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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe

ACCA Clinical Decision-Making Toolkit

A key instrument for quality improvement and clinical training.

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A bedside decision making toolkit: a strategic instrument:

Practitioners managing patients with acute cardiovascular diseases continue to face difficulties in bedside clinical decision-making for these patients. Despite major advances in the field, we are still confronted with clinical and logistical difficulties in the management of high risk patients with important variations in the quality of care among different centres, regions and countries.
Also significant post-discharge mortality in patients with acute coronary syndromes and other acute cardiovascular syndromes persists. In alignment with its mission to improve the quality of care and outcomes of patients with acute cardiovascular diseases, ACCA is developing a Clinical Decision-Making Toolkit which will be a key instrument to help practitioners make the best bedside clinical decisions, when managing patients with acute cardiovascular diseases.

the ACCA Clinical Decision-Making Toolkit

For continuous improvement of the toolkit please send us your comments, suggestions, corrections and success stories.  

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European challenges in the management of Acute Coronary Syndromes

Best of ACS management in Europe - Aarhus, Denmark

Challenging unmet needs in acute cardiac care

A set of tools

The ACCA Clinical Decision-Making Toolkit will be a multidimensional set of instruments available through different platforms (application for smartphones/tablets, web-based documents, printed materials…).

Toolkit abridged version: Algorithms in main acute CV syndromes

Aimed to facilitate implementation of ESC guidelines, this "easy to use" booklet is authored by many European Expert & Key Opinion Leaders in the field of acute cardiovascular care.

Get your Acute Cardiovascular Care Association - Clinical Decision-Making TOOLKIT - Algorithms booklet  at Acute Cardiac Care 2013 (Madrid, October 12-14, 2013).

Data collection on "unmet needs in ACC in countries"

This toolkit must meet your needs, so we are calling on your experience to identify unmet needs and reduce inequities and variations in acute cardiovascular quality care across Europe.

  • Webinar on demand

Watch the webinar on unmet needs in acute coronary syndroms

  • Survey on ACS

Please watch videos and tell us how ACS management is organised in your country by completing our survey.

  • ACCA Summit 2013

Collaboration among countries is crucial to harmonise acute cardiovascular care and reach best patient outcome.
Thanks to its interactive format and large space for discussion this second summit has been a real opportunity to exchange with national experts, from 32 countries; and learn from each other.
Access to agenda and webcast resources

Scientific Articles published in EHJ

"Unmet needs in acute cardiovascular care" :A concern for all, it is a priority for the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association of the ESC - Cardiopulse EHJ (2013) issue 34-28 page 2112 -2113

Unmet needs inmedical therapy for acute coronary syndromes  - Cardiopulse EHJ (2013) issue 34-31 

Unmet needs in invasive coronary therapies and revascularization for Acute Coronary Syndromes - Cardiopulse EHJ (2013) issue 34-33 

Unmet needs in pre-hospital care of acute cardiovascular disease and organization of intensive cardiac care and coronary care units  - Cardiopulse EHJ (2013) issue 34-35 

The ACCA Clinical Decision-Making Toolkit is supported by an unrestricted educational grants from