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Heart Failure Long-Term Registry

All the ESC countries have been invited to participate in this registry.

Objectives and characteristics of the study

The primary objective of the Heart Failure Registry is to describe the clinical epidemiology of outpatients and inpatients with Heart Failure and the diagnostic/therapeutic processes (including the organization of Heart Failure management programmes) applied to these patients across Europe and Mediterranean countries.


To describe the demographic, clinical, and biological characteristics of outpatients and inpatients with Heart Failure (HF) followed by a representative setting of cardiology centres

  • Specific attention will be focused:
    • on patients with preserved Ejection Fraction, whose heterogeneity in trials and in observational studies needs to be better understood.
    • on clinically relevant co-morbidities, such as COPD and diabetes mellitus, which frequently are associated with HF and impact patient outcomes.
  • Describe the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches undertaken in the routine practice of cardiologists in following outpatients with chronic HF or during the hospital phase for acute HF.
  • Assess the in-hospital and out-of-hospital outcomes of patients with HF and to validate the prognostic predictors of these outcomes.
  • Evaluate the organization of HF management across  countries.
  • Evaluate how recommendations of most recent European guidelines regarding pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments are adopted in clinical practice and how their application can impact on patients' outcomes.
  • Evaluate the prevalence of the clinical profiles of patients with acute HF, according to the definitions proposed by the European Society of Cardiology, and to investigate their appropriateness in characterizing patients with different clinical presentations and needs.


More than 30 countries are taking part in this registry, which was launched in May 2011.

The aim of enrolling approximately 10,000 patients during the first year has been achieved. More than 23,000 patients have been enrolled overall.

Prior to the deployment of the long-term registry a pilot registry was conducted, between October 2009 and May 2010, with a one-year follow-up. This pilot study was specifically aimed at validating the structure, performance, and quality of the data set, for continuing the survey into a permanent registry.
12 countries enrolled 5118 patients in this pilot, of which the first results were presented at the ESC Congress 2010.

 If you are already registered as a participant in the EORP programme, you may connect to our secure website:

Study Organisation

The Executive Committee of the registry is chaired by Professor Marisa Crespo-Leiro

Executive Committee, Phase II (since 2013)

Marisa Crespo Leiro (Chair)
Alexandre Mebazaa
Massimo Piepoli
Andrew Coats
Stefan Anker
Gerasimos Filippatos
Aldo Maggioni

Executive Committee, Phase I (2011-2013)

Aldo Maggioni (Chairman)
Stefan Anker
Ulf Dahlström
Gerasimos Filippatos
Luigi Tavazzi
Piotr Ponikowski
Faiez Zannad

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of one National Coordinator per participating country. The National Societies are responsible for the selection of the national coordinators and participating centres.

Austria: Friedrich Fruhwald
Bosnia Herzegovina: Emir Fazlibegovic
Bulgaria: Plamen Gatzov
Croatia: Davor Milicic
Cyprus: Panayiotis Avraamides
Czech Republic: Jaromir Hradec
Egypt: Mahmoud Hassanein
Estonia: Tiina Uuetoa
France: Damien Logeart, Richard Isnard
Georgia: Vakhtang Chumburidze
Greece: Dimitris Tousoulis
Hungary: Béla Merkely
Israel: Offer Amir
Italy: Marco Metra
Latvia: Andrejs Erglis
Lithania: Ausra Kavoliuniene
Macedonia: Elizabeta Srbinovska, Magdalena Otljanska
Moldova: Eleonora Vataman
Poland: Jaroslaw Drozdz
Portugal: Candida Fonseca
Romania: Ovidiu Chioncel
Russian Federation: Evgeny Shkolnik
Serbia: Petar Seferovic
Slovakia: Eva Goncalvesova
Slovenia: Mitja Lainscak
Spain: Juan Delgado Jimenez
Sweden: Ulf Dahlström
Turkey: Ahmet Temizhan

Heart Failure Pilot Registry (2009-2011)

Executive Committee

Aldo Maggioni (Chairman)
Ulf Dahlström
Gerasimos Filippatos
Luigi Tavazzi
Faiez Zannad

Steering Committee

Austria: Friedrich Fruhwald
Denmark: Olav Wendelboe Nielsen
France: Damien Logeart
Germany: Mathias Rauchhaus
Greece: John T. Parissis
Italy: Marco Metra
Netherlands: Adrian A. Voors
Norway: Lars Gullestad
Poland: Jaroslaw Drozdz
Romania: Ovidiu Chioncel
Spain: Marisa Crespo-Leiro
Sweden: Hans Persson


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