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Exercise Rehabilitation and Long Term Management of Heart Failure Patients

19 September - 21 September 2013 University Hospital, Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland

In this course, the most current evidence of the benefit of exercise training in heart failure patients, especially in the context of the long-term management, is summarized and presented with practical advice for assessment of exercise capacity and the application of exercise in different settings.

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Course directors

M. Piepoli (Piacenza, IT)P. Ponikowski Wroclaw, PL)J-P Schmid (Bern, CH)

This Training Workshop is a Heart Failure Association Training Programme endorsed by the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation.

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Scientific programme
Thursday 19 September
12:45 - 13:30Registration
13:30 - 13:50
Welcome address

Presentation of the two Associations
J.-P. Schmid

M.F.Piepoli, P. Ponikowski
Session 1: Acute and post acute settingChairperson: U. Corrà
13:50-14:20State of the Art:
From systolic cardiac dysfunction to heart failure symptoms
P. Ponikowski
14:20-14:40Case presentation 1
Systolic heart failure, NYHA class III, patient before discharge
V. Sigurdardottir
14:40-15:00Risk assessment (laboratory, echo parameters, clinical parameters)M.F.Piepoli
15:00- 15:20Optimal medical therapyP. Mohacsi
15:20-15:50Coffee break 
Session 2: Why and how to offer exercise-based CR to CHF patients
15:50-16:10Aims of cardiac rehabilitation in CHF managementM.F. Piepoli
16:10- 16:30barriers to CR participationD. Frizelle
16:30-16:50Core components and standards of a CR programmeU. Corrà
16:50-17:10Panel discussion
17:10- 17:40Coffee break 
 Session 3: Starting CR: phase I, post acute setting, in-patient CRChairperson: M.F. Piepoli
17:40-18:10Case presentation II
Systolic heart failure, NYHA II to III, in-patient cardiac rehabilitation in teh post acute setting
U. Corrà
18:10-18:30Functional evaluation before CR (CPET, 6-MWT, other functional tests)P.G.Agostoni
18:30-18.45Panel discussion 
Friday 20 September
 Session 4: Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation
9:00-9:30State of the Art
Causes of exercise intolerence in chronic heart failure
9:30-9:50Physiologic basis of exercise trainingM.Wilhelm
9:50-10:10Endurance training: Low intensity, moderate intensity, high intensity?J.-P. Schmid
10:10-10:40Coffee break 
10:40-11:10Case presentation III
Systolic heart failure, NYHA II to III, out-patient cardiac rehabilitation
11:10- 11:30Live demonstration
Cardiopulmonary exercise stress test
J.-P. Schmid, P.G.Agostoni
11:30- 11:50How to assess the patient before CR?U. Corrà
11:50- 12:10Exercise prescription: How to start and how to progress training?U. Corrà
12:10- 12:30Panel discussion 
 Session 5: Long term management of heart failureChairperson: P.Mohacsi
13:30-13:50How to assess psychosocial problems in CHF patients?D.Frizelle
13:50-14:10How to overcome problems of adherenceS. De Geest
14:10-15:00How to motivate patients? Crash course in motivational interviewingD.Frizelle
15:00-15:30Coffee break 
 Session 6:
Exercise training modalities
Chairpersons: M.F.Piepoli
15:30-15:50Strength trainingM. Lamotte
15:50-16:10Inspiratory muscle trainingI. Laoutaris
Live demonstrationsJ.-P. Schmid, M.Wilhelm, M.F.Piepoli
16.20-16:50Strength training 
16:50- 17:20Endurance training in CHF 
17:20- 17:50Mobility and coordination 
17:50- 18:20Inspiratory muscle training 
18:45Departure for dinner 
Saturday 21 September
 Session 7a: Meet the physiotherapists
9:00- 10:30Practical workshop on different training modalities (you ask, we try to answer) 
 Session 7b: Heart failure with preserved left ventricular function 
9:00- 9:30State of the Art
Heart failure with preserved left ventricular function
9:30- 9:50Case presentation 4
Diastolic heart failure, phase II cardiac rehabilitation
9:50-10:10Functional assessment, exercise training in HFPEFP.G.Agostoni
10:10- 10:30Exercise training in HFPEFB.Pieske
10:30- 11:00Coffee break 
 Session 8: Exercise training in patients with devicesChairpersons: P.G.Agostoni
11:00-11:20What is special in training with ICD/CRT patientsV.Conraads
11:20-11:40Training in patients with LVADI.Laoutaris
11:40-12:00Role of monitoring and telemedicine in high risk patientsE. Piotrowicz
12:00-12:30Summary and ConclusionsJ-P. Schmid, M. Piepoli

Target audience

Cardiac rehabilitation physicians, Heart failure specialists, Cardiologists, general practitioners, Physiotherapists and sports scientists, Nurses

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