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4Therapy Expansion for Multipoint Pacing

Why, when and how should you optimize your CRT patients

How to manage the NOACs in clinical practice, a case-based approach

MRI in patients with cardiovascular implantable electronic devices

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 5 March 2014Tips and tricks for successful LV lead Implantation. Haran Burri, Helen Petersen

Available on tablets and Ipads
22 January 2014Vascular access in electrophysiology
Frieder Braunschweig,  Christopher Piorkowski

Available on tablets and Ipads
9 December 2013 The 2013 ESC Guidelines on cardiac pacing and CRT : what does change in my clinical practice
C. Linde, O. Breithardt, M. Brignole

Available on tablets and Ipads
22 May 2013Ecg and IEGM cases for SVT  
J. Almendral and F. Arribas

Available on tablets and Ipads
23 April 2013 Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) Stored Electrogram Trouble Shooting  
C. Israel and F. Braunschweig

Available on tablets and Ipads
19  March 2013 Cardioversion of AF when, for whom and how  
I. Van Gelder and F. Cosio

Available on tablets and Ipads
28 November 2012Clinical cases on SVT Ablation  
by F. Gaita and  J. Kautzner

Available on tablets and Ipads
22 October 2012
Cartography tridimensional Ablation: is 3D mapping really usefull?  
by G. Hindricks and C. de Chillou

Available on tablets and Ipads
3rd July 2012 - A broadcasted session from the Heart HouseThe Highlights of Cardiostim
by A. Goette and L. Mont, chaired by Ph. Ritter 
25 April 2012

 Trouble shooting on Surface ECG
by I. Lozano and C. Blomstrom-Lundqvist

26 March 2012

 Arrhythmias in athletes
By F. Carré and L. Saghy

20 January 2012

Mechanisms of Arrhythmia and its Clinical Implications 
by M. Antz and L. Mont

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8 November 2011Troubleshooting of stored device tracings
C. Israel moderated by H. Burri
03 October 2011Important cardiac anatomy for the electrophysiologist
S. Yen Ho moderated by S. Ernst
29 August 2011Challenging Decisions in Management of Syncope
J.C Deharo moderated by M. Brignole
14 April 2011How to Deal with Macroreentry after Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
F. Anselme moderated by G. Hindricks
16 March 2011Special Quizz on ICD
N. Sadoul moderated by C. Leclercq
14 February 2011Atrial fibrillation - Pathophysiology and clinical aspects of thromboembolism and risk assessment
G. Lip moderated by H. Burri
26 January 2011Atrial Fibrillation Antiarrhythmic Treatment
J. Camm moderated by I. Van Gelder
16 November 2010Arrhythmias and Grown-Up Congenital Heart disease: The Role of Catheter Ablation
J. Kautzner moderated by C. de Chillou
19 October 2010Trouble shooting in Cardiac Pacing
H. Burri moderated by C. Israel
20 September 2010Tips and Tricks for successful VT ablation
P. Della Bella moderated L. Mont
5 July 2010Genetics and Arrhythmia
V. Probst moderated C. Wolpert
29 March 2010Sport & Arrhythmias
F. Carré moderated H. Heidbuchel
30 November 2009Prevention of atrial fibrillation, the role of upstream therapy
I. Van Gelder moderated by JY Le Heuzey
13 october 2009Current indications for CRT-P and CRT-D
A. Aurricchio moderated by C. Leclercq
2 June 2009Ventricular tachycardia (VT) ablation - when and for whom, and then?
P. Della Bella
28 May 2009Tips and tricks of atrial fibrillation (AF) detection with an implantable loop recorder
G. Hindricks moderated by P. Vardas
24 March 2009

Atrial fibrillation ablation - when and for whom
S. Ernst moderated by KH Kuck

11 march 2009Best messages and news about anticoagulation of atrial fibrillation
G. Lip moderated by J. Camm

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