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22 Mar 2013 - 23 Mar 2013 , Glasgow - United Kingdom


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The ESC Council on Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions has made the slides from all EuroHeartCare congress presentations available here

Poor sleep doubles hospitalisations in heart failure patients

Chronic sleep deprivation previously linked to inflammation and higher stress levels according to research presented during EuroHeartCare 2014; Dr Peter Johansson, first author said: “We know that sleep problems are common among patients with heart failure. But until now there was no data on whether poor sleep persists over time and how that relates to hospitalisations.”  Read more

Visualising a safe place reduces procedural pain

Visualising a safe place reduces operative pain, according to research presented at EuroHeartCare 2014. Nurses guided patients into a trance and found it helped patients cope with pain and anxiety during ablation of atrial fibrillation (AF).  Read more

Depression increases heart failure risk by 40%

Reducing stress that triggers depression may improve outlook; Moderate to severe depression increases the risk of heart failure by 40%, a study of nearly 63 000 Norwegians has shown. The findings were presented for the first time at EuroHeartCare 2014.  Read more

Thank you for attending

"The preparations for the upcoming EuroHeartCare 2014 congress in Stavanger, Norway, already started in September of 2012 with the Programme Committee working together with the Norwegian Society of Cardiovascular Nurses to put an exciting programme together. To give you a sneak preview, the theme of the conference will be ‘Heart and Mind’."

Susanne S. Pedersen
Program Chair for EuroHeartCare 2014 Read more

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