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ESC Core Curriculum 2013

A CME Framework for the General Cardiologist

The Core Curriculum for the General Cardiologist, first published in 2006 and updated in 2008 intends to provide a framework for the continuing medical education of the General Cardiologists by defining; teaching, learning and assessment methods. The Third Edition 2013 is now available following thorough consultation with all ESC Constituent Bodies.

The field of cardiology is ever evolving and the Core Curriculum must be reviewed and revised accordingly.  The ESC hopes that this third edition will continue to stimulate comment and feedback from the ESC's constituent bodies and membership to further evolve this important document.

The Core Curriculum 2013 - a CME framework for the general cardiologist

Download your copy of the Core CurriculumThe 2013 Core Curriculum defines the clinical, patient oriented, training of the general cardiologist. The overall structure of the previous version has been retained, but the table format has been abandoned to limit the number of printed pages and to make the document more easily searchable on-line.

The general aspects of training and all individual chapters have been updated. The document focuses on knowledge of mechanisms of disease, clinical and communication skills, empathy for the patient and their relatives, and teamwork.

The full version of the Core Curriculum for the General Cardiologist is available to download below.



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