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Lazy Town - How to move the world 

A fun, energetic and creative way to encourage a healthy lifestyle

Topics: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention - Risk Assessment and Management
Date: 19 Apr 2013
Lazy Town session | Friday 19 April, 08:30-10:00 in Room Rome | presented by founder, Mr. Magnus Scheving

Primary prevention and healthy lifestyle cannot start early enough…travel no further than Lazy Town.  Lazy Town is a TV series that encourages and inspires children in a fun, energetic and creative way to adopt a healthy diet and daily physical activity.  Lazy Town and its characters represent the challenges and opportunities that real children face in daily life.

The session will focus on how to convey preventive messages to a young audience and help parents to follow the preventive advice for a beneficial lifestyle.

Lazy Town logoChildhood obesity is the fastest growing health problem in the West.  Rising childhood obesity rates are a direct result of poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, and a serious problem for public health policy.

What’s to be done? The LazyTown children’s TV series was conceived and developed by me, 20 years ago, as a vehicle to promote children’s health and fitness.  It started originally as a book and children’s stage show in my home country, Iceland, where I was working as a sports teacher and motivational speaker.  My aim was to make the health and fitness message fun for preschoolers.  Through the TV series, that has been aired in over 128 countries worldwide and in 500 million homes, the idea of healthy lifestyle choices around food and exercise are promoted, but through engaging stories, in an age-appropriate and fun context – which is essential, and explains why the show is so popular.  Young children take the healthy messages from the TV series on board, they start asking for “SportsCandy” – fruit and vegetables – and wanting to be more active. Parents are delighted, as it helps them help their children to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Magnus SchevingThroughout the brand’s history, we have stayed true to its principles – which is why you won’t see a LazyTown logo on a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps or bottle of soda.  We abide by the LazyTown Food Promise, which underpins any brand extension or licensing deals that we negotiate when it comes to food products.  This is why we are proud to have worked with various Government departments and local retailers alike, around the world, including; First Lady Michelle Obama on the Let’s Move! Campaign in the US,  Change 4 Life public health campaign with UK Department of Health, the European Commission and Felipe Calderón and the Ministry of Health in Mexico.  This year, we will be working with First Lady of Chile, Cecilia Morel on a national health campaign aimed at children.

Magnus Scheving

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