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Presenter Guidelines


The section “Abstract and Case Presenter Guidelines” below is dedicated to Presenter giving an Oral Abstract or Clinical case Presentation (Young Investigator Award Session, Rapid Fire session, Oral abstract presentation), Moderated ePoster or Poster presentation.
Please consult the page “Chairperson Guidelines" or “Speaker Guidelines" for Speaker giving a lecture.

Carefully check your agreement form confirming the type of presentation and consult the guidelines below to prepare your presentation accordingly.

We remind you that all presentations given at the EuroEcho 2019 in Vienna, when copyrights transferred to the ESC, will be available on ESC 365 in their respective formats in addition to the abstract text (slides & VOD for oral abstract presentations and ePoster for all poster formats)

Complete your Speaker Profile

In order to give you more visibility, we propose that you update your Speaker Profile, your information will be available in connection with your presentation(s).

Please access or re-access your Speaker Profile, as some mandatory consents have been added to allow us to display the information you shared.

Doing so now, you will save time Onsite or at the time of Online Upload
You can do this at any time: update your Speaker Profile

Oral abstract and Clinical case presentation: Online Upload

All presentations must be uploaded via our Online service or at the Speaker Service Centre
Presentations can be uploaded online until midnight (GMT+1) the night before the presentation is scheduled to take place - The Online Upload service is now open

We recommend that you use this service to upload your presentation(s) in advance.
We also remind you to use a 16/9 slide format most preferably the EuroEcho Congress 2019 Slide Template.

Please note that you can enter "notes" in your Powerpoint Presentation, as you will be able to view these from the new e-lectern display (speaker view only).

 Once connected, you will see under the presentation title a link to upload.

  • A step by step wizard will take you through the process
  • You first are directed to your Speaker Profile to update your profile
    • Option to upload a picture or to give your consents for use of the existing picture
    • Option to provide or update Social Media information
  • Then on to the Upload you Powerpoint
  • On the next screen, you will be asked this year to select 3 Keywords ( from an available list of topics/keywords - or with the option to use free text if you do not find a suitable entry) - These are important to accurately index your presentation to be referenced on ESC 365 (if copyright granted)
  •  IT IS MANDATORY that you INCLUDE a Declaration of Interest Slide as a 2nd Slide in your presentation, with your up to date potential conflicts of Interest, if no conflicts a slide saying: NO Conflict to declare.
  • For each presentation uploaded you will receive a confirmation email with the status of your upload
  • To modify your upload, you can re-access the service and upload a corrected version, only the latest uploaded version will be kept
  • Once uploaded, the presentations will be available in the lecture room for the session
  • If you have uploaded online and wish to review your presentation, you can do so at the Speaker Service Centre

Presentations can be uploaded online until midnight (GMT+1) the night before the presentation is scheduled to take place. So even whilst at the Congress, you can use this service.

Speaker Service Centre

Presenters can come to the Speaker Service Centre to upload their presentation or review their previously uploaded version as well as for technical assistance from the dedicated team.

The Practice Stage: we have recreated a lecture room stage for you to test out the functionalities available and the Presentation Management System at the lectern - Please note that the Presentation Management System available in the lecture room is now offering additional functionalities as Preview next slides, Timer, Notes. Come and test it.

Photo Booth: 

Upon arrival at the SSC, your badge will be scanned by the hostess

  • If you have uploaded your picture in your Speaker Profile and gave all mandatory consents for use - you may proceed to upload station
  • If we have your picture but not the mandatory consents - you will be able to provide those directly onsite and proceed to the upload
  • If we have no picture in file for you, you will be directed to the Photo Booth, where a professional photo will be taken and if you wish, automatically added to your Speaker Profile

You will also have the option to take a new picture at the Photo booth should you wish to update your picture


Speaker Service Centre (SSC) Opening Hours:

  • Tuesday 3 December - 15:00-18:00
  • Wednesday 4 December - 08:00-18:00
  • Thursday 5 December - 07:30-18:00
  • Friday 6 December - 07:30-18:00
  • Saturday 7 December - 07:30-12:30

EuroEcho Congress 2019 Slide template

We recommend that you should use the  EuroEcho 2019 Slide Template for your presentation.

Lecture Room Features


The presentation management screen for the presenter in the lecture room is now providing new options designed to enhance and facilitate your intervention on stage

  • The eLectern is operated as a Touch Screen (use your finger to navigate between the slide, activate functions, POINT to a specific are of your slide (as you would with a mouse)
  • Notes: if you enter notes on your presentation, these will appear on the side of the electern - not visible by the audience - you can increase the size of the font depending on how you wish to use these
  • Preview next slides: your next slides appear on the right side of the eLectern, to help you better manage the flow of your presentation
  • Time management: a time management bar is showing you the remaining time for your presentation. A warning will show on the lectern when the timing is about to expire. A notification to conclude and close your presentation will show when the time is over

The audience does not see the full eLectern view - ONLY the slide shown at the time on the main window of the eLectern is visible by the audience. We advise you to come and test the eLectern on the Practice Stage at the Speaker Service Centre.

ESC 365

We remind you that if you have granted the ESC Copyrights on your presentation, as indicated above it will be referenced on ESC 365.
If you have not granted ESC Copyrights, you can change this by contacting us at


In order to give you more visibility, we propose that you update your Speaker Profile, your information will be available in connection with your presentation(s).
Please access or re-access your Speaker Profile, as some mandatory consents have been added to allow us to display the information you shared.
Doing so now, you will save time Onsite our at the time of Online Upload
You can do this at any time -

Oral abstract and clinical case sessions

Please refer to your agreement form to see the session type, format, and schedule in which your abstract has been accepted - It will also specify your presentation duration.

Oral abstracts sessions

Rapid Fire sessions

The abstract will be presented in a rapid-fire abstract session, dynamic and interactive session, held in the “Agora”

Your abstract presentation timing should not exceed 5 minutes to present key results of your research  with  a maximum 5 slides-no multiple builds -(Introduction slide (first slide) and DOI (2nd slides) are additional)
This fast-paced presentation will be immediately followed by a 3 minutes questions-and-answers time with the audience, animated by the experts chairing the session. We do encourage the presenters and audience to continue the discussion after the session if required.

Young Investigator Award Sessions

 Your abstract has been chosen for its outstanding quality and will be presented in one of the Young Investigator Award Sessions. 4 oral presentations will be held during the session.
Sessions will be chaired by senior faculty members and presentations evaluated by a panel of renowned judges.
Each presenter has 15 minutes to present the research. Your Powerpoint presentation should not exceed 10 minutes to allow for 5 minutes question-and-answer period with the Chairpersons and the Audience.
Please refer to your agreement form for the date and time of your session.  

Clinical case sessions

Rapid Fire Clinical case sessions

Fast paced and interactive session with key messages of Clinical cases. The cases will be presented in a rapid-fire session, dynamic and interactive session, held in the “Agora”. The main objective of the session is to learn from challenging clinical case scenarios.

 The recommended format for the presentation of your case:
Presentation times will vary according to the session duration. Please limit the number of slides accordingly.
Each case presentation will be followed by a discussion.
Suggested structure for presentation:
• Introduction
• Description of the clinical case (don't forget to include images and/or videos to better illustrate the clinical case)
• Discussion (can include differential diagnosis, different treatment alternatives or brief review of the literature)
• Conclusion and implications/lessons to clinical practice 

Audiovisual guidelines for oral abstract & Clinical case presentations

All presentations should be 16:9 format and have a 1280 x 720 minimum resolution.

They will be displayed from a PC with Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2016.

In order to ensure optimal delivery of your presentation, please comply with the following guidelines in the preparation of your presentation:

Your presentation must be prepared in PowerPoint version: type .pptx
Preferred page set-up is landscape orientation (portrait orientation will not be displayed correctly).
Use standard Windows fonts only. Try to avoid the use of non-standard Windows fonts or language-specific fonts.
Images: Make sure that inserted images have a minimum resolution of 300dpi.
Video: WMV, MP4 or AVI are the only acceptable video formats. To avoid any issue with movies and loops with PowerPoint, presentations MUST be saved as .pptx files.
Apple: Please give your filename an extension “pptx” (Preferred version: PowerPoint 2016).
Check your presentation on a Windows-operated computer (preferably Win7) before you upload it

We recommend presenters to use the EuroEcho Congress 2019 slide template

Restrictions - Personal laptop computers cannot be connected to the projectors in lecture rooms & presentations cannot be loaded directly onto the computer in the lecture rooms. Presentations must be uploaded via our service (Online or at the Speaker Service Centre)

To the attention of MAC users - If your presentation is on a Mac computer, we recommend you ONLY provide a Windows-compatible file and meet with the technician in the Speaker Service Centre to either make sure that your presentation will run properly on the PC’s or to anticipate a backup solution.

We remind you that all presentations given at EuroEcho Congress 2019 in Vienna will be recorded and available on ESC 365 (slides & VOD) * when copyrights transferred to the ESC

 Moderated ePosters

Moderated ePoster presentation Abstract or Clinical case

All ePosters must be uploaded in advance, and the deadline to upload is 22 November.

Please check your agreement form for date and presentation times.

Your abstract will be presented as a Moderated Poster in an electronic poster format (ePoster).

The Moderated Poster station features a large screen on which your abstract will be presented in its electronic format (ePoster).
Moderated Poster Presenters will summarise their research within 4 minutes and then address questions from the Chairpersons and Audience (4min + 3 min Q&A).

Technical requirements for Moderated ePosters

Technical information

Recommendations and requirements to optimise your poster display on screen -

1 PDF page format
Create your document on Powerpoint
Orientation Landscape Layout 16 x 9
Save it as a PDF file

Please note that the use of the official ESC logo is not allowed.
Declaration of interest (Mandatory).

Important fields to include in your PDF layout:

Title, author(s), address (at upper edge, across the width the whole poster)

The ESC does not allow QR codes on Posters. The text should be broken up by the inclusion of drawings and/or photos. The use of colour makes the poster more attractive and effective

Hint: To test your PDF before you upload it, print it for proofreading on paper (A4 size) and if it reads clearly from one meter then your electronic version will look fine on our screens for your presentation 

Online Upload Moderated ePoster

The Online Upload Services for Moderated ePosters is now open 

Sign in to your My ESC account to access - MyESC/My Abstracts

The link to upload is available on your agreement form (once agreement form submitted).

It is mandatory that you upload your e-Poster in advance in order to allow the technicians to validate the format of your file and ensure proper display on the screen.

The upload is mandatory - No paper posters are accepted in the Moderated ePoster sessions.

  • Animations - Avoid overlapping animated objects or serial animations. Only the final view/status will be visible
  • Font types - Please use Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, Verdana or Symbol.
    Font size should be 14 points or bigger.
  • Images and tables - at least 200 dpi for your images and tables. Good picture quality is essential. All graphs and tables must be embedded in your file. You must also avoid animated GIF files and respect the copyrights and personal anonymity of the pictures and tables. Do not insert or embed any videos in your file.
  • A note for Apple Macintosh users - Please do not drag and drop to insert pictures into your file as graphs and images would not display properly.

Zoom option - 
While you are uploading your PDF file, you will see on the screen a notification that your poster is processing and that the next step is to select the interactive zones (these are the areas you will focus and zoom on during your e-Poster presentation)
- Close this confirmation window
- Return to the main screen and click on “select interactive zone”
- Use « Add new zone » button to add interactive zones
- Repeat this step for every zone in your poster you will zoom on during your presentation
- Click on SAVE at the bottom of the screen to confirm and validate your selection
Back on the main screen, you can re-access your ePoster, view it and if you want to re-upload a different version use “Delete” and start again the process

  • All ePosters must be uploaded before Friday 22 November to confirm participation in the session 
  • No paper poster accepted
  • Electronic Poster display: Your e-Poster will be available on the screens for the entire duration of the Moderated Poster session. Presenters must come to check their poster on the screen before the start of the session  

Selecting Zoom Areas will allow you to make your ePoster Presentation more efficient and help you focus on the Key Areas you want to highlight during your ePoster Presentation.
Do not forget to select these during the upload process.

See more on this function -


Traditional posters

Abstracts selected for Poster Presentation must be presented as a paper visual display of the research

Session and set up information

Please check your agreement form for

  • Date and time of your session
  • Viewing times are indicated on your agreement form
  • Poster set-up and removal information.

Important information: Please note the ESC cannot be held responsible for posters displayed or left in the Poster area or in the Congress centre. Posters must be collected after each session

Technical requirements for traditional posters

Dimensions of your poster
  • Landscape orientation
  • Maximum dimensions for the poster are: 100 cm (height) x 145 cm (width)
  • Posters on several sheets are not advised - Please do not use heavy / plasticised material for your poster as this cannot be mounted for proper display with our authorised mounting tack
  • Please note that the use of the official ESC logo is not allowed on your poster. This also applies to ESC Association, Working Group and Council logos
Pick up your paper poster directly at the congress: Call4PostersTM

The ESC proposes to use the service of Call4PostersTM poster printing to enable you to have your poster professionally printed, reviewed and shipped directly to the poster assistance desk.
Competitive prices are available. Your poster will be waiting for you on-site – no need to worry about carrying it on the plane. To start submitting your poster for printing, please go to the Call4Posters services

In case of enquiries about the poster printing service, please send an email to


Poster Design
  1. Title, author(s), address (at upper edge, across the width of the whole poster)
  2. Purpose
  3. Methods
  4. Results
  5. Conclusions
  6. Declaration of interest (mandatory)

The title should be emphasised by the use of bold-face type. When displayed the letters used should not be smaller than 15 mm.

The sub-title should be printed in the same kind of lettering, but semi-bold and not less than 10 mm high when displayed. This guarantees clear reading even from a distance of 2-3 meters.

The text should be broken up by the inclusion of drawings and/or photos. The use of colour makes the poster more attractive and effective.

Material for mounting your poster to the poster board will be supplied by the ESC
Please refer to the ESC staff in the poster area for further assistance.

Upload an electronic version of your Paper Poster

In addition to your Paper Poster to be diplayed at the Congress, we highly recommend you to upload an electronic version to give more visibility to your research during and after the Congress. In order to do so, access your agreement form

The link to upload is available on your agreement form (once agreement form submitted). 

ESC 365 and Social Media

ESC 365

It is important to remind the audience that the presentations given in the sessions will be available on ESC 365 within 2 hours of the session.
ESC 365 has been recently upgraded with improved search functionality and features.
Please make sure to update your speaker profile to be featured with your presentation(s)


Be active on Twitter

Share the science and add your voice to the biggest CV conversation on Twitter

  • Use #euroecho
  • For tweets you deem pertinent for ESC to retweet, tag @escardio
  • Tweet about the major breakthroughs/conclusions/highlights, and with the most relevant images from the speaker
  • Avoid promotional posts ie 'session xyz starting now’ or content that does not give any scientific value ie 'Great talk from @abc…’ without adding her/his key messages, points, etc
  • Quote the speaker, or tag their Twitter profile
  • Double-check spelling and grammar
  • If you have a concern/complain talk to a member of ESC staff. We are always at your service
  • Won’t have time to tweet? You can still retweet (RT) @escardio , @ESC_Journals or your network’s tweets; stay engaged and comment to their tweets with your view or RT with comment (quote)
  • Apply same ethics & etiquette you would in any other context

Video / Audio / Photos

The recording of video or audio during any session of EuroEcho Congress is strictly prohibited.

It is the responsibility of each presenter or speaker to notify the audience of any restrictions on the photography of the content they are presenting. 
Such an announcement must be made at the beginning of the presentation.


We advise you to consult the " Facilities & Service at the Congress" webpage for information on Congress Opening hours, Food & Beverages outlets, Policy on Childcare -