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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe
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Objectives, Aims & Activities

ESC Working Group on Acute Cardiac Care

Listen to the recent interview made during ESC Congress 2011
on the ESC Studio.

Professor Clemmensen and Doctor Price interview Professor Vrints about the latest developments on the ESC Working Group on Acute Cardiac Care and what it represents within the ESC.

The nucleus members of the ESC Working Group on Acute Cardiac Care gathered at the occasion of an extra nucleus meeting in February 2011 (in Brussels) and has extensively discussed and reviewed the mission statement, targeted audience and main goals of the Workign Group.

Final input voted by all members is as follows:

Mission statement

“To improve the quality of care and outcomes of patients with acute cardiovascular diseases.”


Focusing on diagnosis, therapies, systems, organization for the best care of acute cardiovascular diseases.

Targeted audience:

Patients & professionals involved in ACC or its organization, Healthcare professionals, Scientists, Managers, Decision-makers, Politicians, Media, Allied Societies.


  • To promote dialogue, exchange and dissemination of knowledge
  • To implement Quality improvement initiatives
  • To facilitate education
  • To bridge/link specialists of different levels / backgrounds
  • To foster research
  • To deliver recommendations
  • To lead a certification process


  • Finalisation of the Accreditation process for acute cardiac care as an official subspeciality in cardiology in Europe
  • New website project to foster the creation of a european cardiological community on acute cardiac care
  • Two study groups within WG ACC, one on cardiac biomarkers and the other on pre-hospital care
  • New publication, the Journal of Acute Cardiac Care to publish papers, reviews, editorials, case reports and letters on scientific issues in acute cardiac care