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E-journal of Cardiology Practice Volume 1

2002 - 2003

As a practising cardiologist, you know about the challenges of keeping up to date with the latest research results or best practices. The E-Journal of Cardiology Practice consists of a three-line message, sent each week to cardiologists via e-mail in five European languages. The message is written by leading experts in Europe, summarising an important topic in cardiology.

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15/07/2003 00:00:00

 E-Journal Articles

Article NoTitleAuthorsDate
Vol1 N°31Atrial Fibrillation - Rhythm or rate controlLe Heuzey J.Y
15 Jul 2003
Vol1 N°30Advances in catheter ablation - Cryoenergy for specific or all arrhythmiasJordaens L.
08 Jul 2003
Vol1 N°29Exercise Training in Chronic Heart FailureCoats A.J.S
01 Jul 2003
Vol1 N°28Management of Asymptomatic Patients with the Brugada SyndromeBrugada J.
23 Jun 2003
Vol1 N°27Cardioversion for Atrial FibrillationBorggrefe M.
16 Jun 2003
Vol1 N°26Hypertension - New insights and implications for managementLip G.Y.H.   F.E.S.C. 09 Jun 2003
Vol1 N°25Arterial geometrical remodeling - an undervalued determinant of arterial luminal narrowingPasterkamp G
02 Jun 2003
Vol1 N°24Intensity and duration of oral anti-coagulation therapy in venous thrombo-embolismLassen J.F and S.D. Kristensen S.D
25 May 2003
Vol1 N°23Antithrombotic Therapy for Atrial FibrillationLip G.Y.H   FESC
18 May 2003
Vol1 N°22Cardiac Imaging - The perfusion/function match in Clinical PracticeMarzullo  P.
11 May 2003
Vol1 N°21Systolic blood pressure, cardiovascular risk and effects of antihypertensive treatmentGrassi G.
04 May 2003
Vol1 N°20Management of tricuspid valve regurgitationAntunes M.J.
27 Apr 2003
Vol1 N°19Plaque erosion - an underestimated mechanism of vulnerable plaqueLafont A.
20 Apr 2003
Vol1 N°18Tailored anti-thrombotic therapy in acute coronary syndromesKristensen S.D
13 Apr 2003
Vol1 N°17Degenerative Aortic Stenosis - Pathophysiological insights and the role of lipid lowering therapyPrendergast B.
06 Apr 2003
Vol1 N°16Endothelial Dysfunction and Cardiovascular DiseasePoredos P.
24 Jan 2003
Vol1 N°15Prevalence, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of cardiac syndrome XCrea F.
17 Jan 2003
Vol1 N°14Diastolic heart failure - role of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMRI)Lombardi M.  MD
10 Jan 2003
Vol1 N°13Prevention of coronary heart disease - the case for blood pressure controlGrassi G.
03 Jan 2003
Vol1 N°12Thrombogenic Factors and Cardiovascular RiskYarnell J.W.G.
24 Dec 2002
Vol1 N°11Virus induced myocarditis and inflammatory cardiomyopathyKühl U.
18 Dec 2002
Vol1 N°10Warfarin is superior to aspirin after acute myocardial infarctionKristensen S.D
11 Dec 2002
Vol1 N°09Arterial Stiffness and Cardiovascular DiseaseDuprez D.
11 Dec 2002
Vol1 N°08Minimally Invasive Repair of Congenital Cardiac Anomalies through Ministernotomy ApproachOto Ö.
04 Dec 2002
Vol1 N°07Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathyPennell D.J.
27 Nov 2002
Vol1 N°06Asymptomatic diabetes and cardiovascular riskHu G. and Tuomilehto J.
20 Nov 2002
Vol1 N°05Carotid intima-media thickness – indicator of cardiovascular riskPoredos P.
13 Nov 2002
Vol1 N°04Treatment for left main coronary artery diseasesHan B.and Hasin Y.
06 Nov 2002
Vol1 N°03Alteplase and pulmonary embolismKristensenS.D.
29 Oct 2002
Vol1 N°02Restrictive amyloid heart - the amyloidogenic proteins drive specific therapeutic choicesArbustini E.
22 Oct 2002
Vol1 N°01Leg ischaemia - a marker for coronary and carotid artery diseaseClément D.L. EFESC
15 Oct 2002