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EHRA Committees

EHRA Committees are now aligned with the ESC strategic plan and dedicated to serving the following five main pillars: Education, Membership, Research, Advocacy and Congress.


EHRA rules for early resignation

  • Attendance to 50% of personal meetings and telephone conferences
  • Delivery of at least 75% of assigned tasks within 3 weeks of the pretended time are expected

Education Pillar


Name Country
Dr. Stelios Tzeis Greece
Prof. Isabel Deisenhofer Germany
Prof. Jan Steffel, FESC, FEHRA Switzerland

Certification Committee

Position Name Country
Chair Dr. Stelios Tzeis Greece
Co-Chair Dr. Mark Earley United Kingdom
Co-Chair EP Assoc. Prof. Petr Peichl Czech Republic
Member Prof. Matthias Antz, FESC  Germany
Member Dr. Charlotte Eitel  Germany
Member Dr. Malcolm Finlay United Kingdom
Member Dr. Antonio Frontera  Italy
Member Dr. Konstantinos Letsas FEHRA Greece
Member Dr. Ashley Nisbet  United Kingdom
Member Assoc. Prof. Emin Evren Özcan  Turkey
Member Dr. Nikola Pavlovic, FESC  Croatia
Member Dr. Luca Segreti  Italy
Member Dr. Daniel Steven Germany
Member Assist. Prof. Gabor Szeplaki FESC, FEHRA  Ireland
Member Dr. Serge Alexander Trines FESC, FEHRA  Netherlands 
Co-Chair CP Dr. Jens Brock Johansen  Denmark
Member Dr. Andrea Di Marco Spain
Member Dr. Carsten W Israel Germany
Member Dr. Georgios Kollias Austria
Member Mr. Jens Kristensen Denmark
Member Mr. Mads Brix Kronborg Denmark
Member Prof. Jean-Benoit Le Polain de Waroux, FEHRA Belgium
Member Dr. Philip R. Moore  United Kingdom
Member Dr. Tilman Perrin Switzerland
Member Dr. Rik Willems  Belgium 
Co-Chair AP Assist. Prof. Dominic Theuns, FESC Netherlands
Member Mr. Wim Bories Belgium
Member Asst. Prof. Heidi Estner FESC, FEHRA  Germany
Member Asst. Prof. Stefano Fumagalli, FEHRA  Italy
Member Prof. Christof Kolb  Germany
Member Dr. Giosue Mascioli FESC, FEHRA Italy
Member Dr. Oliver Segal  United Kingdom
Member Dr. Dimitris Sougiannis Greece

Prof. Christian Wolpert, FESC

(ERTC representative too)


Selection Committee

Position Name Country
Chair Prof. Isabel Deisenhofer Germany
Co-Chair Dr. Giovanni Luca Botto, FESC  Italy
Member  Prof. Frieder Braunschweig, FESC Sweden
Member  Dr. Corina Brunckhorst, FESC Switzerland
Member  Dr. Michal Chudzik Poland
Member  Dr. Joseph de Bono United Kingdom
Member  Prof. Andreas Goette, FEHRA Germany
Member  Dr. Borka Pezo Nikolić Croatia
Member  Dr. Mario Njeim Lebanon
Member  Dr. Christelle Marquié  France
Member  Dr. Robert Pap Hungary
Member  Dr. Carol-Ann Remme  Netherlands
Member Dr. Renate Schnabel Germany
Member  Prof. Katja Zeppenfeld, FESC, FEHRA Netherlands

Education Committee

Position Name Country
Chair Prof. Jan Steffel FESC, FEHRA  Switzerland
Co-Chair Dr. Mattias Duytschaever  Belgium
Member Dr. Marta de Riva Silva  Netherlands
Member  Dr. Maxim Didenko Russia
Member  Dr. Martin Hemels, FESC, FEHRA Netherlands
Member  Assoc. Prof. Kristina Hermann Haugaa, FESC Norway
Member  Prof. Andrea Sarkozy Belgium
Member  Assoc. Prof. Clemens Steinwender, FESC Austria
Member Prof. Jacob Tfelt-Hansen Denmark

 Membership Pillar

Chair Country
Prof. Isabelle van Gelder, FESC, FEHRA Netherlands

National Cardiac Societies Committee

Position Name Country
Chair  Prof. Isabelle van Gelder, FESC, FEHRA Netherlands
Co-Chair  Prof. Jean Claude Deharo  France
Member   Dr. Ayan Abdrakhmanov   Kazakhstan
Member   Dr. Yuri Blaauw  Netherlands
Member   Prof. Lars Eckardt  Germany
Member  Dr. Mihaela Grecu, FESC  Romania
Member   Dr. Mario Martins Oliveira, FESC  Portugal
Member   Dr. Giorgi Papiashvilli  Georgia
Member   Assoc. Prof. Antonio Rapacciuolo  Italy
Member   Dr. Alexander Romanov FESC, FEHRA  Russia
Member   Dr. Raphael Rosso  Israel
Member   Prof. Richard Schilling, FESC  United Kingdom
Member   Dr. Dejan Kojic  Serbia
Member  Assist. Prof. Sime Manola, FESC  Croatia

Young Electrophysiologists

Position Name Country
Chair Assoc. Prof. Jedrzej Kosiuk, FESC Germany
Co-Chair Dr. Pawel Balsam Poland
Member  Dr. Stefan Bogdan Romania
Member  Dr. David Duncker  Germany
Member  Dr. Katarzyna Malaczynska-Rajpold United Kingdom
Member  Dr. Vivien Nagy  Hungary
Member  Dr. Martin Svetlosak  Slovakia
Member  Dr. Philippe Vanduynhoven  Belgium

International affairs

  • Prof. Lluis Mont, FESC, FEHRA, Spain

Advocacy Pillar

Chair Country
Dr. Francisco Manuel Moscoso Costa Portugal

Women in EP

Position Name Country
Coordinator Dr. Laura Vitaly Serdoz Germany
mHealth, Health Economics and PROM 
Position Name Country
Dr. Emma Svennberg Sweden


Position Name Country
Chair Dr. Francisco Manuel Moscoso Costa Portugal
Member  Assoc. Prof. Natasja De Groot, FEHRA  Netherlands
Member  Dr. Barbara Kommata  Sweden
Member  Assoc. Prof. Lidija Poposka  North Macedonia

Research Pillar

Chair Country
Dr. Nikolaos Dagres, FEHRA Germany

Scientific Initiatives Committee

Position Name Country
Chair Associate Prof. Tatjana Potpara, FESC Serbia
Co-Chair Prof. Radoslaw Lenarczyk  Poland
Member  Dr. Giulio Conte Switzerland
Member Prof. Gheorghe Andrei Dan, FESC, FEHRA  Romania
Member  Dr. Michal Farkowski  Poland
Member  Dr. Malcolm Finlay  United Kingdom
Member  Dr. Estelle Gandjbakhch  France
Member  Dr. Konstantinos E. Iliodromitis  Belgium
Member  Dr. Kristine Jubele, FESC  Latvia
Member  Dr. Deirdre Lane, FESC  United Kingdom
Member Prof. Eloi Marijon, FESC  France
Member  Dr. Francisco Marin  Spain
Member  Prof. Frits Prinzen, FESC  Netherlands
Member  Assoc. Prof. Daniel Scherr, FESC, FEHRA  Austria 

Scientific Documents Committee

Position Name Country
Chair Dr. Nikolaos Dagres, FEHRA  Germany
Co-Chair Prof. Serge Boveda  France
Member Prof. Thomas Deneke Germany
Member  Prof. Frank R. Heinzel  Germany
Member  Prof. Zbigniew Kalarus, FESC  Poland
Member  Prof. Gulmira Kudaiberdieva, FESC  Turkey
Member  Dr. Georges H Mairesse, FESC,FEHRA  Belgium
Member  Prof. Valentina Kutyifa, FESC  USA
Member  Prof. Jesper Hastrup Svendsen, FESC, FEHRA Denmark
Member  Dr. Vassil B Traykov, FEHRA Bulgaria
Member  Dr. Kevin Vernooy, FESC  Netherlands
Member Prof. Arthur Wilde Netherlands

Congress Pillar

Position Name Country
Chair Prof. Haran Burri   Switzerland
Co-Chair Prof. Katja Zeppenfeld, FESC, FEHRA  Netherlands
Member  Assist. Prof. Natalia Antonio Portugal
Member  Prof. Angelo Auricchio, FESC, FEHRA  Switzerland 
Member  Dr. Roy Beinart  Israel
Member  Dr. Antonio Berruezo Sanchez  Spain
Member  Dr. Mauro Biffi  Italy 
Member  Prof. Pascal Defaye  France
Member  Prof. Isabelle Deisenhofer  Germany
Member  Assoc. Prof. Maxime Didenko, FEHRA  Russia
Member  Dr. Mattias Duytschaever   Belgium
Member  Prof. Gerhard Hindricks FESC, FEHRA  Germany
Member  Mrs. Lynne Hiterbuchner  Austria 
Member  Prof. Janouczek Jan  Czech Republic
Member  Prof. Xavier Jouven  France
Member  Prof. Pier Lambiase  United Kingdom 
Member  Prof. Francisco Leyva United Kingdom 
Member  Dr. Philippe Maury  France
Member  Prof. Jose Luis Merino, FEHRA  Spain
Member  Assoc. Prof. Przemyslaw Mitkowski  Poland 
Member  Dr. Francisco Moscoso Costa  Portugal
Member  Prof. Mario Martins Oliveira, FESC  Portugal 
Member  Assoc. Prof. Daniel Pijnappels  Netherlands 
Member  Dr. Archana Rao  United Kingdom
Member  Prof. Andrea Sarkozy, FEHRA  Belgium
Member  Assoc. Prof. Daniel Scherr, FEHRA,FESC  Austria
Member  Prof. Philipp Sommer FESC, FEHRA  Germany
Member  Prof. Christian Sticherling  Switzerland 
Member Dr. Emma Svennberg Sweden
Member  Prof. Isabelle van Gelder, FESC, FEHRA   Netherlands 
Member  Dr. Francesco Zanon FESC, FEHRA Italy

Nominating Committee

Position Name Country
Chair Prof. A. John Camm, FESC, FEHRA United Kingdom
Member  Dr. Fernando Arribas  Spain
Member  Dr. Giovanni Luca Botto FESC, FEHRA Italy
Member  Prof. Christian de Chillou France
Member  Prof. Michael Glikson FESC Israel
Member  Prof. Christian Wolpert, FESC  Germany



For any information on the Associations’ activities, please contact us here.