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The Sports Cardiology ECG quiz - January 2014 

Test your knowledge with the ECG quiz prepared by experts of the EACPR Sports Cardiology Section

Topics: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention - Risk Assessment and Management
Date: 17 Jan 2014


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The authors:

St George’s university of London, UK:
Dr Harshil Dhutia, Cardiology research fellow
Dr Michael Papadakis, Lecturer in cardiology
Prof Sanjay Sharma, Professor of clinical cardiology
on behalf of the EACPR Sports Cardiology Section

The case:

A 17-year-old national rower underwent a 12 lead ECG (below) as part of pre-participation cardiac screening. He was asymptomatic. There was no significant past medical history or drug history. His sister had died suddenly at the age of 22 years and a subsequent autopsy was reported as normal. Cardiovascular examination was normal.

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Sports Cardiology ECG


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