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Board and committee members

The EAPCI Board and Committees for term May 2016 - May 2018


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EAPCI Executive Board 

Title Name Country
President Prof M. Haude, FESC Germany     
President-Elect Prof A. Baumbach, FESC United Kindgom
Past-President Prof S. Windecker, FESC Switzerland
Secretary Dr G. Guagliumi, FESC Italy
Treasurer Dr B. Chevalier, FESC France
EuroPCR representatives Associate Prof Ch. Naber, FESC
Dr B. Prendergast, FESC
United Kingdom


EAPCI Committees Chairs & Co-Chairs

Databases & Registries Committee

Title Name Country
Chair Assoc Prof Anna Sonia Petronio, FESC Italy
Co-Chair Dr Peter Ludman, FESC United Kingdom
Member Dr Piera Capranzano Italy
Member Prof Franz Weidinger, FESC Austria
Member Ass Prof Petr Kala, FESC Czech Republic
Member Dr Peter Kearney, FESC Ireland
Member Dr Thierry Lefevre, FESC France
Member Dr Yolande Appelman, FESC Netherlands
Member  Dr Lars Sondergaard Denmark

Education & Training Committee

Title Name Country
Chair Prof Dariusz Dudek, FESC Poland
Co-Chair Prof Eric Van Belle France
ESCeL Ambassador Prof Lino Goncalves, FESC Portugal
Member Dr Klaus Kaspar Austria
Member Prof Alexander Geppert Austria
Member Dr Pavel Chernoglaz Belarus
Member Assistant Prof Josko Bulum Croatia
Member Dr Allan Iversen Denmark
Member Prof Pasi Karjalainen   Finland
 Member Prof Johannes Waltenberger Germany
Member Prof Issi Barbash  Israel
Member Dr Giuseppe Musumeci Italy
Member Dr Jorgo Kostov Macedonia
Member Dr Thor Trovik Norway
Member  Dr Wojciech Wojakowski Poland
Member Prof Rui Campante Teles Portugal
Member Dr Rodrigo Estevez Loureiro  Spain
Member Dr Dougie Muir United Kingdom
Member Assoc Prof Rajesh Kharbanda United Kingdom
Member Assoc Prof Giuseppe De Luca Italy

Fellowship Committee

Title Name Country
Chair Prof Martine Gilard, FESC France
Co-Chair Dr Bernard Prendergast, FESC United Kingdom
Member Dr Gabor G Toth Austria / Hungary
Member Dr Stelios Pyxaras Germany / Greece / Italy
Member Prof Goran Stankovic Serbia
Member Prof Christian Spaulding France
Member Prof Marco Roffi Switzerland
Member Prof Corrado Tamburino Italy
Member Dr Latib Azeem, FESC Italy
Member Prof Julinda Mehilli Germany

National Societies & International Affairs Committee

Title Name Country
Chair Prof Emanuele Barbato, FESC Belgium
Co-Chair Dr Marko Noc, FESC Slovenia
Member Prof Albrecht Elsässer Germany
Member Dr Giuseppe Musumeci  Italy
Member Dr Ahmed Magdy Egypt
Member Prof Adrian Banning United Kingdom
Member Prof Omer Goktekin Turkey
Member Dr Manuel Pan Spain
Member Prof Jacek Legutko Poland
Member Dr Pascal Motreff France
Member Prof Georgios Sianos Greece
Member Prof Niels van Royen Netherlands
Member Dr Stefan Dan Cezar Mot Romania
Member Prof Aleksandr Osiev Russia
Member Prof Walter Desmet Belgium
Member Prof Peter Wenaweser Switzerland
Member Dr Nils Witt Sweden
Member Dr Hans-Henrik Tilsted Denmark

New Initiatives For Young Interventionalists Committee

Title Name Country
Chair Dr Gabor Toth Austria
Co-Chair Dr Francesco Saia, FESC Italy
Member Dr Maria Radu Denmark
Member  Dr Gregory Ducroq France
Member Dr Lukas Koltowski Poland
Member Dr Patrick Calvert United Kingdom
Member Ass Prof Salvatore Brugaletta Spain / Italy
Member Dr Dejan Milasinovic Serbia
Member Dr Stelios Pyxaras, FESC Germany / Greece / Italy
Member Dr Pierre Deharo France/UK
Member Dr Tom Johnsom United Kingdom
Member Dr Alessia Azzano Belgium / Italy
Member Dr Vijay Kunadian United Kingdom

Nurses and Allied Professionals Committee

Title Name Country
Chair Mr David Sparv Sweden
Co-Chair Miss Salome Coelho Portugal
Member Mrs Sarah Carson United Kingdom
Member Mr Ricardo Esteves Portugal
Member Mr Hervé Faltot France
Member Mrs Sandra Griggio Italy
Member Mr Tony Van Hecke Belgium
Member Mrs Lynne Hinterbuchner Austria
Member Mrs Lene Kløvgaard Denmark
Member Mr Johannes Laub Germany
Member Mrs Vera Rodrigues Spain
Member Mrs Tanja Odeneg Austria

Scientific Documents & Initiatives Committee

Title Name Country
Chair Dr Robert Byrne, FESC Germany
Co-Chair Assoc Prof Davide Capodanno Italy
Past-Chair Dr Marco Valgimigli, FESC Switzerland

Scientific Programme and Congress Committee

Title Name Country
Chair Dr Marco Valgimigli, FESC Switzerland
Co-Chair Prof Julinda Mehilli, FESC Germany
Member Prof Jean-Philippe Collet France
Member Assoc Prof Holger Eggebrecht Germany
Member Dr Renate Schnabel Germany
Member Dr Cristina Giannini Italy
Member Dr Giulio Stefanini  Italy
Member Ass Prof Salvatore Brugaletta  Spain
Member Dr David Hildick-Smith United Kingdom
Member Prof Franz Weidinger Austria
Member Dr Eugene McFadden, FESC Ireland
Member Dr Attila Thury Hungary

Website & Communication Committee

Title Name Country
Chair Dr Pascal Meier, FESC Switzerland
Co-Chair Dr Eugenio Stabile Italy
Member Dr Rodney De Palma United Kingdom
Member Mrs Ronnie Lassiaille, Europa Organisation France

Women Committee

Title Name Country
Chair Dr Josepa Mauri, FESC Spain
Co-Chair Dr Maria Radu Denmark
Member Dr Alaide Chieffo Italy
Member Dr Beatriz Vaquerizo Spain
Member Dr Lene Holmvang Germany
Member Prof Stefan James Sweden
Member Dr Yolande Appelman Netherlands
Member Dr Zuzana Kaifozsova Czech Republic
Member Dr Tom Adriaenssens Belgium
Member Dr Stephane Manzo-Silberman France
Member  Dr Emanuela Piccaluga Italy
Member Assoc Prof Davide Capopdanno Italy
Member Prof Julinda Mehilli Germany
Member Dr Ghada Mikhail United Kingdom
Member Assoc Prof Anna-Sonia Petronio Italy
Member Prof Andreas Baumbach United Kingdom
Member Dr Patrizia Presbitero Italy
Member Prof Martine Gilard France
Member Dr Angela Ferrara Italy
Member Dr Piera Capranzano Italy
Member Dr Vijay Kunadian United Kingdom
Member Dr Gil Louise Buchanan United Kingdom
Member Dr Nicole Karam France
Member Dr Tamara Aipassa Netherlands
Member Prof Fazilla Malik Bangladesh
Member Dr Marie-Claude Morice, FESC France
Member Prof Nireen Okasha Egypt
Member Dr Pannipa Suwannasom Netherlands
Member Ass Prof Petr Kala Czech Republic
Member Dr Stefanie Schuepke Germany

Valve for Life Initiative

Title Name Country
Country Champion Poland Prof Adam Witkowski, FESC Poland
Country Champion Poland Prof Dariusz Dudek, FESC Poland
Country Champion France Prof Martine Gilard, FESC France
Country Coordinator Portugal Dr Rui Campante Teles, FESC Portugal
Country Coordinator Portugal Prof Lino Manuel Patricio Portugal
Oversight Committee Chair Prof Michael Haude, FESC Germany
Oversight Committee Co-Chair Prof Andreas Baumbach, FESC United Kingdom
Oversight Committee Past-Chair Prof Stephan Windecker,FESC Switzerland

Nominating Committee

Title Name Country
Chair Prof. Stefan Windecker Switzerland
Member Dr. Manel Sabate Spain
Member Prof. Corrado Tamburino Italy
Member Prof. Adrian Banning United Kindgom
Member Prof. Franz Weidinger Austria
Member Assistant Prof. Petr Kala Czech Republic
Member Dr. René Koning France

Ex-officio Board Members

Title Name Country
Editor-in-chief of EuroIntervention Journal Prof Patrick W. Serruys, FESC Netherlands
Stent for Life Chair
Assoc Prof Christoph Naber, FESC Germany
Mrs Isabel Bardinet France
CEO Europa Organisation
Mr Marc Doncieux France
ESC Specialty Centre Department Director
Mrs Sophie Squarta France
Head of Department EAPCI
Mrs Marielle de la Torre France


For any information on the Association's board or to contact one of the board's members, please contact us