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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe

National Guidelines Coordinators

You can find all the information you need regarding the National Guidelines Coordinators, their role, involvement and more below..

The role of the ESC Guidelines Coordinator is to coordinate and communicate with its National Society of Cardiology and the ESC Committee for Practice Guidelines (CPG), the endorsement, possible translations and implementation of the ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines.



The core mission of the National Guidelines Coordinator is to:


Participate in the annual ESC CPG/NS meeting at the EHH dedicated to the ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines.    

Help with the selection of national experts to be involved in the review process of future ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Be active in the endorsement and possble translation processes of the ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Coordinate with its National Society of Cardiology the decision to officially endorse the ESC Clincial Practice Guidelines as well as their possible translations.

Coordinate the completion & return of the endorsement forms which are available from the ESC Web Site.

Participate in the nomination of topic experts for specific national implementation programmes and activities and jointly coordinate these actions with the nominated experts.

Insure the rules for the use & translation of ESC Clincal Practice Guidelines are followed, as well as those for their derivative Pocket Guidelines & Guidelines Slide-sets. These rules are available from the ESC Web Site on the Guidelines Endorsement page at:

and more....

Be active in their National implementation programme of the ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines

Coordinate  these programmes with the ESC Committee for Practice Guidelines, the ESC Working groups, Associations and Councils: creation & translation of educational materials, educational courses, scientific sessions during the national congresses, national Implemention Group/NS meeting coinciding with the ESC Guidelines launch, possible creation of simplified summaries of the ESC Guidelines to be made availabe for patients.

Dedicated communication is done via the ESC National Guidelines Coordinators Newsletter for ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines and related topics.

If you are a National Guidelines Coordinator or a National Topic Expert and you want to be sure to receive the Guidelines Team Newsletter, Contact us 


A map with information on the ESC Guidelines Endorsements and Translations, National Societies Web Site  by ESC National Society Member Countries, and more ...


For more information regarding the Rules and Translations of ESC Guidelines  and their  derivative products by ESC National Societies, click here 

For the National Guidelines Coordinators a private and dedicated secure web site to share information and documents is available, click here to access