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ESC Press Releases 2011

Below you can find press releases about the latest developments in cardiology

04/02/2011 00:00:00

 2011 Press Releases from the ESC

19 Dec 2011The benefits of cardiac resynchronisation therapy in heart failure
19 Dec 2011Providing patients with the best therapies
19 Dec 2011SAGE and European Society of Cardiology to extend publishing partnership
19 Dec 2011ESC calls for European studies exploring readmissions to hospital following PCI
07 Dec 2011EUROECHO meeting underlines importance of echocardiography to evaluate cardio toxicity in cancer patients
07 Dec 2011Echocardiography offers the future for infarct size quantification
07 Dec 2011New research links endurance exercise to damage in the right ventricle of the heart
01 Dec 2011Previous hospitalisation for mental health problems increases risk of death in patients admitted with chest pains
23 Nov 2011Dismissal of Professor Don Poldermans from the Erasmus Medical Center (NL)
22 Nov 2011“EUROECHO & other Imaging Modalities”: New and varied imaging techniques facilitate personalised medicine
15 Nov 2011EHJ paper underlines need for improved links between cardiologists and psychiatrists
29 Oct 2011One in six people will have a stroke, but most strokes can be prevented
24 Oct 2011Congress Alert: EUROECHO & other Imaging Modalities 2011: New patient emphasis
20 Oct 2011ASE / EAE to issue recommendation papers for the echocardiographic evaluation of cancer patients
12 Oct 2011Time for Action: EU reacts to UN Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)
12 Oct 2011Increasing cardiovascular disease in China: Urgent need for prevention
03 Oct 2011ESC faculty presents education programme in Argentina
29 Sep 2011Home is where the heart is...
28 Sep 2011ESC comments EMA statement on dronedarone
23 Sep 2011Non-communicable diseases at the centre of UN discussions
19 Sep 2011The prevention of lifestyle diseases has finally reached the top table of the United Nations
12 Sep 2011European and Brazilian cardiologists cooperate to reduce cardiovascular deaths
04 Aug 2011ESC announces review of Atrial Fibrillation Guidelines
02 Aug 2011International Landmark EAST Study Investigates Treatment Options for Atrial Fibrillation
25 Jul 2011ESC Congress Press Programme Now Online
18 Jul 2011ESC Statement on Dronedarone
05 Jul 2011Satisfaction with the components of everyday life appears protective against heart disease
30 Jun 2011ESC calls for greater awareness of potential for adverse events from bleeding as a result of PCI
30 Jun 2011Europe's leading congresses in cardiac electrophysiology agree to consolidate their events and develop a common scientific programme each year
29 Jun 2011The world's premier international congress in cardiovascular medicine
28 Jun 2011First Joint ESC/EAS Guidelines for the Management of Dyslipidaemias
27 Jun 2011ESC calls for renaming of term cardiac hypertrophy
26 Jun 2011Genetic testing for inherited cardiac conditions is "patchy" in Europe
26 Jun 2011Atrial fibrillation: New management approaches for the "new epidemic" in cardiovascular disease
22 Jun 2011Smoking during pregnancy lowers levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol in children: findings suggest adverse impact on health in later life
22 Jun 2011Cardiologists assemble in Madrid for EHRA Europace 2011 congress
14 Jun 2011ESC calls for research into vulnerable plaques
14 Jun 2011Reducing the number of heart attack deaths at major sporting venues
09 Jun 2011Study finds a decline in heart attacks over 20 years, but rising BMIs may reverse this in the future
08 Jun 2011Circulating levels of a lung protein found to be 'strongly predictive' of cardiovascular disease
02 Jun 2011Fear of dying during a heart attack is linked to inflammation
02 Jun 2011Mother’s body size and placental size predict heart disease in men
01 Jun 2011Surgical removal of the tonsils and appendix in young people is associated with an increased relative risk of early heart attack
22 May 2011EMPHASIS HF: eplerenone shown to reduce atrial fibrillation (AF)
22 May 2011MADIT: study defines patient group most likely to benefit from cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT)
22 May 2011Study populations need to be better defined for telemedical management of heart failure
17 May 2011Egyptian princess now known to be the first person in human history with diagnosed coronary artery disease
17 May 2011Halving the radiation dose in cardiac perfusion imaging is now 'feasible'
15 May 2011ESC Policy Conference makes recommendations for new EU medical device legislation
05 May 2011Heart Failure congress goes from strength to strength
04 May 2011The global status on non-communicable diseases: a new WHO report
27 Apr 2011The ESC organises educational programme in Asia
15 Apr 2011Football Clubs provide incentive to get kids moving and eating healthy diets
14 Apr 2011Corporate Wellness takes centre stage at EuroPRevent
13 Apr 2011Study reveals increased inequality in stroke deaths across Europe and central Asia
13 Apr 2011EuroPRevent attracts international abstract submissions
07 Apr 2011Some diabetes drugs are better than others according to new study
05 Apr 2011International organisations join forces to promote cardiovascular health
01 Apr 2011Updated ACC/AHA Guidelines for the Management of Patients With Unstable Angina/Non–ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction
22 Mar 2011Brussels hosts annual meeting of cardiovascular nurses and allied professions
15 Mar 2011MEP Heart Group discusses how E-Health can transform the treatment and management of heart-related conditions
08 Mar 2011International Women’s Day provides a “red alert” for women’s hearts
03 Mar 2011Fit to fly: Britain's commercial airline pilots have fewer cardiovascular risk factors than the general population
16 Feb 2011In the Gulf states rates of heart disease are rising with the economy
04 Feb 2011Reducing the cardiovascular disease gender gap
28 Jan 2011Stress reduction may reduce recurrent cardiac events
26 Jan 2011Traffic noise increases the risk of having a stroke
19 Jan 2011Eating more fruit and vegetables is linked to a lower risk of dying from ischaemic heart disease
12 Jan 2011Stand up, move more, more often: study finds more breaks from sitting are good for waistlines and hearts
10 Jan 2011Countdown to Paris and ESC Congress 2011
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