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ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines

ESC Congress 2012

J. Bax, FESC, Committee for Clinical Practice Guidelines Chairman, Netherlands     

The Committee for Clinical Practice Guidelines of the ESC is proud to present 6 guidelines in 2012.

The 6 documents cover clinically relevant topics, tightly fitted with daily cardiology practice.

This year's Congress will feature the 2012 versions of Valvular Heart Disease, Heart Failure, ST-elevation Acute Myocardial Infarction, Prevention in Cardiovascular disease, a focused update of Atrial Fibrillation and the latest Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction.

My word of advice? Mark these presentations on your agenda, and don't miss any of them!


The new 2012 ESC/EACTS Guidelines on the management of valvular heart disease 

Sunday 26 August - 11:00-12h30 - Room Tirana, Central Village
Provide an 'in depth' presentation and highlight the new aspects of the ESC Guidelines on valvular disease.

New 2012 ESC acute and chronic heart failure Guidelines 

Sunday 26 August - 16:30-18:00 - Room Munich, Central Village
This session will summarise the main changes in the new ESC Guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute heart failure. The update will include discussion of pharmacological, device, surgical and other aspects of care, including patient monitoring, non-pharmacological/device therapy and end-of-life care

New 2012 ESC Guidelines for acute myocardial infarction ST-segment elevation 

Monday 27 August - 08:30-10:00 - Room Munich, Central Village
Become familiar with the background and details of the new ESC STEMI Guidelines regarding emergency care, primary PCI, thrombolysis, adjunctive therapies 

The 2012 Guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practice 

Monday 27 August - 11:00-12:30 - Room Tirana, Central Village
As prevention is a major task for cardiologists and health workers this session aims at giving the latest scientific news on CVD Prevention in Clinical Practice as recently published in the 2012 guidelines from the Joint European Societies’ Taskforce. How do I assess and manage my patients’ CVD risk, what are the available best options in lifestyle counselling and in adding drug treatment, where and by whom and how should prevention programmes be provided? These are the main the questions that will be discussed in this symposium

2012 Joint ESC/ACCF/AHA/WHF third universal definition of myocardial infarction 

Monday 27 August - 16:30-18:00 - Room Munich, Central Village
- Learn the alterations to be included in the third edition of the universal definition of myocardial infarction
- Understand the new concept of myocardial injury compared with myocardial infarction
- Understand the differences between the various subtypes of myocardial infarction
- Clarify the confusing state of knowledge surrounding post PCI troponin elevations

2012 Update of the ESC Guidelines on the management of atrial fibrillation 

Tuesday 28 August - 08:30-10:00 - Room Munich, Central Village
- Understand the updates to the 2010 ESC Guidelines on the management of atrial fibrillation
- Appreciate the role of new anticoagulants, left atrial occlusion/excision and risk stratification for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation
- Realise the revised use of dronedarone for paroxysmal and persistent atrial fibrillation
- Comprehend the use of vernakalant for pharmacological termination of recent onset atrial fibrillation

Also, not to be missed:

 2012 Guidelines overview - Sunday 26 August - 08:30-10:00 - Room Tirana, Central Village
During this session the key points of the newly released guideline will be presented, followed by the possibility to ask questions concerning the guideline

 Meet the Guidelines Task Force sessions
During these sessions the key points of the newly released guideline will be presented, followed by the possibility to ask questions concerning the Guidelines

  • Meet the Guidelines Task Force I - Sunday 26 August - 15h40-16h20 - Room Munich, Central Village
    - Cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practice
    - Acute and chronic heart failure

    Meet the Guidelines Task Force II - Tuesday 28 August - 10:10-10h50 - Room Tirana, Central Village
    - Acute myocardial infarction in patients presenting with ST-segment elevation
    - Third universal definition of myocardial infarction

  • Meet the Guidelines Task Force III  - Tuesday 28 August - 12:45-13:30 - Room Tbilisi, Central Village
    - Valvular heart disease
    - Atrial fibrillation focused update

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