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Novel Oral Anticoagulants for Atrial Fibrillation

NOAC for AF Practical Guide

The NOAC slide set is now available! (only for EHRA Members)

Welcome to the page that accompanies the EHRA Practical Guide on the use of novel oral anticoagulant drugs (NOACs) in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (AF). This page contains resources that may be of help in your daily practice, like the proposed universal NOAC patient card, links to the AF guideline text and the practical guide itself, and soon also links to a slide set and a key messages booklet of the practical guide. Please note that this is a work in progress. In the future, this page will also contain updates to the published practical guide itself, based on new information that becomes available. Finally, if you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop us a line via the feedback form below. We hope that you appreciate the practical guide and web page. We look forward to your feedback!

On behalf of EHRA and the Writing Committee,
Prof. Dr. Hein Heidbuchel

Review in the European Heart Journal   |   Press release

Practical Guide Documents

  Slide set  (only for EHRA Members)
Full Guide
EHJ Executive Summary Patient cards
downloadable/print ready*
Download the PDF
EHRA NOAC for AF full guide
In EP Europace
Download the PDF
EHRA NOAC for AF EHJ Executive Summary
 In the EHJ
NOAC for AF downloadable/printable patient cards
Download A7 version
Download A5 version

* Not designed for printing on a personal laser printer or inkjet printer, but to be provided to a 'real' printer, who can print recto-verso on a card type of paper. After cutting and folding, you then have a 4-page booklet. We have provided two formats: Update: a smaller, more comfortable size of the card is now available for download. The A7-version will have a folded size of 10.5 by 7.4 cm. Men can put it in their wallets, but the print may be small for some. The A5-version is double the size for improved legibility.

Patient cards in other languages
If you would like to translate the card to a different language, please let us know via the feedback form.

A7, A5
A7, A5
A7, A5
A7, A5
A7, A5
A7, A5
A7, A5
A7, A5
A7, A5
A7, A5
A7, A5


Atrial Fibrillation Guidelines

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Discover the new site and share it with your patients! is an educational website designed by health professionals and patients for people suffering from Atrial Fibrillation, as well as their families and caregivers. Developed by the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) of the European Society of Cardiology, this informative and easy to use website is designed to raise awareness of Atrial Fibrillation and the importance of its proper detection and management and to provide a reliable resource for patients and doctors to use as a part of a treatment programme. has been developed to help people better understand and manage Atrial Fibrillation in straightforward, easy to understand terms, which is both user-friendly and compliant with mobile devices.

Discover the new site and share it with your patients to help the understand what atrial fibrillation is, signs and symptoms, tests and investigations, treatments, living with the condition, and useful and practical links.

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