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Find below ESC press releases relating to Heart Failure.

07/06/2011 00:00:00

04 Feb 2015New molecule protects heart from toxic breast cancer drugs
20 Jan 2015Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol is linked to reduced risk of heart failure
08 Jan 2015Poor acceptance of illness associated with worse quality of life in chronic heart failure
07 Jan 2015Blood sugar levels in heart failure patients predict risk of early death, hospitalisations and diabetes
02 Sep 2014Health structures explain nearly 20% of non-adherence to heart failure guidelines
01 Sep 2014BIOSCIENCE - Experimental coronary stent combines ultrathin structure with biodegradable material
01 Sep 2014ANTHEM-HF study shows significant improvement in cardiac function with left or right vagus nerve stimulation
01 Sep 2014Biventricular pacing disappoints in BIOPACE trial
01 Sep 2014SEPTAL CRT - Study finds alternative lead position is safe in cardiac resynchronisation therapy
01 Sep 2014STAR AF 2 - In Ablation for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation, “Less May be More”
01 Sep 2014EUROECO - ICD Home Monitoring: Cost Compares, but Reimbursement Lags
01 Sep 2014RELAX AHF trial: Serelaxin reduces in-hospital worsening heart failure
30 Aug 2014PARADIGM HF – Investigational LCZ696: a new horizon in heart failure
30 Aug 2014NECTAR-HF fails to demonstrate clinical benefit of vagus nerve stimulation in Heart Failure
30 Aug 2014CONFIRM HF – Iron deficient heart failure patients see improvement with intravenous supplementation
30 Aug 2014POPE 2 – Another anti-Inflammatory fails to reduce post-surgical fluid around the heart
19 May 2014Novel device successfully treats central sleep apnoea in heart failure
19 May 2014IN-TIME shows equal benefit of home telemonitoring in ICD and CRT-D patients
18 May 2014Cardiovascular diseases rise during Greek financial crisis
18 May 2014Heart failure hospitalisation more than doubles in IBD flares
18 May 2014Clinicians urged to consider spironolactone in HFPEF despite TOPCAT results
17 May 2014Sleeping pills increase CV events in heart failure patients
17 May 2014RELAX-AHF: Poor diuretic response associated with worse clinical outcomes
17 May 2014Negative iron balance predicts acute heart failure survival
17 May 2014Biomarker test for Peripartum Cardiomyopathy could help reduce death after giving birth
16 May 2014PARADIGM-HF trial stopped early for benefit
14 May 2014Prevent premature deaths from heart failure, urges the Heart Failure Association
30 Apr 2014Eplerenone reduces primary endpoint in acute myocardial infarction patients
22 Apr 2014The world’s largest heart failure congress
05 Apr 2014Poor sleep doubles hospitalisations in heart failure patients
04 Apr 2014Depression increases heart failure risk by 40%
03 Sep 2013Despite Missing Primary Efficacy Endpoint, ATOMIC-AHF Identifies Positive Trends for Omecamtiv Mecarbil
03 Sep 2013Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Offers No Benefit Beyond Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Therapy in Narrow-QRS Heart Failure Patients
03 Sep 2013Infections cause lower proportion of lead extractions than expected
03 Sep 2013Drug treatment for chronic HF acceptable but device implantations low
27 May 2013Levosimendan improves event free survival by 50% in end-stage heart failure, Third generation MRA shows improved potassium and kidney tolerance in heart failure patients with CKD
26 May 2013RELAX-AHF shows first positive findings in HFpEF patients, VIVIDD reveals vildagliptin non-inferior to placebo
25 May 2013Heart failure accelerates male ‘menopause’
25 May 2013Death highest in heart failure patients admitted in January, on Friday, and overnight
25 May 2013A potential new approach to improve heart failure outcome
10 May 2013Heart Failure Awareness Day: Is your heart failing?
29 Apr 2013The world’s leading heart failure congress
06 Mar 2013Insomnia is linked to increased risk of heart failure
27 Aug 2012Renal denervation gives better outcomes than drugs in advanced heart failure
26 Aug 2012Median follow-up results from the ALTITUDE study, stopped prematurely in December 2011
26 Aug 2012Efficacy of LCZ696, a first-in-class angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibitor, in patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction: the PARAMOUNT study
26 Aug 2012The mechanistic effects of spironalactone in diastolic heart failure: the Aldo-DHF study
26 Aug 2012Women with acute heart failure have similar in-hospital mortality to men but are less treated
26 Aug 2012Non-invasive fractional flow reserve in the identification of flow-restricting arterial blockage in patients with suspected coronary artery disease: the DeFACTO study
25 Aug 2012Continuous spinal cord stimulation improves heart function
25 Aug 2012Copeptin predicts prognosis in HF patients
25 Aug 2012Heart separation device improves 3 year outcomes in heart failure patients
25 Aug 2012ESC Heart Failure Guidelines feature new recommendations on devices, drugs and diagnosis
21 May 2012Obese adolescents already have heart damage
21 May 2012Nordic walking improves health of heart failure patients
20 May 2012Statins prevent cancer in heart transplant recipients
19 May 2012ESC Heart Failure Guidelines feature new recommendations on devices, drugs and diagnosis
20 Mar 2012The world’s largest heart failure congress
08 Mar 2012Risk of death from heart failure is lower in women than in men
25 Feb 2012Airflow obstruction and reduced lung function increase the risk of heart failure
01 Feb 2012Heart failure is associated with loss of brain cells and a decline in mental processes
30 Jan 2012ESC Cardiologists “intrigued” by novel approach to heart failure
19 Dec 2011The benefits of cardiac resynchronisation therapy in heart failure
30 Aug 2011ESC pilot registry in heart failure reflects improvement in chronic disease but continuing poor outcomes in acute conditions
29 Aug 2011Emphasis-HF: The effect of eplerenone versus placebo on cardiovascular mortality or heart failure hospitalization in subjects with NYHA class II chronic systolic heart failure: An analysis of the “high-risk groups
28 Aug 2011MitraClip Therapy Demonstrates Benefits For Heart Failure Patients Who Do Not Respond to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
28 Aug 2011Impact of clinical and echocardiographic response to cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) on long-term survival
28 Aug 2011"Smelling" the heart failure, evaluation of an electronic nose
28 Aug 2011Worse postoperative outcomes for critically ill patients bridged to urgent heart transplantation with VADs than with conventional therapy
27 Jun 2011ESC calls for renaming of term cardiac hypertrophy
22 May 2011EMPHASIS HF: eplerenone shown to reduce atrial fibrillation (AF)
22 May 2011MADIT: study defines patient group most likely to benefit from cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT)
22 May 2011Study populations need to be better defined for telemedical management of heart failure
05 May 2011Heart Failure congress goes from strength to strength
14 Dec 2010Nano-measurement of troponin levels proves an accurate predictor of deterioration in heart failure
09 Dec 2010Lower levels of education are associated with increased risks of heart failure
29 Aug 2010Effects of ivabradine on cardiovascular events in patients with moderate to severe chronic heart failure and left ventricular systolic dysfunction: the SHIFT study
29 Aug 2010Iron Deficiency in Heart Failure
29 Aug 2010The STAR-heart study: The acute and long-term effect of intracoronary stem cell transplantation in chronic heart failure
29 Aug 2010New oral potassium binder lowers potassium levels in patients with heart failure and heart failure with chronic kidney disease
29 Aug 2010STAR Heart Study maintained in ESC Congress 2010 Scientific Programme
23 Aug 2010Breathing symptoms emerge as a key target of therapy in acute heart failure
20 Aug 2010Vitamin D is a prognostic marker in heart failure
31 May 2010HEART FAILURE 2010: Implanted pulmonary pressure monitoring devices reduce heart failure hospitalisation
31 May 2010HEART FAILURE 2010: New treatment strategy for heart failure patients with central sleep apnea
30 May 2010HEART FAILURE 2010: FAIR-HF: Correction of iron deficiency with intravenous iron therapy improves renal function in heart failure
30 May 2010HEART FAILURE 2010: Genetically targeted therapy shows promise in severe heart failure
07 May 2010European Heart Failure Awareness Weekend : 8-9 May 2010
06 Apr 2010Heart Failure Congress encourages audience interaction
02 Mar 2010Cluster of 'critical' follow-up evaluations may improve the outlook for hospitalised heart failure patients
07 Jan 2010A new editor for the European Journal of Heart Failure