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Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology

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Molecular control of node formation in the embryonic heart.Franco Jaime, Diego (Jaen)30 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Mechanical control of cardiac conduction system formation.Sedmera, David (Prague)30 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Integrating cardiac regulatory networks in (dys)morphogenesis.Sperling, Silke (Berlin)30 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Circulating endothelial progenitor cells and acute myocardial infarction.Dimmeler, Stefanie (Frankfurt)30 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Pretreatment of stem cells and recipient tissues.Lunde, Kjetil (Oslo)30 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Induced pluripotent stem cells as a source for cardiomyocytes.Zweigerdt, Robert (Hannover)30 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Cardiac stem cells.Torella, Daniele (Catanzaro)30 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
New scientific advances in basic science.Ellingsen, Oyvind (Trondheim)31 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Focal adhesion kinase regulates load-induced PGC-1a expression and mitochondrial biogenesis in mice left ventricle.Tornatore, Thais (Campinas)31 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Exosomes are the active cardioprotective component in MSC secretion.De Kleijn, Dominique (Utrecht)31 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
G-CSF treatment in postmyocarditic cardiomyopathy enhances homing of bone marrow-derived progenitor cells and increases the number of resident cardiac progenitor cells.Brunner, Stefan (Munich)31 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Impaired in vivo repair capacity of endothelial progenitor cells in patients with chronic heart failure: role of differential microRNA regulation and paracrine factors .Doerries, Carola (Zurich)31 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
G-CSF application combined with CD26-inhibition as a new therapeutic concept enhances stem cell homing and cardiac function after myocardial infarction in mice.Theiss, Hans Diogenes (Munich)31 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
In situ activation of endogenous cardiac stem cells by intra-coronary administration of IGF-1 and HGF induces myocardial survival and regeneration in the infarcted pig myocardium.Ellison, Georgina (Liverpool)31 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Mutations in the ANKRD1 gene encoding CARP are responsible for human dilated cardiomyopathy.Villard, Eric (Paris)31 Aug 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
A system biology approach to atrial fibrillation.Mayr, Manuel (London)01 Sep 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Thrombin receptor (F2R) and InterLeukin 6 (IL6) haplotypes modulate the risk of Myocardial Infarction (MI) in the Stockholm Heart Epidemiology Program.Gigante, Bruna (Stockholm)01 Sep 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the ILRN, ITGB2 and ITGB3 gene are associated with restenosis after the implantation of bare metal stents but not after the implantation of drug eluting stents.Hoppmann, Petra (Munich)01 Sep 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Platelet-bound P-selectin expression in patients with coronary artery disease: association with clinical presentation and with markers of myocardial necrosis.Stellos, Konstantinos (Tubingen)01 Sep 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Thrombospondin-1 and -4 are differentially linked to left ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction and in hypertensive hypertrophy.Mustonen, Erja (Oulu)01 Sep 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Novel chimeric natriuretic peptide CD-NP prevents cardiorenal remodeling and dysfunction in experimental myocardial infarction.Martin, Fernando (Rochester)01 Sep 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Paraoxonase-192 polymorphism interaction with low HDL cholesterol in coronary artery risk.Palma Dos Reis, Roberto Jose (Funchal)01 Sep 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Cardiomyocyte-derived Erythropoietin is an endogenous paracrine mediator of cardiac regeneration and regulates the vasculogenic differentiation potential of cardiac progenitor cells.Hoch, Melanie (Hannover)02 Sep 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology
Human mesenchymal stem cell conditioned medium improves cardiac function following chronic myocardial ischemic injury.Timmers, Leo (Utrecht)02 Sep 2009Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology

 List of ESC Congress reports on this topic

Cell transplantation for myocardial regeneration Fernandez-Aviles, Francisco (Madrid, Spain) Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology

 List of Webcasted Presentations on this topic

Presentation TitleSpeakerTopicDate
Circulating endothelial progenitor cells and acute myocardial infarction.S Dimmeler (Frankfurt, DE)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology30 Aug 2009
Pretreatment of stem cells and recipient tissues.K Lunde (Oslo, NO)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology30 Aug 2009
Cardiac stem cells.D Torella (Catanzaro, IT)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology30 Aug 2009
Characterisation and functional role of endothelial progenitor cells in the arterial wall.S Dimmeler (Frankfurt, DE)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology31 Aug 2009
Clinical impact of endothelial progenitor cells on atherosclerotic disease.U Landmesser (Zurich, CH)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology31 Aug 2009
Role of endogenous cardiac progenitor cell for cardiac revascularisation.A H P Linke (Leipzig, DE)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology31 Aug 2009
Role of stem cells in plaque growth and destabilisation.J F Martin (London, GB)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology31 Aug 2009
Focal adhesion kinase regulates load-induced PGC-1a expression and mitochondrial biogenesis in mice left ventricle.T Tornatore (Campinas, BR)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology31 Aug 2009
Exosomes are the active cardioprotective component in MSC secretion.D De Kleijn (Utrecht, NL)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology31 Aug 2009
Basic science: Highlight SessionB Casadei (Oxford, GB)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology02 Sep 2009
Development and regeneration: two sides of the same coin.J M. Perez-Pomares (Malaga-Spain)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology26 Aug 2012
Regenerating the damaged heart: lessons from the zebrafish.N. Mercader Huber (Madrid-Spain)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology26 Aug 2012
State-of-the-art review: dormant stem cells in the adult heart: prospects for activating self-repair.M D. Schneider (London-United Kingdom)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology26 Aug 2012
Induced pluripotent stem cells: an introduction.O. Caspi (Haifa-Israel)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology27 Aug 2012
Reprogramming through microRNA.S. Dimmeler (Frankfurt-Germany)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology27 Aug 2012
Cardiovascular disease in a petri dish.K-L. Laugwitz (Munich-Germany)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology27 Aug 2012
Induced pluripotent stem cells for drug discovery and 'personalised' therapy.P. Sartipy (Gothenburg-Sweden)Cardiovascular system (patho)physiology27 Aug 2012