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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe

Clinical Practice Guidelines at ESC Congress 2012

Major New European Guidelines will be presented by the respective Task Force Chairpersons.

 Professor Bax talks about the Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines sessions (main and dedicated sessions), highligh sessions and ESC TV interviews MUNICH 2012

2012 ESC Guidelines overviewJJBax (NL) & U Sechtem (DE)
The new ESC/EACTS Guidelines on the management of valvular heart diseaseA Vahanian (FR)& O Alfieri (IT)
European 2012 Guidelines on  Cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practiceJ Perk (SE) &  R Cifkova (CZ)
New 2012 ESC acute and chronic heart failure GuidelinesJJV Mc Murray (UK)
New 2012 ESC Guidelines for acute myocardial infarction ST-segment elevationPG Steg (FR), S James (SE) & F Van De Werf (BE)
2012 Update of the ESC Guidelines on the management of atrial fibrillation AJ Camm (UK) &  D Atar (NO)
2012 Joint ESC/ACCF/AHA/WHO third universal definition of myocardial infarction  JP Bassand (FR)&  DA Morrow (US)
Guidelines highlight session  


Meet the Task Forces I,II,III
Questions and answers to the panellists
JJ Bax (NL) & U Sechtem (DE)

A face to face interchange beetwen the practitioners who will
be using the Guidelines on a daily basis & the makers of   those guidelines

CVD Prevention (J Perk) & Heart Failure (JJV McMurray)
ST Elevation myocardial infarction (G Steg) & Third Universal MI definition (K Thykesen)
Valve disease (A Vahanian) & Update Atrial Fibrillation (J Camm)

Other Guidelines activities during the ESC Congress 2012

  • Press releases on ESC Guidelines 2012  
  • Articles in Congress News
  • Stand activities with the dissemination of ESC Pocket Guidelines 2012 to ESC Members and the download corner for all attendees with the electronic version of  the Pocket Guidelines (PDAs).