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ESC Congress 2012

Congress News - from and about the ESC Congress 2012

A selection of news articles from the ESC Congress 2012 in Munich, Germany, 25-29 August

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29 Aug 2012New prevention guidelines deliver emphatic message
29 Aug 2012Update on AFib includes novel oral anticoagulants
29 Aug 2012AMI registry studies show dramatic decline in stroke and mortality rates
29 Aug 2012Tackling treatment inequalities in Europe
29 Aug 2012Focus on the eye: changes in retinal circulation may predict risk of CVD
29 Aug 2012General Assembly: a new ESC President
29 Aug 2012Debate: Can cardiac magnetic resonance imaging replace nuclear imaging?
29 Aug 2012Faces in the crowd
29 Aug 2012Fractional flow reserve-guided PCI outperforms medical therapy alone in stable CAD
29 Aug 2012Aspirin found redundant in PCI trial
29 Aug 2012How Japan’s 2011 earthquake spiked incidence of CVD
29 Aug 2012Study confirms diagnostic accuracy of combined CT angiography and perfusion
29 Aug 2012First year results from ESC’s pilot registry for atrial fibrillation ablation
28 Aug 2012New 2012 AMI-STEMI guidelines emphasise importance of pre-hospital logistics of care
28 Aug 2012More on obesity and sleep quality as CVD risk factors
28 Aug 2012Energy drinks go down well in Italian study
28 Aug 2012Renal denervation’s huge progress in just five years
28 Aug 2012The many causes of AF are the key to therapy
28 Aug 2012OK to eat, drink and be merry?
28 Aug 2012Scientific excellence rewarded at ESC Congress 2012
28 Aug 2012Younger women identified as targets for STEMI prevention after French registry study
28 Aug 2012Shock result in balloon pulsation study
28 Aug 2012Stent thrombosis rates low in large DES trial
28 Aug 2012Insulin glargine has only ‘modest’ effect on CIMT
28 Aug 2012TAVI accounts for almost 25% of German aortic valve registry
27 Aug 2012What’s new in the 2012 heart failure guidelines
27 Aug 2012Induced pluripotent stem cells still more a promise than reality in repair medicine
27 Aug 2012Female gender reassessed as a risk factor in AF
27 Aug 2012ECG is ‘cost effective’ in screening young athletes for cardiac problems
27 Aug 2012Getting to grips with lead extraction
27 Aug 2012The past and future of TAVI in one congress session
27 Aug 2012The case for statins in a wider population
27 Aug 2012Neutral results from first prasugrel-clopidogrel test in medically managed ACS
27 Aug 2012Encouraging results from phase II trial in HF with preserved ejection fraction
27 Aug 2012Spironolactone improves filling pressure in diastolic HF
27 Aug 2012FFR calculated from computed tomography ‘exciting’ prospect
27 Aug 2012Prospects dim for aliskiren in type 2 diabetics
27 Aug 2012Heart-healthy living related to gross domestic product
26 Aug 2012Medical education remains ESC’s ‘top priority’, as new programme is announced
26 Aug 2012Three new ESC gold medals awarded
26 Aug 2012TAVI included in new 2012 ESC/EACTS guidelines on management of valve disease
26 Aug 2012New approaches to treating heart failure: From genes, to spinal stimulation and a parachute
26 Aug 2012Nanotechnology: when small is beautiful
26 Aug 2012How to manage a worldwide patient population of 1.5 billion hypertensives
26 Aug 2012Congress unveils third universal definition of MI
26 Aug 2012Laying a basis for interventional cardiology
26 Aug 2012Non-smokers derive big benefit from smoking bans
26 Aug 2012ESC Congress 2012 award winners
25 Aug 2012A festival of cardiology at a diamond jubilee congress
25 Aug 2012An insider’s guide to Munich
25 Aug 2012Five new practice guidelines are lined up for presentation at ESC Congress 2012
25 Aug 2012Linking blood flow and cardioprotection
25 Aug 2012EHJ continues its record gains in impact factor
25 Aug 2012Tele-health ‘feasible’ for primary care
25 Aug 2012Debate: Is six months dual antiplatelet therapy sufficient after DES placement?
25 Aug 2012Young cardiologists now take the stage

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