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Education through the web 

EUROECHO 2012 Congress News

Topics: Echocardiography (Non-invasive imaging)
Date: 08 Dec 2012
Bernard Cosyns Jens Uwe Voigt  By Professor B. Cosyns, Chair Web Committee (2010-2012) and Professor Jens-Uwe Voigt, Chair Education Committee (2010-2012).

Education, as polls of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) members and other users of our website demonstrate, not only represents the most utilised feature of our website, but is also considered to be the most fundamental facility that organisations like the EACVI should offer.

In the past years, the Web and Education Committee have collaborated to offer our members high-quality educational and scientific resources online for their continued medical training. Undoubtedly, the online portfolio of the EACVI is one of the most elaborate of the ESC’s communities, ranging from structured general teaching, to in-depth education on specific topics, a variety of online references and communication platforms.

Webinars represent one of EACVI`s major success stories. These live courses, conducted by key opinion leaders in cardiac imaging, are transmitted over the web and can be accessed from any place in the world. They provide 60 minutes of practical training on a specific topic followed by interactive discussions with the Speaker. They are free for members and easy to attend from home or office.

‘Echo boxes’ offer a new ‘one-stop-shop’ teaching concept where groups of experts in the field provide in-depth information about a specific field of echocardiography. All boxes offer richly illustrated teaching chapters, accompanied by clinical cases, links to other recently published EACVI teaching material as well as key references in the related literature. The latest additions are a box on ‘Contrast Imaging’ earlier this year and the re-launch of our most viewed box on ‘3D echocardiography’ in a completely revised 2nd edition.

These highlighted offers sit amongst a multitude of other educational content. Visit our website to find a Basic Echo Course with 1062 slides and 857 videos, content from previous EUROECHO and other ESC Congresses and meetings, a clinical case portal, the latest recommended papers for free download, a key reference library and much more…

What will come next?

At this EUROECHO Congress, you will witness the launch of the first complete online course on the use of handheld ultrasound devices, taking advantage of the new ESC eLearning platform.

Our youngest ‘baby’ is ‘WikiEcho’, a project creating a free, up-to-date and reliable online encyclopaedia covering the rapidly advancing field of echocardiography which will be released during this EUROECHO Congress. Several hundred web pages have already been pre-filled with knowledge by enthusiastic members and await additions and further refinement by you.

Of course, we still have lots of other ideas and will continue improving the EACVI education platform through the web.

Stay tuned!

Authors: Prof. Bernard Cosyns and Prof. Jens-Uwe Voigt
EUROECHO 2012 Congress News