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Webcasts from the ESC Congress 2009

Because you can't be everywhere, we are proud to provide you with a large selection of webcasts...

The European Society of Cardiology is proud to present you with a selection of 250 webcasts from ESC Congress 2009. These webcasts were published on a daily basis, maximum 24 hours after the sessions take place.

We would like to thank all those presenters whose generosity is making it possible for us to share these webcasts. 

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02/09/2009 00:00:00

The webcasts from ESC Congress 2009 are now available for viewing! 

ESC Congress Webcasts

 Watch the 10 most recent webcasts from the ESC Congress 2009!

Presentation TitleSpeakerTopicSession
Preventive cardiology.D A.Wood ( London-United Kingdom) 5393
Heart failure and cardiomyopathies.S D.Anker ( Berlin-Germany) 5392
Valvular heart disease and pulmonary circulation.A.Torbicki ( Warsaw-Poland) 5391
Interventional cardiology.K.Huber ( Vienna-Austria) 5390
Acute coronary syndromes.J L.Lopez-Sendon ( Madrid-Spain) 5389
Arrhythmias.H.Heidbuchel ( Leuven-Belgium) 5388
Imaging.J L.Zamorano Gomez ( Madrid-Spain) 5387
Hypertension.R.Schmieder ( Erlangen-Germany) 5386
Basic ScienceA R. Pries (Berlin-Germany) 5385
Preventive cardiology.V. Conraads (Edegem-Belgium)Prevention and rehabilitation5359