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Annual Spring Meeting on Cardiovascular Nursing

Slides from EuroHeart Care 2013

Discover the slides from the EuroHeartCare 2013

FP No. Presentation title Presenter
6Exploring the link between cardiovascular disease and diabete Professor David Allan Wood
8Maximising physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Doctor Jason Gill
9Latest strategies in the care of patients. Doctor Camilla Hage
19Musical compression: RCT of musical prompts in resuscitation. Doctor Lettie Rawlins
20National Early Warning Scale (NEWS). Professor Gary Smith
22Resuscitation awareness campaign: current challenges and issues. Ms Mary Hannon
23Heart Failure Guidelines: What's new? Professor John McMurray
24Community based intravenous diuretic pilot project. Mrs Lynda Mary Jane Blue
26The future of heart failure disease management programmes.Mr James Rushton
28Heart failure and cognition in the elderly: Is there a link?Miss Carina Hjelm
29Screening for depression in heart disease: Using the right tools.Professor Susanne Pedersen
30Delirium in patients in the CCU or after acute cardiac events.Professor Marieke Schuurmans
116Weight monitoring in patients with severe heart failure (WISH). A randomised controlled trial.Mr Patrik Lynga
118Non-physician triage-rapid identification of patients with ST and non-ST elevation in acute coronary syndrome.Mrs Alyson Phillips
119Diagnostic and imaging techniques in cardiovascular disease assessment.Doctor Patrick Donnelly
120Patients experience of acute myocardial infarction during emergency treatment – A qualitative study.Ms Stefanie Mentrup
121What's in a name? Supporting patients to interpret differential diagnoses in acute coronary syndrome.Professor Gill Furze
122Arrhythmias: Selecting pharmacological and/or interventional approaches. Doctor Derek T Connelly
124Facilitating guideline based care in atrial fibrillation.Doctor Jeroen Hendriks
125Common familial arrhythmias in young people: A patient's perspective.Ms Audrey McColl
135Caring together programme: pioneering work in palliative care in heart failureMrs Yvonne Millerick
136Management of patients with dyslipidemia: latest guidelines.Professor Ian Graham
137Managing valvular heart disease: what’s new?Doctor Susanna Price
138New strategies to prevent sudden cardiac death in the young.Doctor Anna Maria Choy
139Sexuality in patients with cardiovascular disease: Opening Pandora’s Box.Ms Nina Kolbe