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Heart Failure Long-Term Registry

All the ESC countries have been invited to participate in this registry.

Objectives and characteristics of the study

The primary objective of the Heart Failure Registry is to describe the clinical epidemiology of outpatients and inpatients with Heart Failure and the diagnostic/therapeutic processes (including the organization of Heart Failure management programmes) applied to these patients across Europe and Mediterranean countries.


To describe the demographic, clinical, and biological characteristics of outpatients and inpatients with Heart Failure (HF) followed by a representative setting of cardiology centres

  • Specific attention will be focused:
    • on patients with preserved Ejection Fraction, whose heterogeneity in trials and in observational studies needs to be better understood.
    • on clinically relevant co-morbidities, such as COPD and diabetes mellitus, which frequently are associated with HF and impact patient outcomes.
  • Describe the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches undertaken in the routine practice of cardiologists in following outpatients with chronic HF or during the hospital phase for acute HF.
  • Assess the in-hospital and out-of-hospital outcomes of patients with HF and to validate the prognostic predictors of these outcomes.
  • Evaluate the organization of HF management across  countries.
  • Evaluate how recommendations of most recent European guidelines regarding pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments are adopted in clinical practice and how their application can impact on patients' outcomes.
  • Evaluate the prevalence of the clinical profiles of patients with acute HF, according to the definitions proposed by the European Society of Cardiology, and to investigate their appropriateness in characterizing patients with different clinical presentations and needs.


More than 30 countries are taking part in this registry, which was launched in May 2011.

The aim of enrolling approximately 10,000 patients during the first year has been achieved.

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Study Organisation

The Executive Committee of the registry is now chaired by
Professor Marisa G. Crespo-Leiro.

The Steering Committee is composed of one National Coordinator per participating country. The National Societies are responsible for the selection of the national coordinators and participating centres.

For the list of Executive Committee and Steering Committee members, please click here.

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