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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe

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The dissemination of the latest scientific research, Clinical Practice Guidelines and education tools is a major part of the ESC's strategy, both within and beyond Europe.

14/11/2012 00:00:00
ESC Congress 2015 - 29 Aug-2 Sept, London, UK: your participation begins today
India national salt reduction campaign targets blood pressure, heart disease, stroke

Hypertension is the most important and poorly controlled risk factor for heart disease, according to presentations at the Annual Conference of the Cardiological Society of India (CSI).

It is estimated that hypertension in India will rise from 140 million people in 2008 to nearly 215 million by 2030 with increased risk of premature heart attacks, strokes and kidney disease. A national salt reduction programme in India is set to target reductions in blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

EACVI links around the world

What links does the EACVI have with Brazil and the Asian Pacific Association of Echocardiography?

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ESC in Arabia at the Saudi Heart Association conference 2015

Join the ESC in Riyadh on 14 February during SHA26 - the annual conference of the Saudi Heart Association. The one day scientific proramme will cover hot topics from ESC Congress, as well as:

  • Prevention: How to deal with it
  • Heart Failure: Still a lot to do
  • Implementing the latest ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines

Affiliated Cardiac Societies

Developing collaborative relationships with ESC Affiliated Cardiac Societies - the main professional bodies within cardiovascular medicine based in regions outside Europe and the Mediterranean basin - is essential to sharing, learning and advancing the battle against cardiovascular diseases. 

There are 39 ESC Affiliated Cardiac Societies with whom the ESC is proud  to develop activities and partnerships.

View the full list of all Affiliated Cardiac Societies and further info on each.

Global Scientific Activities (GSA)

ESC Global Scientific Activities (GSA) is an international programme of ESC educational courses with outstanding ESC faculty joined by a host of international opinion leaders presenting:
  • Highlights from ESC Congresses and scientific meetings
  • New ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines  
  • Regionally relevant clinical case studies

ESC TV 2013 - Global Scientific Activities Extending the reach of the ESC

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