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Coronary Physiology in the Catheterization Laboratory 2013

25/04/2013 00:00 27/04/2013 00:00 Europe/Paris Coronary Physiology in the Catheterization Laboratory 2013

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The programme has been accredited by the European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) - 11 CME Credits

Course Directors

B. De Bruyne (BE); W.F. Fearon (US); N.H.J. Pijls (NL)

Invited Faculty

O. Gaemperli (CH), N. Johnson (USA), P. Kala (CZ), B-K Koo (USA), K. Oldroyd (UK), S. Piroth (HU), P.A.L. Tonino (NL), G. Toth (BE), I. Wijnbergen (NL), W. Wijns (BE), N. Witt (SE)

Target Audience 

  • Cardiologists mainly interventional cardiologists
  • Trainees and fellows in invasive and interventional cardiology
  • Interventional radiologists
  • Physiologists

Course Objectives

  • Fundamentals of coronary circulation physiology
  • Step-by-step teaching of the methods of coronary pressure, flow and
    resistance measurements
  • Comprehensive review of the evidence-based advantages of invasive
    physiologic assessment
  • Put in prospect and comparison between morphological and functional
    approaches of coronary artery disease

Thursday 25th April

12:30-14:00: Lunch

14:00-14:10: Welcome & Introduction – W. F. Fearon

Session 1. Basics of Coronary anatomy and physiology:
Fundamental, Fascinating, Revealing
Chairpersons: N. Johnson, K.G. Oldroyd
14:10-14:30: Structure and function of the coronary circulation  
N.H.J. Pijls    
14:30-14:50: Regulation of coronary blood flow - B. De Bruyne
14:50-15:10: Pathophysiology of the microvasculature – W. F. Fearon
15:10-15:30: Discussion

15:30-16:00:Coffee Break

Session 2. The Diagnosis of ischemic heart disease
Chairpersons: Z. Piroth
16:00-16:20: Non invasive testing: still needed? O. Gaemperli
16.20-16:40: Role of invasive imaging: IVUS, OCT,...P. A. L. Tonino
16:40-17:00: FFR: concept, experimental basis, and cut-off values – N.H.J. Pijls
17:00-17:15: Discussion

Session 3. Deep Dive into the Microvasculature: opening the black box
Chairpersons: B.K. Koo, I. Wijnbergen
17:15-17:30: IMR and absolute flow measurements - B. De Bruyne
17:30-17:45: IMR in the Setting of STEMI – K. Oldroyd
17:45-18:00: IMR in the Setting of Stable Chest Pain - W.F. Fearon
18:00-18:15: Discussion

20:00: Participants Dinner

Friday 26th April

Session 4. FFR in Clinical Practice (Part I)
Chairpersons: P.A.L. Tonino, N. Witt
9:00-9:20: Practical Setup of FFR - N.H.J. Pijls
9:20-9:40: Hyperemic stimuli - B. De Bruyne
9:40-10:00: Pitfalls with pressure measurements - B. De Bruyne
10:00-10:20: FFR in acute coronary syndromes - W.F. Fearon
10:20-10:30: Discussion

10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

Session 5. FFR in Clinical Practice (Part II)
Chairpersons: P. Kala
11.00-11:20: FFR in diffuse disease and serial stenoses - N. Witt
11:20-11:40: FFR and LM disease – W.F. Fearon
11:40-12:00: FFR in bifurcation lesions/stentings – B-K Koo
12.00-12:20: FFR in MVD – P.A.L. Tonino
12:20-12:30: Discussion

12:30-13:30: Lunch

Session 6. One picture is worth 1000 words
Chairpersons: B. De Bruyne, N.H.J. Pijls
13:30-13:40: Case from Hungary – S. Piroth
13:40-13:50: Case from Korea – B-K Koo
13:50-14:00: Case from Scotland – K. Oldroyd
14:00-14:10: Case from Czech Republic – P. Kala
14:10-14:30: Discussion

14:30-15:00:  Coffee Break

Session 7. FFR in Clinical Outcome
Chairpersons: W.F. Fearon, O. Gaemperli
15:00-15:20: Safety of deferring PCI based on FFR - N.H.J. Pijls
15:20-15:40: Benefit of performing PCI based on FFR - W. F. Fearon
15:40-16:00: FFR, ischemia and clinical outcome - B. De Bruyne
16:00-16:20: FAME 1 and 2 Cost Efficiency - W. F. Fearon

Keynote Lecture
: DEFER, SYNTAX, COURAGE and FAME’s: a synthesis - W. Wijns

16:50-17:00: Discussion

Session 8. Cutting edge of applied physiology (cases from experimental protocols)
Chairpersons: W.F. Fearon, N.H.J. Pijls
17:00-17:15: Absolute flow measurements in humans in practice – G. Toth
17:15-17:30: Absolute flow measurements in STEMI patients – I. Wijnbergen

17:30: Back to the Hotel 

Saturday 27th April

Session 9. New modalities and indices
Chairpersons: W. Wijns
9:00-9:20: Pd/P a, IFR, bSRv, resting gradient: why can they never be as good than heperemic indices. -  N.H.J. Pijls 
9:20-9:40: Meta-analysis of resting indices for functional stenosis assessment – N. Johnson
9:40-10:00: Non-Invasive FFR – W. Wijns 
10:00-10:30:  Discussion

10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

Session 10. Clinical case of around the world
Chairpersons: G. Toth, Z. Piroth
11:00-11:10: Case from Germany - C. Schwarzwaelder
11:10-11:20: Case from Spain - M. Echavarria-Pinto
11:20-11:30: Case from Sweden - N. Witt
11:30-12:00: Conclusion - B. De Bruyne

12:15: Lunch & Back to Nice