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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe

Prevention in your Country

National CVD Prevention Coordinators and the "Country of the Month" initative

National CVD Prevention Coordinators (NCPC)

61 NCPCs have been appointed by the Presidents of National Cardiac Societies in ESC member countries, with the role to facilitate the endorsement, adaptation, translation and publication of the European Guidelines on CVD Prevention... View the NCPC page.

Country of the Month

The overall objective of this initiative is to facilitate implementation of CVD prevention by providing web-based information on prevention among the ESC member states and to inspire both national coordinators and others in the field of preventive cardiology.  Every other month, two countries will be highlighted, providing full reports and detailed analysis of the state of CVD prevention and rehabilitation in those countries.

This is an EACPR Prevention Implementation Committee (PIC) initiative, chaired by Prof. Joep Perk. 

February 2015 countries of the month: Portugal and Spain

Previous country reports:
Israel (Oct 2013) and Turkey (Update Nov 2014!)
Germany and Iceland (Dec 2013)
Ireland and the Netherlands (Feb 2014)
Estonia and Sweden (April 2014)
Bulgaria and Poland (June 2014)
Latvia and Lithuania (August 2014)
Egypt and Lebanon (October 2014)
Russia and Kazakhstan (December 2014)

 Country of the month - interactive map

The interactive map: 

  • Countries highlighted in dark green: National CVD Prevention Coordinators available
  • Countries highlighted in orange: Actual "Country of the Month" with full CVD prevention report, provided by the National Coordinator
  • Countries highlighted in light green: Previous "Country of the Month" with full CVD prevention report
  • Country with orange pin-marker: next host country of EuroPRevent, the EACPR annual meeting
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