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ESC Congress 2011

Congress News - from and about the ESC Congress 2011

Please find here below a selection of news articles from the ESC Congress 2011 in Paris, France, 27-31 August

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31 Aug 2011Children provide the key to parents’ cardiovascular health
31 Aug 2011Is the universal pre-participation screening of young athletes justified?
31 Aug 2011ESC extends its EurObservational registry project
31 Aug 2011Growth factors in the treatment of CVD
31 Aug 2011Highest rates of antihypertensive ‘persistence’ with ARBs
31 Aug 2011PRODIGY: no benefit from prolonged antiplatelet therapy
31 Aug 2011Phase II data from RUBY-1 darexaban trial
31 Aug 2011EXAMINATION: first RCT of new generation DES in STEMI patients: ‘Reassuring’ performance of everolimus-eluting stent
31 Aug 2011CRISP AMI: Infarct size not reduced by balloon pump counterpulsation
31 Aug 2011Low rate of stent thrombosis found with everolimus DES
31 Aug 2011More evidence in favour of chocolate’s protective effects
31 Aug 2011General Assembly Report 2011
30 Aug 2011The management of CVD during pregnancy: still questions
30 Aug 2011It’s WISE to consider microvascular coronary dysfunction in women
30 Aug 2011Women are still less optimally treated for STEMI
30 Aug 2011The polypill: now enough data ‘to advocate a full dose polycap in secondary prevention’
30 Aug 2011TAVI: heading for mainstream and low-risk surgical patients?
30 Aug 2011The link between pre-eclampsia and long-term CVD
30 Aug 2011ESC Congress 2011 award winners
30 Aug 2011Ivabradine’s significant effect on cardiac remodelling in HF
30 Aug 2011CABG preferred over PCI in triple vessel registry study
30 Aug 2011Non-inferiority of everolimus stent found in large-scale RESET trial
30 Aug 2011'Causative' link betwen AF and exercise in men
30 Aug 2011Remote ICD follow-up proves a safe alternative
30 Aug 2011Awards to six young investigators from the Pulmonary Circulation and Right Ventricular Function Working Group
29 Aug 2011Non-ST segment elevation ACS: an update
29 Aug 2011Fire without smoke: Use of snus smokeless tobacco linked to lower MI survival rates
29 Aug 2011Should most atrial fibrillation patients be treated with catheter ablation?
29 Aug 2011Time to forget the obesity paradox?
29 Aug 2011High predictive value of anger levels for event recurrence post-MI
29 Aug 2011Strategies to improve the placement of stents
29 Aug 2011Apixaban for AF outperforms warfarin in stroke prevention
29 Aug 2011Underuse of proven secondary prevention drugs a ‘global tragedy’
29 Aug 2011Colchicine effective for repeat symptom relief in pericarditis
29 Aug 2011Cream and sugar? Well . . . that depends
29 Aug 2011Lasting statin effect on all-cause mortality
28 Aug 2011Three ESC gold medals at opening ceremony
28 Aug 2011ESC President highlights congress' 'international scope'
28 Aug 2011New guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral artery disease emphasise a multidisciplinary approach
28 Aug 2011Has cardiac magnetic resonance replaced nuclear imaging?
28 Aug 2011Resuming sex after MI: it's good to talk
28 Aug 2011How late is too late for revascularisation in STEMI?
28 Aug 2011Onwards and upwards: new double-digit impact factor for the European Heart Journal
28 Aug 2011The universal effects of disease prevention
27 Aug 2011Your Forum for education, research and networking: ESC Congress 2011
27 Aug 2011Bienvenue à Paris, City of Light
27 Aug 2011Four new practice guidelines for ESC Congress 2011
27 Aug 2011Is diet alone sufficient to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease?
27 Aug 2011Post acute coronary syndrome in primary care
27 Aug 2011Don't worry, be happy: how positive emotions can help protect the heart
27 Aug 2011Greater political commitment needed for the wider uptake of primary PCI