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World Echo Summit 2013

25-27 October 2013 - New Delhi, India


The Consortium of Echocardiography Societies is pleased to announce the 2nd World Echo Summit 25-27 October 2013 - New Delhi, India.

The theme of this World Summit is “Global Implementation of Best Practice Opportunities and Challenges in Cardiovascular Ultrasound.” The summit will specifically focus on innovations and algorithms that are best suited for applications in clinical practice.


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What should you expect to learn at the upcoming 2nd World Summit on Echocardiography? 

Here are just a few sessions that will take place during this 3-day educational event: 
  • Medical Decision-Making in Imaging: Novel Applications in Chest Pain Units
  • New Guidelines and Novel Techniques in Echocardiography
  • Industry-Sponsored Luncheon 3D-TEE Sessions on October 26 and 27 with Live Structural Heart Disease Cases Relayed from Institutions in Bangalore and Delhi
  • Focused Echo, Telemedicine, Space Missions, Cloud Computing, Robotics: The Brave New World with Live Telemedicine Case Sessions
  • A lively debate on whether “Routine focused echocardiography is inappropriate despite smart phones and pocket ultrasound”
  • Sonographers, Echo Physiologists and Certified Providers: Partners in  Automation, Quality and Throughput
  • Game Show featuring Expert Faculty Contestants  -- The Clash of the Continents!

All sessions will be led by expert echocardiographers from North America, Europe, India, Central and South America, Japan, Korea, and China, creating a diverse and robust teaching environment.

Why India? 

The largest democratic country in the world, India is a land of magnificent monuments, rich heritage, varied culture and ethereal beauty. A rapidly growing economy in the Southeast-Asian subcontinent, however, has led to growing affluence and major lifestyle changes with the dramatic rise in the incidence of risk factors and cardiovascular diseases. The summit will allow attendees to explore the current pulse of global cardiovascular ultrasound that includes focused exams, automated analysis, optimized workflow, data connectivity, telemedicine and cloud computing, documentation, and negotiating the balancing act between high quality and cost-effective patterns.


 Over 1,200 South Americans attended this summit the 1st World Summit on Echocardiography was held July 28-30, 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Join your colleagues for these cutting-edge sessions and unique networking opportunities in the beautiful and complex country of India.  Register today at


The 2nd World Summit on Echocardiography is an educational collaboration hosted and organized by the Consortium of Echocardiography Societies:·        

Targeted audience

The World Summit will benefit all healthcare providers interested in the application of cardiovascular ultrasound imaging in the care of patients.