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Webcasts from EUROPACE 2007, 24-27 June 2007, Lisbon (PT)

The European Heart Rhythm Association is proud to share a number of webcasts from the last EUROPACE Congress, held in Lisbon, June 2007.

You'll find below a variety of topics destined to highlight the main themes of the congress and the field of cardiac pacing and arrhythmias.

View Webcast Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation in paroxysmal/persistent atrial fibrillation
  Circumferential PV ablation with proof of elimination of PV potential
S Ernst, Hamburg, Germany
Circumferential PV ablation without proof of elimination of PV potential
M J Schalij (Leiden, NL)
Fragmentation mapping and ablation
P Jais (Bordeaux, FR)
View Webcast Anticoagulation and electrophysiological procedures
Recommendations of antithrombotic therapy in low risk procedures
M Brignole (Lavagna, IT)

Recommendations of antithrombotic therapy in high risk procedures
M Fatemi (Brest, FR)

J M Almendral Garrote (Madrid, ES)
Venous thrombosis or bleeding due to vascular access
V Reddy (Boston, US)
View Webcast Management (diagnosis and treatment) of syncope
ILR-guided therapy
M Brignole (Lavagna, IT)
View Webcast Cardiac resynchronization therapy: controversial indications
Atrial fibrillation
M Brignole (Lavagna, IT)
Upgrading of right ventricle pacemakers
J-C Deharo (Marseille cedex 05, FR)
Narrow QRS
C Israel (Frankfurt, DE)
P Mabo (Rennes Cedex 09, FR)
Endocardial versus true epicardial lead
L D Elvas (Coimbra, PT)
View Webcast Genetic aspects of arrhythmias: risk stratifications
Inherited arrhythmias: is the ECG useful for risk stratification ?
C Wolpert (Mannheim, DE)
Electrophysiological studies in inherited arrhythmias: are they useful?
P Brugada Terradellas (Brussels, BE)
Is genetic testing useful for the management of patients?
DV Exner (Alberta, CA)
Genetic counselling in inherited arrhythmias
L Crotti (Pavia, IT)
View Webcast What's new in cardiac resynchronisation therapy?
Selecting heart failure patients for CRT
OA Breithardt (Erlangen, DE)
Role of volumetric CT, MRI and 3D Echo in screening heart failure patients
N Ajmone Marsan (Leiden, NL)
Impact of CRT on heart transplantation patients
E Gronda (Rozzano, IT)
CRT in pediatric and congenital patients
M Emmel (Koeln, DE)
View Webcast Catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia in structural heart disease
EP substrate of ischaemic VTs
J M T De Bakker (Amsterdam, NL)
Monomorphic VTs
C de Chillou (Vandoeuvre Les Nancy, FR)
Epicardial ablation of VTs
E Sosa (Sao Paulo, BR)
Polymorphic VTs and VFs
M Haissaguerre (Pessac, FR)
View Webcast

Prophylactic implantable cardiac defibrillator therapy where no randomized trials exist

ICD in Brugada patients
N Sadoul (Vandoeuvre les Nancy, FR)

ICD therapy in LQTS
C Napolitano (Pavia, IT)

View Webcast

Patient selection and cardiac resynchronisation therapy optimization

AV and VV interval optimization
J I Garcia Bolao (Pamplona, ES)
Which criteria should be used for patient selection?
P Sogaard (Hellerup, DK)
View Webcast

Inherited arrhythmogenic diseases

Long QT syndromes
H Le Marec (Nantes, FR)
Brugada syndrome
J Brugada Terradellas (Barcelona, ES)
Short QT syndrome
F Gaita (Asti, IT)
Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia (CPVT)
S G Priori (Pavia, IT)
View Webcast

Magnetic resonance imaging and implanted devices

R Sutton (London, GB)
M G Bongiorni (Pisa, IT)
B Wilkoff (Cleveland, US)
W Irnich (Giessen, DE)
View Webcast

Atrial fibrillation ablation - new techniques

J Vogt (Bad Oeynhausen, DE)
P Neuzil (Prague, CZ)
Magnetic and robotic navigation.
V Reddy (Boston, US)
View Webcast

Imaging and navigation techniques

High speed rotational angiography
V Reddy (Boston, US)
Imaging integration
D M Cavaco (Lisboa, PT)
Intracardiac ultrasound - ICE
S Themistoclakis (Mestre (Venice), IT)
Robotic and magnetic navigation
B D Lindsay (Washington, US)
View Webcast

Management (diagnosis and treatment) of syncope

Tilt testing
A Moya I Mitjans (Barcelona, ES)
View Webcast

Primary prevention of sudden cardiac death: from guidelines to practice

ACC/AHA/ESC Guidelines on the prevention of SCD
E N Prystowsky (Indianapolis, US)
Primary prevention of SCD: the point of view of the electrophysiologist
N A M Estes (Boston, US)
Primary prevention of SCD: the point of view of the heart failure specialist
P Ponikowski (Wroclaw, PL)
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Heart failure and atrial fibrillation

Rate or rhythm control as first option?
HJGM Crijns (Maastricht, NL)
AV junction ablation and pacing when drugs fail? CRT or conventional pacing?
S-A Chen (Taipei, TW)
Health care expenditure and cost
J-Y Le Heuzey (Paris, FR)
View Webcast

Device replacement in patients without implantable cardiac defibrillator intervention

M Gwechenberger (Wien, AT)
M Taborsky (Prague 5, CZ)
View Webcast

Stem cell therapy: electrophysiological implications

Electrophysiological properties of stem-cells
U Ravens (Dresden, DE)
AF and progenitor cells
A Goette (Magdeburg, DE)
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Sudden death and syncope

CRT is helpful in HF patients except for...
L Mont (Barcelona, ES)
Post MI risk stratification is useless except for...
H V Huikuri (Oulu, FI)
Pacing for syncope is useless except for...
L-I Kraemer (Koln, DE)
ICD after VT ablation is not mandatory except for...
P Della Bella (Milan, IT)
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Sudden death - implantable cardiac defibrillator, ablation or drugs

Unstable VT/VF in organic HD with better LV function (EF>35%)
P Della Bella (Milan, IT)
Stable VT in organic heart disease in patients with EF>35%
E Delacretaz (Bern, CH)
Stable VT in organic heart disease in patients with <35%
G Steinbeck (Munich, DE)
VT/VF in patients with poor LV-function (EF<35%), but with an acute or "reversible"cause
K Seidl (Ludwigshafen, DE)
View Webcast


ILR in syncope - changing practice
D Andresen (Berlin, DE)
Pacemaker management at home
S M Ellery (Surrey, GB)
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Treatment/prevention of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation

AV junctional ablation is obsolete, except for...
E Aliot (Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, FR)
Pacemaker implantation is obsolete, except for...
A J Camm (London, GB)
Amiodarone is obsolete in patients under 40, except for...
P Chevalier (Lyon, FR)
Catheter ablation as a first line treatment is not indicated except for...
M Fiala (Trinec, CZ)
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Clinical deterioration after cardiac resynchronisation therapy. What to do next?

Heart Failure Surgery
R Dion (Leiden, NL)
C Israel (Frankfurt, DE)
View Webcast

Anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation: new concepts

Combine antiplatelet therapy in atrial fibrillation: ACTIVE W and beyond
S H Hohnloser (Frankfurt, DE)
G Gerotziafas (Paris, FR)
Development of new antithrombin inhibitors: the RELY study
M D Ezekowitz (Wynnewood, US)
Anticoagulation of atrial fibrillation after acute coronary interventions
A Laucevicius (Vilnius, LT)
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End-points of catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation

Radio frequency ablation of chronic atrial fibrillation: the endpoints
C Pappone (Milan, IT)
Elimination of PV potentials
M Duytschaever (Ghent, BE)
Non inducibility of atrial fibrillation
P Sanders (Adelaide, AU)
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Macroreentrant atrial tachycardia

In "normal hearts"
G Hindricks (Leipzig, DE)
After mitral valve surgery
N M S De Groot (Leiden, NL)

Opinions/hypothesis expressed in the presentations are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA), a Registered Branch of the ESC.

EHRA is offering this service as a Congress report but it is not responsible for the scientific content of the presentations.