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The Sports Cardiology ECG quiz - December 2013 

Test your knowledge with the ECG quiz prepared by experts of the EACPR Sports Cardiology Section

Topics: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention - Risk Assessment and Management
Date: 17 Dec 2013


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The authors:

St George’s university of London, UK:
Dr Aneil Malhotra, Cardiology research fellow
Dr Michael Papadakis, Lecturer in cardiology
Prof Sanjay Sharma, Professor of clinical cardiology
on behalf of the EACPR Sports Cardiology Section

The case:

A 28-year-old male footballer of African descent was referred to the Sports cardiology outpatient clinic for further evaluation following concerns over his 12-lead ECG that was performed as part of a screening session. He had played professional football for 11 years, exercising 14 hours per week. He was asymptomatic with no significant family history of cardiac disease or sudden death.

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Sports Cardiology ECG December 2013


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