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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe

ESC at the 68th Brazilian Congress of Cardiology

28 Sep 2013 - 30 Sep 2013 , Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Sunday 29 September 2013

8:50    Welcome from ESC and Brazilian Society of Cardiology (BSC) - J Andrade (Brazil), P Vardas (Heraklion, GR)   

09:00-10:30    ESC Guidelines I: Meet and listen to the Experts*

* SERVIER supports the session "ESC Guidelines I: Meet and listen to the Experts" with an unrestricted educational grant. Servier does not affect or contribute to the scientific content of this session.

Chairpersons: H Correa Filho (Brazil), P Vardas (Heraklion, GR)
09:00    Hypertension - R Ferrari (Ferrara, IT)  
09:15    Discussion by F Nobre (Brazil)
09:30    Diabetes - M Komajda (Paris, FR)
09:45    Discussion by D Bertolim Précoma (Brazil)

10:00    Stable Coronary Artery Disease - C Aguiar (Lisbon, PT)
10:15    Discussion by E Nagib Gaui (Brazil)

10:30    End of session

10:30-11:00    Coffee break

11:00-12:30    Late Breaking Trial Presentations from the ESC 2013

Chairpersons: R Kalil Filho (Brazil), F Pinto (Lisbon, PT)

11:00    In Heart Failure - M Komajda (Paris, FR)
11:18    In Arrhythmias -  P Vardas (Heraklion, GR)
11:36    In Interventional Cardiology - L Gonçalves (Coimbra, PT)
11:54    In Ischemic Heart Disease - SD Kristensen (Aarhus N, DK)
12:12    ESC Registries - R Ferrari (Ferrara, IT)

12:30    End of session

13:00-14:00 Satellite Symposium Bayer- Overcoming the Burden of Thrombosis: Expanding roles for novel oral anticoagulants

Chaiperson: F Pinto (Lison, PT)

13:00  Welcome and opening remarks - F Pinto (Lisbon, PT)
13:05  New oral anticoagulants and practical aspects - D Atar (Oslo, NW)
13:25  ATLAS study: Main findings and future perspectives - J Nicolau (Brazil)
13:40  From Einstein PE data to clinical practice - C Aguiar (Lisbon, PT)
13:55 Closing remarks - F Pinto (Lisbon, PT)            

Monday 30 September 2013

09:00-10:30    ESC Guidelines II

Chairpersons: J Ilha Guimaraes  (Brazil), R Ferrari (Ferrara, IT)

09:00    Pacemakers - P Vardas (Heraklion, GR)    
09:15    Discussion by L Ioschpe Zimerman (Brazil)
09:30    Acute Coronary Syndromes - SD Kristensen (Aarhus N, DK)
09:45    Discussion by L Soares Piegas (Brazil)

10:00    Valvular Heart Disease - C Aguiar (Lisbon, PT)
10:15    Discussion by F Tarasoutchi (Brazil)

10:30    End of session

10:30-11:00    Coffee break

11:00-12:30    ESC-SBC Joint Symposium: Multivessel CHD Revascularization Strategies

Chairpersons: J Pinheiro de Andrade (Brazil), M Komajda (Paris, FR)

11:00    Multivessel Revascularization: The role of Imaging in the Decision Making Process - F Pinto (Lisbon, PT)

11:20    Multivessel Revascularization: When is medical treatment enough? - C Anne Polanczyk (Brazil)

11:40    Multivessel Revascularization: How to implement the guidelines - L Gonçalves (Coimbra, PT)

12:00    Multivessel Revascularization: Surgeon's Perspective - F Biscegli Jatene (Brazil)    
12:30    End of session

13:00-14:00 Satellite Symposium BI

Stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation: how recent developments affecting clinical practice?
Chairpersons: P Vardas (Heraklion, GR)

Managing NOAcs in the real world: translating the studies into practical approches -
A Avezum (Sao Paulo, BR)

Dabigatran after 3 years: RE-LY, RELY-ABLE and Database Cohort Findings - SJ Connoly (Hamilton, CA)

The ESC Global Scientific Activities Committee gratefully acknowledges the support of its 2013 annual sponsors Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals and Boehringer Ingelheim.  


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