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Congress to you

Coverage of EUROECHO & other Imaging Modalities 2012

This section brings you congress news, congress reports, photos, press releases and slide resources before, during and after the congress.
Congress to you - Coverage from EuroEcho 2012

Whether you're attending or not, make sure to bookmark and check back here for all the content from Athens.

EUROECHO congress newsEUROECHO 2012 press releasesEUROECHO 2012 slidesEUROECHO 2012 Congress reportsEUROECHO 2012 photos

 Congress News

 Congress reports

Non-invasive diagnosis and risk stratification in coronary artery diseaseProfessor Jose Luis Zamorano Gomez
Vascular imaging, physiology and outcomeDoctor Alexandros Stefanidis
Outcome analysis in cardiovascular imagingDoctor Georgios Karatasakis
Usefulness of stress echocardiography for risk stratification: a whiter shade of pale?Professor Philippe Pibarot
How can cardiac imaging contribute in risk evaluation of ventricular arrhythmias?Professor Albert Varga
Challenging cases in heart failureAssistant Professor Johan De Sutter
Mitral valve regurgitationProfessor Raphael Rosenhek
Structural heart disease: right ventricleDoctor Mark Kevin Friedberg
Heart failure: preserved vs depressed ejection fractionProfessor Frank Arnold Flachskampf
Differential diagnosis between physiologic hypertrophy of athlete's heart and hypertrophic cardiomyopathyProfessor Thor Edvardsen
The best in 2012: Imaging and outcome (club 35)Doctor Denisa Muraru
Cancer treatments and cardiotoxicity: too much or too little?Doctor Maurizio Galderisi
How to evaluate your patient for a structural interventionProfessor Jaroslaw Damian Kasprzak
Contrast echocardiography and tissue harmonic imaging: how to assessProfessor Roxy Senior and Dr Andreas Hagendorff
Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction - Role of imagingDoctor Angie S Brown
Echocardiographic assessment of coronary circulationProfessor Andreas Hagendorff
How do I use 3D echocardiography today?Professor Bernard Cosyns
Integrative echo approach to cardiac resynchronisation therapyProfessor Jadranka Separovic Hanzevacki
Echocardiographic approach of right ventricle evaluationAssistant Professor Loukianos Rallidis
3D Echo - How it worksGabriel Kiss
Cases from the GuidelinesProfessor Mark John Monaghan
Atrial septal defectDoctor Jan Marek
Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance - The basicsDoctor Sven Plein

 Photos from EuroEcho congress in Athens

 Slides from EuroEcho 2012

All of the slides from EUROECHO 2012 are now in open access to everyone.
Access the slides here.