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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe


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Heart Failure Association - New Membership Programme is launching

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Memberships run from January 1st to January 1st, irrespective of when you take out your membership. All membership benefits are backdated to the previous January ie your Journal subscription will cover all issues of that year.

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The Heart Failure Association provides what you need to help you meet your goals


Continuing education

Seeking an educational programme that will help advance your career?
Gain CME credits while learning with our online education programme based on the latest heart failure guidelines and the heart failure curriculum.
Watch how the online HFA education programme will work 
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Do you aim to access to the latest developments in the field of heart failure?
Only members can use our resources centre to visualise presentations and abstracts from the Heart Failure Congresses and other events.
Plus, you'll have online access ;the European Journal of Heart Failure.


Leadership opportunities

Are you interested in increasing your involvement within our professional organisation?
Grow personally and professionally when you serve on one of our Committees or Study Groups. They meet regularly to organise educational programmes, events, workshops, publish consensus documents and position papers.

Note: Criteria to become Fellow of the HFA now available.

Announcing the under-40's group: Heart failure specialists Of Tomorrow (HoT)