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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe

Main Projects and Achievements

Projects run by the National Heart Failure Societies Committee

The following initiatives are planned in the near future or are currently executed:

Heart Failure Awareness Day

The aim of these days is to raise awareness about Heart Failure in Europe. The targets are the patients, patients at risk, families, healthcare providers.

Heart Failure Awareness Day 2010

Heart Failure Awareness Day 2011

Heart Failure Awareness Day 2012

HFA Summit of National Heart Failure Societies 2011

The Heart Failure Association of the ESC held its very first National Heart Failure Societies Summit on 29 October 2011.

34 heart failure society representatives attended a full day of presentations, discussion and break-out sessions. Two successful networking dinners cemented the creation of relationships between representatives and the HFA and between countries themselves. The HFA looks forward to working with its new partners in the future

European-wide heart failure registry

This ambitious project is a cooperation between this Committee and the HFA Committee on Heart Failure Surveys & Registries

The aim was to set-up a standardised basic and extended data set in order to enable a European-wide heart failure registry.

The structure of this internet-based registry may allow to anonymously register patients with all different types of heart failure. We intend to offer a basic module comprising a limited number of variables that is obligatory for inclusion of any subject. According to the individual patient´s concomitant problems other modules are offered as acute heart failure, devices, transplantation and others. A single patient may be included in different modules, if applicable.

We also plan to integrate existing European heart failure registries into this European-wide cumulative registry.

We plan to provide summary statistics for individual users/institutions but we are also very interested in global data analyses and comparisons of different countries and regions.

Currently, the entry variables for the basic module and chronic heart failure (general) are collected and designed.

These efforts may serve as a starting point for a true prospective European Heart Failure Registry.

Study on heart failure registries throughout Europe

The aim was to organise the collection of standardised information from the European National Heart Failure Organisations in order to get an overview of the activities on heart failure registries on a national level.
The data collection has been completed.

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