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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe

ESC Press Releases 2013

Below you can find press releases about the latest developments in cardiology

 Latest press releases from the ESC

20 Dec 2013New AF classification by ECG will help GPs deliver personalised treatment
19 Dec 2013Warfarin increases risk of stroke among atrial fibrillation patients in first 30 days of use
19 Dec 2013Management of atrial fibrillation still suboptimal in Europe
17 Dec 2013New website for AFNET
13 Dec 2013New screening strategy to prevent cardiovascular complications in sports
13 Dec 2013EuroEcho-Imaging 2013: No diagnosis of heart disease without imaging
12 Dec 2013First test to predict acute mountain sickness
11 Dec 2013HIV causes structural heart disease
05 Dec 2013India’s blood pressure skyrockets
05 Dec 2013ESC Congress 2014 Registrations Open Today
23 Nov 2013CVD expert calls for mandatory screening of 18 year-old Mexicans
14 Nov 2013Clinical Research needs investigator initiated trials: AFNET-EAST has enrolled 1000 patients
14 Nov 2013Cardiovascular complications of type 2 diabetes associated with levels of physical activity
12 Nov 2013World’s largest imaging congress reveals latest techniques in heart failure
08 Nov 2013Young adults with congenital heart disease can benefit from physical activity
04 Nov 2013Cardiovascular health takes centre stage in Brussels
30 Oct 2013First aid teams set to improve heart attack survival with pocket manual
29 Oct 2013Psoriasis patients should be screened for CVD
29 Oct 2013Young obese women could reduce their stroke risk
12 Oct 2013Heart attack patients return to work later and retire earlier if treatment is delayed
12 Oct 2013Psychological interventions halve deaths and CV events in heart disease patients
09 Oct 2013European and Chinese Cardiology Societies Work Together
08 Oct 2013Air pollution increases heart attacks
29 Sep 2013World Heart Day 2013: Obese children have precursors to atherosclerosis and diabetes
26 Sep 2013European and Brazilian Cardiology Societies Team up to Tackle Cardiovascular Disease
19 Sep 201320 years of international cardiology in Sophia Antipolis
19 Sep 2013Cardiovascular community calls for world leaders to put their weight behind global plan to save lives from non-communicable diseases
16 Sep 2013Get ready for the latest innovations in acute cardiac care
27 Aug 2013Personalised AF management needed to close mortality gap
08 Aug 2013ESC Congress 2013: Record number of Hot Line submissions
05 Aug 2013Joint Statement: issued by the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association and the European Society of Cardiology
01 Aug 2013ESC Statement concerning Pre-operative Cardiac Risk Assessment and Perioperative Cardiac Management in Non-Cardiac Surgery
29 Jul 2013Physicians should counsel patients about sex life after cardiac event
18 Jul 2013Consensus statement on paediatric arrhythmias released by ESC and AEPC
17 Jul 2013Study of over 73,000 patients with high blood pressure finds non-adherence to medication greatly increases risk of fatal and non-fatal strokes
16 Jul 2013Chest radiation cancer patients with risk factors should have CV screening every 5-10 years
09 Jul 2013Urgent call for cardiovascular R&D revival to halt growing CVD epidemic
03 Jul 2013A good night's sleep increases the cardiovascular benefits of a healthy lifestyle
27 Jun 2013People’s perception of the effect of stress on their health is linked to risk of heart attacks
26 Jun 2013PREFER AF shows European clinicians adhere well to AF guidelines, Issue III registry defines best syncope candidates for cardiac pacing
26 Jun 2013Death rates from heart disease continue to decline in most of the EU, but some countries are 'cause for concern'
25 Jun 2013Cola and Honey: Exploring food riddles in rhythm disturbances
25 Jun 20132013 ESC Guidelines on Cardiac Pacing and CRT: Practical approach makes them accessible to all
25 Jun 2013GAP-AF study helps to define optimal approach to ablation/ SARA study shows ablation superior to drugs for patients with persistent AF
24 Jun 2013U-shaped curve revealed for association between fish consumption and atrial fibrillation
23 Jun 2013Arrhythmias White Book contains first European data on lead extraction
23 Jun 2013Depression screening in AF Clinics recommended by study
22 Jun 2013Atrial fibrillation patient website launched by ESC
14 Jun 20132013 ESH/ESC Guidelines for the management of arterial hypertension
12 Jun 2013Long-distance cross-country skiers at increased risk of heart rhythm disturbances
05 Jun 2013Alzheimer’s disease drugs linked to reduced risk of heart attacks
31 May 2013Smoking leads to five-fold increase in heart disease and stroke in under-50s
27 May 2013Levosimendan improves event free survival by 50% in end-stage heart failure, Third generation MRA shows improved potassium and kidney tolerance in heart failure patients with CKD
26 May 2013RELAX-AHF shows first positive findings in HFpEF patients, VIVIDD reveals vildagliptin non-inferior to placebo
25 May 2013Heart failure accelerates male ‘menopause’
25 May 2013Death highest in heart failure patients admitted in January, on Friday, and overnight
25 May 2013A potential new approach to improve heart failure outcome
23 May 2013EuroPCR Day 2 Press Releases
21 May 2013EuroPCR Day 1 Press Releases
16 May 2013EHRA EUROPACE 2013: late breaking clinical trials introduced for the first time
10 May 2013Three Scientific Societies Collaborate to Release Expert Consensus Statement on Diagnosis and Management of Patients with Inherited Primary Arrhythmia Syndromes
10 May 2013Heart Failure Awareness Day: Is your heart failing?
05 May 2013Cancer treatment could target inflammation in CVD
05 May 2013When less is more: new protocol limits use of SPECT MPI
29 Apr 2013The world’s leading heart failure congress
26 Apr 2013ESC guide on new oral anticoagulant drugs
25 Apr 2013ESC recommends patients and centres for renal denervation
18 Apr 2013Demanding physical work associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease
18 Apr 2013Long-term exposure to fine particles of traffic pollution associated with increased risk of heart disease
18 Apr 2013Mental vulnerability associated with increased risk of fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular disease independently of classical risk factors
10 Apr 2013The adult generations of today are less healthy than their counterparts of previous generations
04 Apr 2013Integrating cardiovascular imaging modalities revolutionises care offered patients
22 Mar 2013Complementary and Alternative medicine studies take centre stage at EuroHeartCare
22 Mar 2013Stayin’ Alive – delivering resuscitation messages to the public
22 Mar 2013Scotland takes action to tackle relationship between deprivation and CVD
19 Mar 2013Preventing heart disease requires a universal approach
08 Mar 2013International Women's Day: Women at a greater risk for cardiovascular disease than men?
08 Mar 2013ESC responds to European Commission's Proposals for new regulation to govern medical devices
06 Mar 2013Insomnia is linked to increased risk of heart failure
04 Mar 2013CVD data to be standardised across Europe
27 Feb 2013European Society of Cardiology opens Brussels bureau
27 Feb 2013Muscle, skin and gastrointestinal problems cause a quarter of patients with heart disease and strokes to stop treatment in HPS2-THRIVE trial
26 Feb 2013German Competence Network on Atrial Fibrillation, AFNET 10 year anniversary
25 Feb 2013Deprivation plays an important role in CVD, but interventions are not developed towards people from lower socio-economic groups
21 Feb 2013Creeping epidemic of obesity hits Asia Pacific region
20 Feb 2013Exposure to air pollution is associated with increased deaths after heart attacks
13 Feb 2013CVD time bomb set to explode in Gulf region in 10-15 years
13 Feb 2013ESC responds to EU Clinical trials directive revisions
01 Feb 2013Go Red for Women!
31 Jan 2013Marriage reduces the risk of heart attack in both men and women and at all ages
28 Jan 2013Radial access should be first choice for PCI says ESC

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