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ESC Congress 2012 - Munich - Press Releases

25 - 29 August 2012, Munich, Germany


 Press Releases - ESC Congress 2012 - Munich, Germany

29 Aug 2012TAVI restricted to very old or very sick patients
29 Aug 2012ESC Congress 2012 Highlights
28 Aug 2012PRAGUE-12 trial: randomized open multicenter study comparing cardiac surgery with MAZE versus cardiac surgery without MAZE in patients with coronary and/or valvular heart disease and with atrial fibrillation
28 Aug 2012Omission of aspirin from antiplatelet regimen reduces incidence of bleeding without compromising safety in patients taking oral anticoagulants and having coronary stent placement: the WOEST study
28 Aug 2012Catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation: results from the first European registry
28 Aug 2012CT angiography and perfusion to assess coronary artery disease: the CORE320 study
28 Aug 2012PCI guided by fractional flow reserve versus medical therapy alone in stable coronary disease: the FAME 2 trial
28 Aug 2012TAVI improves quality of life in patients with severe aortic stenosis
28 Aug 2012Ten year decline in ischemic stroke after AMI
28 Aug 201230-day mortality after AMI drops with improved treatment
28 Aug 2012Gold standard of success defined for AF ablation
28 Aug 2012CRT consensus set to standardize and improve care for patients worldwide
28 Aug 2012ESC Acute Cardiovascular Care Association launched
27 Aug 2012Decrease in early mortality in STEMI attributed to changing patient profile and behaviour, and improved organisation of care: Data from four French registries over 15 years.
27 Aug 2012Intraaortic balloon pump fails to improve mortality rate in cardiogenic shock patients: the IABP-SHOCK II study
27 Aug 2012Primary Results from PROTECT: thePatient Related Outcomes with Endeavor versus Cypher Stenting Trial
27 Aug 2012German aortic valve registry aims to determine which valve disease treatment - TAVI or conventional valve replacement - is best for which patient
27 Aug 2012MitraClip Therapy Demonstrates Significant Benefits One Year Following Treatment In Real-World European Study
27 Aug 2012The effect of insulin glargine and fish oil supplements on atherosclerosis progression in high-risk patients with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes: the ORIGIN-GRACE study
27 Aug 2012EMBARGO BREAK: Short- and mid-term cardiovascular effects of Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami: incidence rises with the seismic peak
27 Aug 2012Healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of hypertension by two thirds
27 Aug 2012Energy drinks improve heart function
27 Aug 2012Psoriasis patients at high risk of diabetes
27 Aug 2012Normal weight individuals with belly fat at highest CVD risk
27 Aug 2012Renal denervation gives better outcomes than drugs in advanced heart failure
27 Aug 2012Renal denervation treats resistant hypertension in real world patient populations
27 Aug 2012Renal denervation improves blood pressure and arterial stiffness
27 Aug 2012Women 40% less likely to die after TAVI than men
27 Aug 2012Lifestyle changes could prevent 400 cardiac events and 200 deaths in Swedish PCI patients
26 Aug 2012Need for tailored strategies to combat unhealthy lifestyles among the poor and the rich: the PURE study
26 Aug 2012Median follow-up results from the ALTITUDE study, stopped prematurely in December 2011
26 Aug 2012Prasugrel versus clopidodrel for patients with Unstable Angina/NSTEMI who are medically managed without revascularization - The TRILOGY ACS Trial
26 Aug 2012Efficacy of LCZ696, a first-in-class angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibitor, in patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction: the PARAMOUNT study
26 Aug 2012The mechanistic effects of spironalactone in diastolic heart failure: the Aldo-DHF study
26 Aug 2012Obesity triggers AF in fertile women
26 Aug 2012Female gender increases stroke risk in AF patients aged >75 years by 20%
26 Aug 2012Women with acute heart failure have similar in-hospital mortality to men but are less treated
26 Aug 2012Sudden death less likely in exercise related cardiac arrests
26 Aug 2012Novel blood test predicts sudden death risk patients who would benefit from ICDs
26 Aug 2012ECG is a cost effective method for diagnosing cardiac abnormalities in young athletes
26 Aug 2012Electrical storm is a potent risk factor for mortality and morbidity
26 Aug 2012Renal denervation achieves significant and sustained blood pressure reduction
26 Aug 2012Renal sympathetic denervation improves physical and mental health in resistant hypertension
26 Aug 2012Smoking after stroke increases death risk by three-fold
26 Aug 2012Personalized antiplatelet treatment improves outcome after PCI
26 Aug 2012Global platelet reactivity identifies high risk ACS patients more effectively than responsiveness to clopidogrel
26 Aug 2012Primary PCI use increasing in Europe but huge gaps remain
26 Aug 2012Non-invasive fractional flow reserve in the identification of flow-restricting arterial blockage in patients with suspected coronary artery disease: the DeFACTO study
25 Aug 2012Non-smokers benefit most from smoking ban
25 Aug 2012Passive smoking increases platelet activation in healthy people
25 Aug 2012Adolescent smokers have artery damage
25 Aug 2012Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart
25 Aug 2012Continuous spinal cord stimulation improves heart function
25 Aug 2012Copeptin predicts prognosis in HF patients
25 Aug 2012Heart separation device improves 3 year outcomes in heart failure patients
25 Aug 2012Promising new drug target discovered for treatment and prevention of heart failure
25 Aug 2012Drug eluting stents used less often in women than men
25 Aug 2012ESC analysis reveals arrhythmia treatment gaps between Eastern and Western Europe
25 Aug 2012Third universal definition of MI published
25 Aug 2012Change of editor for Cardiovascular Research
25 Aug 2012New Guidelines deliver concise messages for implementing cardiovascular prevention
25 Aug 2012ESC Heart Failure Guidelines feature new recommendations on devices, drugs and diagnosis
25 Aug 2012New oral anticoagulants 'offer efficacy, safety and convenience' for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation
25 Aug 2012Prevention of delays 'critical' to the management of patients with ST elevation MI
25 Aug 2012Assessment by a 'heart team' deemed essential to guide treatment in valvular heart disease
17 Aug 2012New data on pPCI rates to be launched at ESC Congress 2012
16 Aug 2012New heart attack definition to be launched at ESC Congress 2012
18 Jul 2012ESC Congress 2012 Media Alert
07 Jun 2012ESC Congress 2012 Media Alert
31 Jan 2012ESC Congress 2012 Media Alert

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