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EHRA Summit: 19-20 March 2012

European Heart House, Sophia Antipolis

The annual Summit of the European Heart Rhythm Association ( EHRA ) on POST-GRADUATE EDUCATION IN A CHANGING AND CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENT  took place at the European Heart House in Sophia Antipolis on 18-20 March 2012.

A fruitful discussion on post-graduate education took place, with the very active participation of members of national Working Groups in Electrophysiology and Cardiac Pacing, EHRA representatives of several Committees (education, accreditation, national and international relations, etc), affiliated societies as well as authorities and industry representatives.

Access slides of the lectures from the EHRA Summit 2012.

The summit aimed not only at productive discussion and valuable feedback to guide the EHRA activities, but also showed that post-graduate education in EP is a global challenge, and no clear plans and projects are being developed in different countries by health and education authorities. Therefore, a dramatic lack of regulation will probably have a negative impact, in a market with a growing demand for post-graduate education in arrhythmology.


Several subjects regarding post-graduate education were discussed:

  • How to start EP and rhythm management career
  • What should be the role of health authorities and national scientific societies
  • What are the challenges in the theoretical and practical knowledge acquisition
  • What would be the role of EHRA, implementing fellowship programs and accreditation process
  • How can the programs be financed
  • How to establish a transparent and fair collaboration of industry in the education process,
  • How to build the image of EP and arrhythmology, making it more understandable for authorities and public

The summit was attended by 102 participants, with 30 speakers, 45 representatives of National Societies and Working groups from 37 ESC member countries, and 10 representatives from sister societies. Also 14 industry representatives participated in the meeting.  



Here are some comments of the attendees answering the final questionnaire:

Will you recommend your members to join the EHRA?

  • It´s an excellent opportunity to be part of a great association
  • High European standards and cooperation.
  • EHRA is an important society offering many benefits to its members
  • because of spreading of knowledge, good ideas and influence on the industry
  • Better contacts and more information
  • What could EHRA do to help you promoting membership in your country?
  • Joint meetings
  • EHRA should participate actively at our national congress
  • discount of the member fee
  • More teaching Material on web page Free online europace
  • Webinars also for the referral physicians, with a more basic information and interaction.
  • Local educational activities. 
  • Combined membership national society and EHRA.

What was the take home message after the EHRA Summit?

  • EHRA and affiliates have to work hard together in order to be the best rhythm association
  • The differences in daily practice of PM/EP therapies are extremely great in various countries over Europe.
  • Systematic approach is needed in individual EP career and Field development in every Country.
  • International collaboration is key to EHRA development
  • Joint efforts necessary to meet training needs in the entire ESC area
  • promote the rational solutions for rhythm disorders, to educate young colleagues in several centers
  • Major Gaps in education framework with no identified solution. 
  • Changing enviroment with new opportunities for training and education. Great disparity of resources and requirements even within Europe
  • EHRA and Industry are natural partners in education in a highly technological field of medicine.
  • EP is a rather new field and more effort should be made to get more public attention and consideration.