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Peruvian Society of Cardiology

The Peruvian Society of Cardiology is an affiliated member of the European Society of Cardiology


Structure 2013 - 2015
PresidentDr Juan Vlasica Carlos
Vice-PresidentDr Plinio Obregon Vilches
Past PresidentDr Mario Zubiate Talledo
General SecretaryDr José Murillo Beteta
Acting SecretaryDr Lourdes Campos Alcantara 
TreasurerDr Ricardo Zegarra Carhuaz
Board membersDr Carlos Pino Morales ( Publications )
 Dr Martin Salazar Caceres ( Scientific Actions )
 Dr José Manuel Sosa Rosado ( Secretary of branches )
 Dr Segundo Gallardo Vallejo (Permanent Committees)
 Dr Victor Huisa Lopez (Ethic & Qualification Committee)
 Dr Fernando Torres Vega (Scientific Action Commmittee)
 Dr Vicente Massucco Revoredo (Scientific Action Commmittee)

Number of Members:  
Year of Foundation:       1947
Year of ESC affiliation:   2010

Contact Information

Office Address:
Guillermo Marconi 337 - San Isidro - Lima 27 - Peru

Tel: +51 1 441 5932
Fax: +51 1 421 6999

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The aims of the Peruvian Society of Cardiology are

  • to emphasise the importance of defining, exchanging and consistently updating experiences, knowledge and techniques in cardiology
  • to debate the trends of cardiology management, in order ot provide better service to people suffering cardiovascular diseases.
  • to stimulate the investment in cardiology
  • Promotion and education in heart health
  • Integration of epidemiological data in Peruvian cardiology
  • to develop and elaborate recommendation Guidelines and Expert Consensus documents in national cardiology.

Main activities

  • Peruvian Congress of Cardiology – every two years
  • International Consultants’ Course – and update in cardiology
  • International Course of Hypertension
  • International Course of Coronary Heart Disease
  • Course of Arrhythmia
  • Annual Course for cardiology residents
  • International Course of Echocardiography
  • International Course of Atherosclerosis

The Peruvian Society of Cardiology (PSC) organised the Inter American Congress of Cardiology in April 1968 and 2007 and the South American Congress of Cardiology in May 1977 and 1997.

The PSC has nine subsidiary organisations in the provinces and activities are developed in order to improve the level of cardiology in the regions, these have high level of attendance and participation.



The magazine of the PSC - Revista de la Sociedad Peruana de Cardiologia -  has been published since 1952 for 58 uninterrupted years. It includes scientific material by distinguished national and international professionals and constitutes an important means of published research works and updated information for the national residents and the whole national community in cardiology.

There are 3 editions a year, freely distributed to cardiology residents, cardiologists and related specialists. So far 174 issues have been published. The regular sections of the magazine are: editorial, selected monographs, original articles, annual review, revision by experts, and clinical cases and images.

Last updated : 05 Aug 2014