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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe

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Find below ESC press releases relating to cardiac prevention, risk assessment, rehabilitation, sports cardiology & exercise physiology, epidemiology and population sciences, EuroPRevent congresses and latest news from EACPR.

06/05/2011 00:00:00

05 Mar 2015Cardiovascular disease kills 51% of women in Europe and breast cancer kills 3%
24 Feb 2015Episodes of intense anger associated with high risk of heart attack within the next two hours
17 Feb 2015Most coronary patients in Europe are not meeting their lifestyle, therapeutic and risk factor targets after hospitalisation
13 Feb 2015One in four Saudis heading for heart attack in 10 years
10 Feb 2015Women with a pregnancy history of spontaneous preterm delivery found at higher risk of cardiovascular diseases
10 Feb 2015Join the Twitter and Facebook Valentine’s Day campaign to promote heart health
23 Jan 2015ESC elected to head secretariat of European Chronic Disease Alliance
16 Dec 2014Yoga has the same potential as exercise to reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular disease
09 Dec 2014Heart disease patients advised to avoid being outside in rush hour traffic
07 Dec 2014New analysis of the SYMPLICITY HTN-3 trial of renal denervation to lower blood pressure highlights key factors that may have contributed to the unexpected outcome
14 Nov 2014Type 2 diabetes reversible with lifestyle changes
29 Oct 2014ECG on the run: continuous ECG surveillance of marathon athletes is feasible following first proof-of-concept study
16 Oct 2014e-healthcare may help reverse the trend of high cardiovascular disease and obesity in China
29 Sep 2014Try Something New This World Heart Day, urges the ESC
27 Sep 2014Brazilian Congress of Cardiology focuses on reducing obesity and increasing exercise
17 Sep 2014Cardioscape reveals where the money for cardiovascular research in Europe comes from and what it is spent on
02 Sep 2014Coffee increases prediabetes risk in susceptible young adults
02 Sep 2014Mechanical heart valves increase pregnancy risk
01 Sep 2014FOCUS - Polypill increases adherence to post MI treatment
01 Sep 2014SYMPLICITY - One-year data from SYMPLICITY HTN-3 confirm findings from six month analysis
31 Aug 2014ODYSSEY COMBO II - Investigational agent outshines ezetimibe for lowering cholesterol
31 Aug 2014ODYSSEY FHI & II - Investigational alirocumab shows lipid-lowering promise
31 Aug 2014LISTEN - Statin standoff: Does rosuvastatin tip the balance in diabetic patients?
31 Aug 2014Wine only protects against CVD in people who exercise
31 Aug 2014Energy drinks cause heart problems
31 Aug 2014Drinking tea reduces non-CV mortality by 24%
31 Aug 2014ODYSSEY LONG TERM - Long term results underscore efficacy and safety of alirocumab for lowering cholesterol
31 Aug 2014Resistant hypertension increases stroke risk by 35% in women and 20% in elderly Taiwanese
31 Aug 2014Antihypertensive therapy reduces CV events, strokes and mortality in older adults
31 Aug 2014Renal denervation more successful when it includes accessory arteries
31 Aug 2014Body fat distribution and elevated blood pressure in 22051 youths: The pep family heart study
27 Aug 2014Everest expedition provides first evidence of effects of altitude on blood pressure monitored over a 24-hour period
20 Aug 2014Latest research shows rates of heart disease and stroke continue to decline in Europe, but more people are hospitalised
09 May 201440 is not too old or too late to start endurance training
09 May 2014The shape of things to come: study predicts increase in adult obesity prevalence in almost all European countries by 2030
08 May 2014Population screening for sudden cardiac death in young people is feasible with a basic screening programme
15 Apr 2014A global view on the prevention of cardiovascular disease
10 Apr 2014Periodontal disease associated with cardiovascular risk in large multicentre study
13 Mar 2014Only a small number of symptomatic side effects reported in those taking statins are actually attributable to statins, according to large meta-analysis of prevention trials
05 Mar 2014Passive smoking causes irreversible damage to children’s arteries
04 Mar 2014Outbursts of anger linked to greater risk of heart attacks and strokes
28 Feb 2014EU-funded project sheds light on cardiovascular diseases
26 Feb 2014Cardiovascular nursing congress highlights psychological links to heart disease
04 Feb 2014Symptoms of depression causally linked to risk of coronary heart disease in UK Whitehall study
08 Jan 2014Fit teenagers are less likely to have heart attacks in later life
05 Dec 2013India’s blood pressure skyrockets
23 Nov 2013CVD expert calls for mandatory screening of 18 year-old Mexicans
14 Nov 2013Cardiovascular complications of type 2 diabetes associated with levels of physical activity
08 Nov 2013Young adults with congenital heart disease can benefit from physical activity
04 Nov 2013Cardiovascular health takes centre stage in Brussels
29 Oct 2013Psoriasis patients should be screened for CVD
29 Oct 2013Young obese women could reduce their stroke risk
09 Oct 2013European and Chinese Cardiology Societies Work Together
29 Sep 2013World Heart Day 2013: Obese children have precursors to atherosclerosis and diabetes
26 Sep 2013European and Brazilian Cardiology Societies Team up to Tackle Cardiovascular Disease
19 Sep 2013Cardiovascular community calls for world leaders to put their weight behind global plan to save lives from non-communicable diseases
03 Sep 2013Low BMI is a risk factor for CVD in hypertensive patients with diabetes
03 Sep 2013Being underweight increases death risk of CAD women by 2-fold
03 Sep 2013EUROASPIRE IV reveals success and challenges in secondary prevention of CVD across Europe
03 Sep 2013EUROASPIRE IV: Adverse lifestyle trends counter improvements in CV risk factor management
02 Sep 2013PURE: Contrasting associations between risk factor burden, CVD incidence and mortality in high, middle and low income countries
02 Sep 2013Treatment with the Anti-Diabetic Drug Alogliptin Does Not Increase Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes
02 Sep 2013ASSURE: Effect of an Oral Agent Inducing Apo A-I Synthesis on Progression of Coronary Atherosclerosis
02 Sep 2013Common Blood Pressure Drug Reduces Aortic Enlargement in Marfan Syndrome
02 Sep 2013Metabolically healthy women have same CVD risk regardless of BMI
02 Sep 2013SAVOR-TIMI 53 Sets New Standard for Cardiovascular Outcome Trials in Diabetes
01 Sep 2013Cardiovascular risk factors highest in winter and lowest in summer
01 Sep 2013Cold weather produces more heart attacks
01 Sep 2013Physical activity decreases sudden cardiac death risk in unfit men
01 Sep 2013Listening to favourite music improves endothelial function in CAD
01 Sep 2013Quitting smoking drops heart attack risk to levels of never smokers
01 Sep 2013Big belly increases death risk in heart attack survivors
31 Aug 2013Statins reduce CV events in CAD patients with very low LDL-C
31 Aug 2013Reimbursement systems influence achievement of cholesterol targets
31 Aug 2013High dose statins prevent dementia
31 Aug 2013Statins prevent cataracts
31 Aug 2013STEMI incidence falls in Southern Switzerland after smoking ban implemented
31 Aug 2013Smokers who survive to 70 still lose 4 years of life
31 Aug 2013Short term smoking cessation reverses endothelial damage
31 Aug 2013ESC/EASD Diabetes Guidelines introduce HbA1c for diagnosis
29 Jul 2013Physicians should counsel patients about sex life after cardiac event
17 Jul 2013Study of over 73,000 patients with high blood pressure finds non-adherence to medication greatly increases risk of fatal and non-fatal strokes
09 Jul 2013Urgent call for cardiovascular R&D revival to halt growing CVD epidemic
03 Jul 2013A good night's sleep increases the cardiovascular benefits of a healthy lifestyle
27 Jun 2013People’s perception of the effect of stress on their health is linked to risk of heart attacks
26 Jun 2013Death rates from heart disease continue to decline in most of the EU, but some countries are 'cause for concern'
14 Jun 20132013 ESH/ESC Guidelines for the management of arterial hypertension
31 May 2013Smoking leads to five-fold increase in heart disease and stroke in under-50s
18 Apr 2013Demanding physical work associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease
18 Apr 2013Long-term exposure to fine particles of traffic pollution associated with increased risk of heart disease
18 Apr 2013Mental vulnerability associated with increased risk of fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular disease independently of classical risk factors
10 Apr 2013The adult generations of today are less healthy than their counterparts of previous generations
22 Mar 2013Complementary and Alternative medicine studies take centre stage at EuroHeartCare
22 Mar 2013Stayin’ Alive – delivering resuscitation messages to the public
22 Mar 2013Scotland takes action to tackle relationship between deprivation and CVD
19 Mar 2013Preventing heart disease requires a universal approach
08 Mar 2013International Women's Day: Women at a greater risk for cardiovascular disease than men?
27 Feb 2013Muscle, skin and gastrointestinal problems cause a quarter of patients with heart disease and strokes to stop treatment in HPS2-THRIVE trial
25 Feb 2013Deprivation plays an important role in CVD, but interventions are not developed towards people from lower socio-economic groups
21 Feb 2013Creeping epidemic of obesity hits Asia Pacific region
13 Feb 2013CVD time bomb set to explode in Gulf region in 10-15 years
01 Feb 2013Go Red for Women!
31 Jan 2013Marriage reduces the risk of heart attack in both men and women and at all ages
13 Dec 2012Ability to sit and rise from the floor is closely correlated with all-cause mortality risk
29 Nov 2012Short-term exposure to essential oils lowers blood pressure and heart rate... but only when exposure is less than one hour
14 Nov 2012ESC says don’t forget to screen for diabetes in CAD patients
28 Sep 2012World Heart Day: New European statistics released on heart disease and stroke
18 Sep 2012Cardiovascular disease community calls for tougher targets to curb global risk
14 Sep 2012ESC: Prevention without borders
12 Sep 2012Results from world’s first registry of pregnancy and heart disease reveals important differences between countries and heart conditions
05 Sep 2012Fitness and fatness: not all obese people have the same prognosis
27 Aug 2012EMBARGO BREAK: Short- and mid-term cardiovascular effects of Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami: incidence rises with the seismic peak
27 Aug 2012Healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of hypertension by two thirds
27 Aug 2012Energy drinks improve heart function
27 Aug 2012Psoriasis patients at high risk of diabetes
27 Aug 2012Normal weight individuals with belly fat at highest CVD risk
27 Aug 2012Renal denervation treats resistant hypertension in real world patient populations
27 Aug 2012Renal denervation improves blood pressure and arterial stiffness
26 Aug 2012Need for tailored strategies to combat unhealthy lifestyles among the poor and the rich: the PURE study
26 Aug 2012Sudden death less likely in exercise related cardiac arrests
26 Aug 2012ECG is a cost effective method for diagnosing cardiac abnormalities in young athletes
26 Aug 2012Renal denervation achieves significant and sustained blood pressure reduction
26 Aug 2012Renal sympathetic denervation improves physical and mental health in resistant hypertension
25 Aug 2012Non-smokers benefit most from smoking ban
25 Aug 2012Passive smoking increases platelet activation in healthy people
25 Aug 2012Adolescent smokers have artery damage
25 Aug 2012Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart
25 Aug 2012New Guidelines deliver concise messages for implementing cardiovascular prevention
24 Jul 2012ESC says 50% of CVD deaths in Europe could be avoided with proper regulation
19 Jun 2012Coronary rehabilitation programmes in Europe are underused, 'with poor referral and low participation'
03 May 2012A fish a day keeps the doctor away?
03 May 2012Regular jogging shows dramatic increase in life expectancy
03 May 2012New Guidelines deliver concise messages for implementing cardiovascular prevention
25 Apr 2012Dublin: CVD prevention capital of the world
18 Apr 2012Hypertension study proves treatment with RAAS inhibitors saves lives
13 Apr 2012Global cardiology leaders meet in Dubai
04 Apr 2012Older subjects who regularly practice Tai Chi found to have better arterial compliance and greater muscle strength than non-practitioners
27 Mar 2012Alcohol in moderation reduces deaths in men who have survived a heart attack
16 Mar 2012Art improves stroke survivors' quality of life
16 Mar 2012Depression increases death risk in coronary stent patients
16 Mar 2012Poor dental hygiene puts congenital heart disease patients at risk of further heart damage
05 Mar 2012International prevention experts converge on Dublin to focus on heart disease
02 Feb 2012The latest science and controversies in cardiovascular nursing
25 Jan 2012Rapid urbanisation as well as cultural habits explain Gulf states' rise in heart disease prevalence
13 Jan 2012The European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation becomes the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology from January 2012
11 Jan 2012Global study sheds more light on role played by exercise, cars and televisions on the risk of heart attacks
15 Nov 2011EHJ paper underlines need for improved links between cardiologists and psychiatrists
29 Oct 2011One in six people will have a stroke, but most strokes can be prevented
12 Oct 2011Time for Action: EU reacts to UN Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)
12 Oct 2011Increasing cardiovascular disease in China: Urgent need for prevention
03 Oct 2011ESC faculty presents education programme in Argentina
29 Sep 2011Home is where the heart is...
23 Sep 2011Non-communicable diseases at the centre of UN discussions
19 Sep 2011The prevention of lifestyle diseases has finally reached the top table of the United Nations
12 Sep 2011European and Brazilian cardiologists cooperate to reduce cardiovascular deaths
30 Aug 2011Evidence in the field of CVD in pregnancy is sparse, but the condition remains a concern
29 Aug 2011Children First: how a cardiovascular prevention programme in a Brazilian school reduced parents' cardiovascular risk by 91%
29 Aug 2011Discontinuation of smokeless tobacco (snus) after myocardial infarction linked to improved survival
29 Aug 2011Eating chocolate regularly could cut cardiovascular risk by one third
29 Aug 2011Cigarette smoking causes more arterial damage in women than in men
29 Aug 2011European women live longer than men, but not better
29 Aug 2011Cycling fast: vigorous daily exercise recommended for a longer life
29 Aug 2011Elite cross-country skiing linked to increased risk of subsequent arrhythmias
28 Aug 2011Huge worldwide gaps in the use of simple, cheap and proven drugs for secondary CVD prevention, according to 17-country PURE study
28 Aug 2011The correlation of triglyceride and glucose tolerance with cardiovascular outcomes in patients with stable coronary artery disease: The Homburg Cream and Sugar study (HCS)
28 Aug 2011Effects of dalcetrapib on vascular function: results of phase IIb dal-VESSEL study
28 Aug 2011Anger predicts long-term mortality in patients with myocardial infarction
28 Aug 2011Beating Heart Problems: how a combined group therapy helps depressed cardiac patients
28 Aug 2011Laughter has a positive impact on vascular function
28 Aug 2011Love your job? Job strain and making overtime
28 Aug 2011Smoking cessation programme in high CVD risk patients shows promising results
26 Aug 2011ESC launches upgraded risk measurement tool for heart attacks and strokes
26 Aug 2011First Joint ESC/EAS Guidelines for the Management of Dyslipidaemias
26 Aug 2011Undernutrition in childhood, adolescence and young adulthood increases risk of heart disease in later life
26 Aug 2011The number of patients with cardiac problems during pregnancy is increasing
25 Aug 2011HeartScore : logiciel qui permet de calculer le risque de maladies cardiovasculaires maintenant en version française
05 Jul 2011Satisfaction with the components of everyday life appears protective against heart disease
28 Jun 2011First Joint ESC/EAS Guidelines for the Management of Dyslipidaemias
22 Jun 2011Smoking during pregnancy lowers levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol in children: findings suggest adverse impact on health in later life
09 Jun 2011Study finds a decline in heart attacks over 20 years, but rising BMIs may reverse this in the future
08 Jun 2011Circulating levels of a lung protein found to be 'strongly predictive' of cardiovascular disease
02 Jun 2011Mother’s body size and placental size predict heart disease in men
04 May 2011The global status on non-communicable diseases: a new WHO report
15 Apr 2011Football Clubs provide incentive to get kids moving and eating healthy diets
14 Apr 2011Corporate Wellness takes centre stage at EuroPRevent
13 Apr 2011EuroPRevent attracts international abstract submissions
07 Apr 2011Some diabetes drugs are better than others according to new study
05 Apr 2011International organisations join forces to promote cardiovascular health
22 Mar 2011Brussels hosts annual meeting of cardiovascular nurses and allied professions
08 Mar 2011International Women’s Day provides a “red alert” for women’s hearts
03 Mar 2011Fit to fly: Britain's commercial airline pilots have fewer cardiovascular risk factors than the general population
16 Feb 2011In the Gulf states rates of heart disease are rising with the economy
04 Feb 2011Reducing the cardiovascular disease gender gap
28 Jan 2011Stress reduction may reduce recurrent cardiac events
20 Dec 2010The 3rd ESC Asia Cardiovascular Symposium
08 Dec 2010French men are giving up smoking, but not French women
06 Dec 2010European summit agrees that lifestyle change is the only answer to heart disease
01 Dec 2010Tricyclic anti-depressants linked to increased risk of heart disease
10 Nov 2010Diabetics must make diet and lifestyle choices to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease
09 Nov 2010Population approach to identifying hypertension offers potential to reduce CHD mortality
15 Oct 2010Paper highlights blood pressure risk in overweight children
08 Oct 2010Chronic Disease Alliance receives European Health Award 2010
04 Oct 2010Heart, kidney, diabetes and cancer MEP groups league against chronic disease to seek European commitment
24 Sep 2010World Heart Day – Sunday 26 September, 2010
01 Sep 2010ESC PRESS RELEASE: Highlights from ESC Congress 2010
30 Aug 2010Cardiovascular prevention – is it worth the money?
20 Aug 2010Moderate coffee consumption improves aortic distensibility in hypertensive elderly individuals
20 Aug 2010Spike in heart disorder hospital admissions raises health care concerns
20 Aug 2010Study shows increased risk of heart attack from physical exertion at altitude and low temperatures during winter sports vacations
20 Aug 2010Ultra-endurance running may not be good for the heart
20 Aug 2010Study into teenage diet quality, physical activity and lifestyle characteristics shows the need to encourage better behaviours
20 Aug 2010Ultra-endurance athletes suffer no cardiac fatigue, even after six days of non-stop exercise
23 Jul 2010European Society of Cardiology launches heart-friendly cookery book
22 Jun 2010"NICE" population approach, a model for European cardiovascular prevention?
16 Jun 2010ESC supports traffic light food labelling vote
11 May 2010Overtime is bad for the heart
07 May 2010Moderate coffee drinking may benefit patients following acute coronary event
07 May 2010Treatment of European coronary patients fails to meet the targets of international guidelines
07 May 2010The prevention of heart disease begins in childhood
28 Apr 2010Risk assessments needed before calcium scores introduced to CVD risk factor analysis
27 Apr 2010Europe's politicians put women on 'red alert' for their risks of cardiovascular disease
31 Mar 2010Study shows chocolate reduces blood pressure and risk of heart disease
10 Feb 2010IQ ranks among the strongest predictors of cardiovascular disease, and is second only to cigarette smoking in large population study
10 Feb 2010Nurses unite to improve Cardiovascular Practice