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Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Registry

Clinical epidemiology of patients undergoing an AFA procedure

Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation Ablation registry publications




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The main objective of this registry is to describe the clinical epidemiology of patients undergoing an Atrial Fibrillation Ablation (AFA) procedure, and the diagnostic/therapeutic processes (including technical aspects, ways to measure the success of the procedure and acute and chronic outcomes/complications of the procedure) applied in these patients.



  • Describe the demographic, clinical, and biological characteristics of patients undergoing a first Atrial Fibrillation Ablation (AFA) procedure in a representative setting of cardiology centres.
  • Describe the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches undertaken in the routine practice of cardiologists performing Atrial Fibrillation Ablation (AFA) procedures.
  • Assess the acute and chronic outcomes of patients undergoing Atrial Fibrillation Ablation (AFA) procedures.
  • Assess the short and long term safety/complications of the procedure.
  • Assess how the participating centres evaluate, in routine clinical practice, the success of the procedure during the follow-up.
  • Evaluate how the recommendations of the most recent European guidelines are adopted in clinical practice.


27 countries are taking part in the long-term phase of this registry, which was launched in February 2012.

The aim of enrolling approximately 3,000 patients was exceeded in April 2015. Today the one and three year follow-up are ongoing.

Prior to the deployment of the long-term registry a pilot registry was conducted, between September 2010 and June 2012, with a one-year follow-up. This pilot study was specifically aimed at validating the structure, performance, and quality of the data set, for continuing the survey into a permanent registry.
10 countries enrolled 1410 patients in this pilot, of which the first results were presented at the ESC Congress 2011 in Paris.

AFA Long-Term Study Organisation

Each registry is conducted by an Executive Committee (scientific experts) and a Steering Committee (national coordinators), and the whole programme is conducted by the EORP Oversight Committee.

The current Executive Committee is chaired by Nikolaos Dagres.

Executive Committee  2016-2018

Nikolaos Dagres, Chair
Josep Brugada, Past Chair
Elena Arbelo
Carina Blomström Lundqvist
Josef Kautzner
Evgeny Pokushalov
Aldo Pietro Maggioni, EORP Scientific Coordinator
Roberto Ferrari, Chair of the EORP Oversight Committee
Luigi Tavazzi, Past Chair of the EORP Oversight Committee

Executive Committee 2013 - 2015

Josep Brugada, Chair
Elena Arbelo
Carina Blomstöm Lundqvist
Aldo Pietro Maggioni, European Scientific Coordinator
Luigi Tavazzi, Past Chair of the EORP Oversight Committee
Joseph Kautzner
Evegeny Pokushalov

Executive Committee 2011 - 2012

Josep Brugada, Chair
Frederic Anselme
Elena Arbelo
Gerhard Hindricks
Aldo Pietro Maggioni
Luigi Tavazzi
Panos Vardas

Steering Committee 

Clemens Steinwender (AT)
Georges Mairesse (BE)
Tosho Balabanski (BG)
Alexandr Chasnoits (BY)
Josef Kautzner (CZ)
Thorsten Lewalter (DE)
Turgut Brodherr (DE)
Sam Riahi (DK)
Mervat Abou El Maaty & Mostafa Nawar (EG)
Julian Perez Villacastin (ES)
Pekka Raatikainen (FI)
Frederic Anselme (FR)
Michalis Efremidis (GR)
Laszlo Geller (HU)
Ben Glover (IE)
Roy Beinart & Michael Gilkson(IL)
Fiorenzo Gaita (IT)
Roin Rekvava (KZ)
Oskars Kalejs (LV)
Serge Trines (NL)
Zbigniew Kalarus (PL)
Mario Martins Oliveira & Pedro Adragao (PT)
Radu Ciudin (RO)
Evgeny Mikhaylov (RU)
Carina Blomström Lundqvist (SE)
Matjaz Sinkovec (SI)
Oleg Sychov (UA)
John Morgan and Paul Roberts (UK)

Atrial Fibrillation Ablation pilot Committees

Executive Committee 2010 - 2012

Josep Brugada (Chairman), assisted by Elena Arbelo
Gerhard Hindricks
Aldo Pietro Maggioni (European Scientific Coordinator)
John Morgan / Frederic Anselme
Luigi Tavazzi (Chair of the Oversight Committee) 
Panos Vardas (President Elect of the ESC)

Steering Committee 

Georges Mairesse (BE)
Milos Tabosky / Josef Kautzner (CZ)
Sam Riahi (DK)
Pierre Jais / Frederic Anselme (FR)
Thorsten Lewalter (DE)
George Theodorakis (GR)
Giuseppe Inama (IT)
Zbigniew Kalarus (PL)
Julian Perez Villacastin (ES)
Serge Trines (NL)

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