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Meet the medical students in Czech Republic 

Young cardiologists from Czech Republic organised lectures for medical students on 27 April 2013.

Date: 06 Jun 2013
The “Kardio 35“ working group of the Czech Society of Cardiology is dedicated to young cardiologists in the Czech Republic and currently unifies 140 members across the country.

Its activities are devoted mainly to cardiologists in training, but one of our analyses revealed a very surprising and pleasing finding, that there is also a large number of cardiology enthusiasts among medical students who would be interested in cardiology lectures.

This interest from students and our keenness for our mission resulted in two 3-hour workshops in Prague and Brno on 27 April 2013. A total of five members of the Organising Committee of "Kardio 35" group gave up their Saturday in favour of the education of their future colleagues.

The first stop was in Prague, where the lectures were attended by approximately 60 students, followed by Brno city where the audience consisted of 80 students. The content of lectures was formed from topics across the entire Cardiology spectrum (ischemic heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias). More than three hours of lectures were followed by interactive discussion.

In the evening, the "Five Musketeers" from the organising committee of "Kardio 35" group travelled back to their families to various parts of Czech Republic. This whole event showed one indisputable finding that there exists a large community of enthusiastic medical students, our future colleagues, and we do not need to worry about the future of cardiology.

Dr Michal Pazdernik
CoT nucleus member
Czech Republic

First stop in Praque, Czech Republic
Second stop in Brno, Czech Republic