with the clinical practice of Cardiology.
  • Produce consensus in order to influence current clinical practice of Cardiology in Europe with regard to drugs or treatments intervening on vascular biology and blood vessel-wall interactions".

The Working Group on Thrombosis was established in the ‘60s, in the process of the general current shaping of the European Society of Cardiology. Constituent bodies of the Society are National Societies, from various affiliated countries, and Working Groups. These were intended, and still are, mostly, as the “scientific motor” of the Society, collecting active scientists in the cardiovascular area from whatever country in Europe around common themes.

The history of a Working Group on Thrombosis, one of the original Working Groups of the Society, is therefore a history of the interaction of persons from different origin, and often from quite different background, organising the scientific activities of the Society in this area of knowledge at the best of their intelligence and drive. At the beginning, this was mostly the Congress, but more and more, in recent years, the Working Group has expanded its scope through initiatives, many of which ongoing, who continue far beyond the organisation of scientific sessions at the yearly venue.

It is the impression of the writer that this task of compiling impressions and memories by those who led the process in their time is not futile, and serves the purpose of constituting the pedestal, a solid one, on which we now stand. Overall – and again this is a personal impression of the writer – they give the idea of a highly active and dynamic body. A practical consequence, and possibly the most important achievement in this process, was to cement solid relationships of personal esteem, and often true friendship, among people from different European cultures and backgrounds. This has been an incredible thrill for most of us, and served the immensely valuable goal of cementing a true “European” spirit.

Nucleus 2018-2020


Dirk Sibbing .jpgProf. Dr. med. Dirk Sibbing, MHBA, FESC

Oberarzt, Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik I

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München Medizinische Klinik I

München, Germany


Dirk Sibbing, MD, FESC, MHBA is Professor of Cardiology at the Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich. Prof. Sibbing trained and worked as fellow at the Deutsches Herzzentrum München from 2004-2012 under Prof. Albert Schömig and Prof. Adnan Kastrati. Since 2012 he works in his current position as senior doctor and interventional cardiologist at the department of cardiology at LMU Munich, where he also leads the study group on drugs in cardiovascular disease. Prof. Sibbing is section editor of the journal Thrombosis & Haemostasis, is listed among the 50 most frequently cited cardiovascular researchers in the German speaking area and has (co)-authored >140 articles with over 7000 citations in peer-reviewed journals, including: The Lancet, JACC, JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions, Circulation, European Heart Journal and Thrombosis & Haemostasis. His H-index is 36 and his main scientific interests are: coronary interventions, antiplatelet drugs, platelet function monitoring and genetics of cardiovascular disorders.


G-Vilahur.pngDr. Gemma Vilahur Garcia, PhD

Catalan Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences

Hospital Santa Creu and Sant Pau

Barcelona - Spain

Gemma Vilahur, PhD is a Senior I3P Researcher at the Catalan Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (ICCC;  Hospital Santa Creu and Sant Pau) in Barcelona, where she coordinates the Translational Research Department since her return from the United States in 2006. She is PI and Co-PI of multiple grants/projects (National and European) either funded by the Government or the Industry. Her research activities have been focused on cardiovascular research, especially devoting to elucidate the basic mechanisms underlying vascular and heart disease pathology (from atherothrombosis to ischemic heart disease) and to discover and evaluate new potential therapeutic targets/approaches. She has published 94 peer-reviewed articles (1581 citations; H=24), has contributed to more than 28 book chapters, is co-author of several patents and has received many scientific awards. 


B-Rocca.pngProf. Bianca Rocca, MD, PhD

Pharmacology Catholic University School Of Medicine

Rome - Italy


Bianca Rocca, MD, PhD is Professor of Pharmacology at the Catholic University School of Medicine in Rome (Italy). Prof. Rocca trained as Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Experimental Therapeutics, University Pennsylvania of Philadelphia (USA) with Prof. Garret A. FitzGerald. Prof. Rocca is member of the Editorial Board of the 'European Heart Journal-Cardiovascular Pharmacology’, listed in the Top Italian Scientists, has co-authored over 100 articles with over 5000 citations in peer-reviewed journals, including: Nature Medicine, Science, Blood, Circulation, Journal of Clinical Investigation, PNAS (USA), Annals of Internal Medicine, ATVB, Nature Clinical Practice in Cardiovascular Medicine, JACC, European Heart Journal, Diabetes. Her H-index is 36. Main scientific interests are: eicosanoids, antiplatelet drugs, cardiovascular prevention, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, cardiovascular disorders.


Dr. Andrea Rubboli, MD, FESC

Bologna - Italy


Andrea Rubboli, MD, FESC is senior interventional and clinical cardiologist at the Division of Cardiology, Ospedale Maggiore, Bologna, Italy. His clinical activity is mainly devoted to the interventional management of patients with coronary artery disease, and especially acute coronary syndromes. His research interest has long been focused on thromboembolic disease, both at the venous and arterial site. In particular, he has carried out pioneering research on the management of patients on oral anticoagulation undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention. In this field, he has been providing a substantial amount of data, has chaired or co-chaired National and International research projects, and has participated in the development of consensus documents issued by Scientific Societies. Dr. Rubboli has authored/co-authored >100 articles with over 2000 citations in peer-reviewed journals.

Secretary & Web editor

D-Gorog.pngProf Diana Gorog, MB BS, MD, PhD, FRCP

London, United Kingdom


Diana Gorog MB BS, MD, PhD, FRCP is a Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Director of Research at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, and Visiting Professor at University of Hertfordshire (United Kingdom). Prof. Gorog trained in medicine at St. Bartholomew’s Medical School, University of London, and undertook her cardiology training in central London teaching hospitals. She obtained a postgraduate MD from Imperial College and PhD from King’s College, London. In addition to being an interventional cardiologist, including undertaking PPCI on call, she is actively engaged in clinical research on thrombosis, in particular platelet function testing, endogenous fibrinolysis and thrombosis risk assessment. She has published >80 papers, including in Nature Reviews Cardiology, JACC and European Heart Journal.

Ordinary Nucleus members

B-Gigante.pngAssociate Professor Bruna Gigante, MD

Solna, Sweden


Bruna Gigante, MD has been appointed associate professor in epidemiology at the Unit of Cardiovascular Epidemiology at the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM) at Karolinska Institutet (KI)  and as deputy senior registry at the Department of Cardiology at Danderyd Hospital. She has authored/co-authored 95 scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals. Overarching aim of her research line is the discovery and validation of biomarkers that can be used as independent predictors of cardiovascular events and as novel target for treatment.

W-Speidl.pngAssociate Prof Walter Speidl

Vienna - Austria


Associate Professor Dr. Walter Speidl is clinical cardiologist and intensivist at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria. He is working as deputy chair of the medical intensive care unit and as interventionist. His clinical research focuses on biomarker of inflammation and thrombosis in stable coronary artery disease and acute coronary syndromes. In addition, he devotes his time on basic research regarding the interplay of innate immunity and thrombosis in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and acute coronary events. His utmost interest is the bridge between basic and clinical science in these fields of cardiology.

J-Siller-Matula.pngAssociate Prof. Jolanta Siller-Matula, MD, PhD

Vienna - Austria


Jolanta Siller-Matula, MD, PhD is a clinical cardiologist and associate professor at the Department of Cardiology at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. Her research focuses on arterial thrombosis, personalized antiplatelet therapy and antithrombotic therapy. Her publications (70 peer-reviewed articles) have added to a debate in the cardiology community surrounding the efficacy and safety of conventional antiplatelet treatment. In particular, she described the link between high platelet reactivity and ischemic risk, and the effect of genetic polymorphisms and drug-drug interactions on the pharmacodynamics of antiplatelet drugs and clinical outcomes in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Daniel-Aradi-webpic.pngAssociate Professor Dániel Aradi, MD, PhD

Budapest - Hungary


Dániel Aradi MD, PhD is an Associate Professor at the Semmelweis University, Heart and Vascular Center, Budapest and a Chief Consultant Cardiologist at the Heart Center Balatonfüred, Hungary. He is working as a senior interventional and clinical cardiologist and he focuses his research activities on antithrombotic treatment strategies, with special attention to platelet function research. From 2018, he is the chairman of the Working Group on Thrombosis of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology and also Secretary of the Working Group on Interventional Cardiology. Dr. Aradi authored/co-authored 70 articles in peer reviewed journals including Lancet, European Heart Journal, JACC and Thrombosis &Haemostasis.

Tobias-Geisler-webpic.pngProfessor Tobias Geisler, FESC

Tübingen - Germany


Tobias Geisler is Professor of Cardiology at the Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen. After his training in cardiology he worked as senior research fellow at the Royal Brompton Hospital/Imperial College in London (2009/2010) supported by the ESC atherothrombosis grant. Since 2015 he is Vice Head of the Department of Cardiology at the German Heart Competence Center Tübingen, Germany. He leads the cardiovascular clinical research unit and is member of the steering board of the Collaborative Research Consortium TR240 “Platelets – Molecular, cellular and systemic functions in health and disease” funded by the German Research Foundation. He has (co-) authored more than 150 peer-reviewed articles with over 4000 citations. His H-index is 31. His main research interest includes platelet biology, pharmacogenomics of antiplatelet and antithrombotic therapies, platelet-mediated inflammation, stroke, translational medicine, clinical trials and structural heart interventions including TAVR.

Ex-Officio Nucleus members 

S-Halvorsen.pngProf. Sigrun Halvorsen, MD, PhD, FESC

Oslo - Norway


Sigrun Halvorsen, MD, PhD, FESC is Professor at the University of Oslo and Head of the Department of Cardiology, Oslo University Hospital Ulleval. After defending her Thesis in the field of basic coagulation and fibrinolysis, she has continued with clinical research on antithrombotic treatment and treatment of acute myocardial infarction, and has published over 100 scientific papers with over 8000 citations in peer-reviewed journals. She has also participated in several ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines, been actively involved in several ESC Working groups, and been an ordinary Nucleus Member of the ESC Working Group on Thrombosis from 2012 to 2016.

R-Storey.pngProf. Robert Storey, FESC 

Sheffield - United Kingdom


Robert Storey is Professor of Cardiology at the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK, where he has headed a thrombosis research group since 2002. He is also Academic Director and honorary Consultant Cardiologist for the Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery Directorate, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He has a special interest in the management of ischaemic heart disease, including acute coronary syndromes and coronary intervention. He has been a Task Force member for ESC guidelines on non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndromes and dyslipidaemias. He served as a member of the executive committees for the DISPERSE2, PLATO and PEGASUS-TIMI 54 studies, leading the platelet function substudies for these trials, and of the steering committees for the TRA-CER, EPICOR and ATLANTIC studies. He is currently a member of the steering committees for the COMPLETE, RAPID CTCA and SENIOR RITA studies.

J-Maurais.pngAffiliate Professor Joao Morais, MD, PhD, FESC

Cardiology Division, Sto andre Hospital

Leiria – Portugal


João Morais, MD, PhD, is Head of Cardiology Division and Coordinator of the Research Centre of Leiria Hospital Centre in Portugal. He is Affiliated Professor in Oporto Medical School. He is Elect President of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology. Prof. Morais authored and co-authored more than 220 papers, half of them published in full-text in peer review journals. He was invited speaker in more than 400 national and international meetings. As an investigator, he participated in more than 50 international clinical trials, registries and other scientific projects, being member of the Steering Committee and National Leader in 20. In 2014, prof. Morais was awarded by the Mayor of Leiria with the city's Silver Medal regarding highly relevant services in health care.

Affiliated members

E-Grove.pngAssociate Professor Erik L. Grove, MD, PhD 

Aarhus - Denmark


Erik Lerkevang Grove, MD, PhD has specialised in Internal Medicine: Cardiology and in Thrombosis & Haemostasis. He is a clinical cardiologst at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark and has a PhD in platelet function testing and platelet turnover in coronary artery disease. He works in a thrombosis clinic and also with cardiac CT. Other areas of interest include antithrombotic therapy, acute cardiac care, diabetes mellitus, atrial fibrillation and oral anticoagulants, including warfarin, self-monitored anticoagulant therapy, non-vitamin K-antagonist oral anticoagulants, switching, and drug-drug interactions. His research include laboratory studies, clinical studies and registry-based pharmaco-epidemiology.

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Nucleus History

Past Chairpersons Mandate
Mireille Brochier – view contribution Chairperson 1988-1990
Colin RM Prentice Chairperson 1990-1992
Freek W. A. Verheugt – view contribution Chairperson 1992-1994
Carlo Patrono – view contribution Chairperson 1994-1996
John F. Martin – view contribution Chairperson 1996-1998
Desmond Fitzgerald – view contribution Chairperson 1998-2000
Raffaele De Caterina – view contribution Chairperson 2000-2002
Lina Badimon Chairperson 2002-2004
Steen Dalby Kristensen Chairperson 2004-2006
Kurt Huber – view contribution Chairperson 2006-2008
Felicita Andreotti Chairperson 2008-2010
Dietrich Gulba Chairperson 2010-2012
Robert F. Storey Chairperson 2012-2014
Joao Morais Chairperson 2014-2016
Bianca Rocca Chairperson 2016-2018


Steen Elkjaer Husted, MD, FESC, 1950-2016