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Webcasts - 13th Annual Meeting of the ESC Working Group on Myocardial & Pericardial Diseases

NOW Available online:

Webcasts resources from the 13th Annual Meeting
13-15 October 2016, Warnemünde - Germany

Educational courses during the 13th WG Annual meeting

Educational session 1: Diagnosis of cardiomyopathies

Chairs: A.L. Caforio, S.B. Felix


Definition and classification -an overview - Y. Pinto

Genetic testing is superior to biopsy of the myocardium in cardiomyopathy - Prof. H. Katus


Contra - H.-P. Schultheiss

Advances in imaging: echocardiography, MRI, CT and PET – what is essential for diagnostic work-up? - A. Linhart

The MOGE(S) Classification for a phenotype- genotype nomenclature of cardiomyopathy - E. Arbustini


Prognostic Relevance of gene-environment interactions in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy - S. Heymans


Educational session 2: Personalized medicine for diagnosis and treatment of myocarditis and inflammatory cardiomyopathy

Chairs: A. Anastasakis, R. Jahns

Diagnostic work up in myocarditis and DCM - M. Dörr

Endomyocardial biopsy is essential for diagnosis - C. Basso

Role of cardiovascular magnetic resonance - J. Schulz-Menger


From evidence-based treatment to future direction for research in inflammatory cardiomyopathy - U. Eriksson


Educational session 3: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: From bench to bedside

Chairs: P. Elliott, A. Rigopoulos

Stepwise approach for risk stratification - P. Elliott

Next generation genetic testing – What next - J. Mogensen

Gene therapy for inherited sarcomeric pediatric cardiomyopathy - L. Carrier


Evidence-based medical treatment - J. Olivotto

Evidence-based percutaneous gradient ablation - H. Seggewiss

Surgical therapies - P. Ferrazzi


Educational session 4: Myocardial involvement in systemic immune-mediated diseases: Focus on the myocardial and pericardial disease Position paper

Chairs: E. Arbustini, A. L. Caforio

Systemic autoimmune diseases and cardiac involvement: Focus on animal models and common mechanisms -V. Poli

What’s new: The cardiac pathologist’s point of view -K. Klingel

What’s new: The cardiologist’s point of view -S.B. Felix


What’s new: The immunologist’s point of view -R. Marcolongo

What next -U. Eriksson


Extra-educational session 4: The Noncoding genome in myocardial diseases – Pathogenic implications and therapeutic perspectives for the cardiomyopathies

Chairs: M. Arad, P. Charron

Noncoding RNAs in cardiovascular disease – Status of clinical translation - T. Thum

MicroRNAs in cardiac fibrosis and hypertrophy - S. Engelhardt

Monocyte-directed RNAi in cardiac inflammation - F. Leuschner


Gene editing - J.-S. Hulot

Methylome - B. Meder

Gene and microRNA based therapies for heart failure Status of clinical translation - R. Hajjar


Extra educational session 5: Diastolic and systolic dysfunction in heart failure and the cardiomyopathies   – From diagnosis to treatment

Chairs: M. Fu, A. Ristic

Immunoadsorption as a treatment option in DCM - S. B. Felix

Current evidence on treatment of patients with chronic systolic heart failure - A. Ristic

Cardiac implantable electronic devices in systolic heart failure - M. Busch


Systolic heart failure: New drugs in the pipeline - B. Pieske

New treatment options for diastolic dysfunction - G. Hasenfuß

Keynote Lecture - Myocardial regeneration in the cardio- myopathies – A therapeutic option? Basic research - T. Eschenhagen


Clinical trials - S. Janssens


Educational session 5: Rare myocardial diseases – From diagnosis to treatment

Chairs: A. L. Caforio, M. Dörr

Pediatric diseases - G. Limongelli

Anderson-Fabry disease - A. Linhart

Glycogen storage disease - M. Arad


Amyloidosis - C. Rapezzi

Neuro-muscular disease - A. Pantazis

Inflammatory cardiomyopathies - C. Basso


Keynote Lecture: Rare cardiomyopathies-challenges and opportunities - P. Elliott


Educational session 6: Diagnosis and treatment of pericardial diseases – Focus on the 2015 Guidelines

Chairs: S. Pankuweit, A. Ristic

Clinical and diagnostic work-up - B. Maisch

Medical treatment - M. Imazio

What next - Y. Adler


Educational session 7: Acute decompensated chronic heart failure – A diagnostic and therapeutic challenge in cardiomyopathies of different aetiologies

Chairs: S. Blankenberg, A. Keren

The diagnostic accuracy of the natriuretic peptides in heart   failure - J. Mant

New drugs for treatment of acute decompensated heart failure – Mitrovic

Ultrafiltration in patients with acute decompensated chronic heart failure - G. Marenzi


Impella ventricular support in patients with cardiogenic shock - M. Ferrari

Emergency extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in patients with cardiogenic shock – D. Westermann

Keynote Lecture: Auto-immune mechanisms in myocarditis and  dilated cardiomyopathy - A. L. Caforio


Educational session 8: Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathies

Chairs: A. Anastasakis, P. Elliott

Pathology – Still the gold standard? C. Basso

Genetic diagnosis – An update for the clinician - E. Arbustini

Clinical and non-invasive work-up - A. Tsatsopoulou


Risk stratification - T. Wichter

Keynote Lecture: Treatment of ARVC: Key messages from the international and future perspectives - D. Corrado