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 Latest News

20 Feb 2015The World Fitness Study: Estimating VO2max to predict mortality
20 Feb 2015Physical activity can attenuate the higher risk of death resulting from excess adiposity
20 Feb 2015The role of exercise in gene-elusive ARVD/C
20 Feb 2015A healthy lifestyle could reduce myocardial infarction by almost 80%
20 Feb 2015Aerobic Exercise Early After Stroke – no limits?
20 Feb 2015Food and Sleep – Interactions of exercise and our daily schedule
20 Feb 2015Prof. Sanjay Sharma to receive the 1st Viviane Conraads Outstanding Achievement Award for Established Researchers
24 Nov 2014Fourth EACPR Training Course on the Use of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Cardiology
19 Nov 2014May moderate dynamic exercise training over a lifetime benefit left ventricular compliance and distensibility?
19 Nov 2014The paradox of reciprocal development of mortality and morbidity
19 Nov 2014E-cigarettes: Extensive research required!
19 Nov 2014Physical Activity – How much keeps you going?
19 Nov 2014Dietary risk factor modification : Make it tasty!
19 Nov 2014A compelling case for halving the current global average sodium intake
19 Nov 2014How to exercise with Grown-Up Congenital Heart Disease
14 Aug 2014Health checks in the general population: No influence on morbidity or mortality on a population level!
14 Aug 2014What can we learn from The Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders (LIFE) study?
14 Aug 2014The global trend of overweight and obesity over three decades
14 Aug 2014E-cigarettes: EU-based regulations urgently needed!
14 Aug 2014What is the beneficial level of physical activity for patients with coronary heart disease?
14 Aug 2014How-to treat Chemotherapy-Induced Cardiotoxicity
14 Aug 2014The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology
13 Aug 2014EACPR is celebrating its 10th anniversary!
10 May 2014A new executive Board for EACPR
02 May 2014New online courses in Sports Cardiology published!
20 Feb 2014Congratulations to the newly elected Nuclei Members!
11 Feb 2014Be well trained when running a marathon!
10 Feb 2014Horizon 2020
10 Feb 2014In memory of Viviane Conraads
06 Feb 2014How to measure microparticles in prevention and rehabilitation
06 Feb 2014Exercise training improves HDL quality in CHF patients
06 Feb 2014No place to hide: long-term exposure to air pollution increases overall mortality irrespective of the pollution level
06 Feb 2014Traffic-light labels – a benefit for public health
12 Nov 2013Third EACPR Training Course on the Use of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Cardiology
04 Nov 2013Arrhythmias in long-distance cross-country skiers
30 Oct 2013The impact of high-intensity interval training in CAD patients
29 Oct 2013Sleep duration - an independent risk factor for CVD
29 Oct 2013The Benefits of Self-Measured Blood Pressure
28 Oct 2013How to prescribe exercise in cardiac patients with co-morbidities
28 Oct 2013The SMARTEX - HF Study
28 Oct 2013Physical activity prevents clustering of CVD risk factors in young children
07 Aug 2013Athletes' ECG - the Seattle Criteria
07 Aug 2013How to Succeed in Life…
01 Aug 2013Global CVD epidemics call for global cooperation
31 Jul 2013Rule of thumb: One gram reduction of daily salt intake equals 1 mmHg systolic blood pressure reduction
31 Jul 2013Association between meat consumption and all-cause mortality
02 Jul 2013The EACPR EXPERT Flowchart Project
27 May 2013Focus on National Prevention Strategies: Italy
14 May 2013Second EACPR Training Course on the Use of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Cardiology
04 Feb 2013Significance of symptoms and family history as predictors of sudden cardiac arrest
01 Feb 2013Policy action is needed to reduce the cost of healthy food!
01 Feb 2013Focus on National Prevention Strategies: Montenegro
29 Jan 2013Getting a grip: what muscle strength can tell you about survival.
29 Jan 2013Cardiac Rehabilitation referral of patients after infarction – let them start early!
29 Jan 2013Focus on National Prevention Strategies: Lithuania
25 Oct 2012Limited echo - useful in athletic screening?
25 Oct 2012Should high-intensity exercise be considered among CHD patients?
25 Oct 2012Focus on National Prevention Strategies: Azerbaijan
25 Oct 2012Focus on National Prevention Strategies: Bulgaria
25 Oct 2012Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) - A Charity organisation to prevent sudden cardiac death in the young
23 Oct 2012More vigilant blood pressure surveillance in woman after early-onset preeclampsia?
22 Oct 2012What would you like to drink - gin, red wine or something non-alcoholic?
22 Oct 2012What if…… everyone in the world was active?
16 Oct 2012How to prevent Chemotherapy-Induced Cardiotoxicity
15 Oct 2012Shift workers at greater cardiovascular risk
15 Oct 2012Notable change in population characteristics and improved organisation of care lead to mortality reduction in STEMI patients
27 Sep 2012Clinical Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing - New EACPR/AHA Joint Statement
29 Aug 2012Pass the salt please!
16 Aug 2012Excessive endurance exercise - not only beneficial?
13 Aug 2012It is now time to join forces under the banner of preventive cardiology
09 Aug 2012Omega-3 supplementation in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention – a controversial issue
08 Aug 2012Societal changes - an important fundament for primary CVD prevention
08 Aug 2012Too much of a good thing
08 Aug 2012What can we learn from the Hunter-Gatherer?
08 Aug 2012Introducing taxes on unhealthy food and drinks - improvement of health?
08 Aug 2012Analysing CHD mortality trends: ‘There are risk factors to explain the risk factors’
08 Aug 2012Nordic Walking – beneficial and safe for all Heart Failure patients?
08 Aug 2012How to use Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation
08 Aug 2012Focus on National Prevention Strategies: Georgia
02 Aug 2012Everything you always wanted to know about exercise and heart disease!
18 May 2012Congratulations to the newly elected Executive Officers!
10 May 2012Could snacking between meals drive an inflammatory response in diabetes?
10 May 2012A good laugh and a long sleep may not be the best cures in the doctor’s book
10 May 2012How to conduct pre-participation screening in athletes
10 May 2012The role of the therapist in cardiovascular and diabetes rehabilitation
09 May 2012A few words from your President
20 Apr 2012Highlights from EuroPRevent 2012
19 Apr 2012Statin use increases Diabetes Mellitus Risk in postmenopausal women
19 Apr 2012Physical Activity after PCI: Patients should become autonomous managers of their own health and lifestyle
19 Apr 2012Steroid users: increased cardiovascular risk
19 Apr 2012Etiology of sudden death in sports - also look beyond the heart!
18 Apr 2012Implementing prevention strategies at National level
20 Feb 2012Congratulations to the newly elected Nuclei Members!
16 Feb 2012How to Set Up and Run a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
14 Feb 2012EACPR at EuroPRevent 2012 (3-5 May - Dublin, Ireland)
13 Feb 2012First EACPR Training Course on the Use of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Cardiology
13 Feb 2012EuroCaReD breaks through!
10 Feb 2012First AHA advice on sexual activity and CVD
09 Feb 2012Updated prevalence estimates from IDF confirm alarming diabetes epidemic
09 Feb 2012Participation in long-distance races is associated with low risk for cardiac arrest
06 Feb 2012Blood pressure increases steadily with age…. or does it?
03 Feb 2012An unmet clinical need for Prevention in Europe
03 Feb 2012The importance of cardiac rehabilitation for patients after PCI
07 Nov 2011EJCPR to become the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology in 2012
04 Nov 2011Over the past decades the prevalence of diabetes type II has doubled
04 Nov 2011Introducing legislation to reduce salt intake could prevent thousands of heart disease cases
04 Nov 2011Aerobic or resistance exercise in metabolic syndrome – the STRRIDE-AT/RT trial
04 Nov 2011The most important meal of the day?
14 Oct 2011Athletes’ view on screening: more appreciation than scepticism
07 Oct 2011Can we use internet for rehabilitation?
06 Oct 2011Is residential rehabilitation better (or as good as) ambulatory rehabilitation?
02 Aug 2011EACPR at ESC Congress 2011 (27-31 August - Paris, France)
28 Jul 2011Cardiac rehabilitation reduces mortality and morbidity also after PCI
28 Jul 2011The ‘obesity paradox’ and coronary disease
28 Jul 2011Does Television viewing increase the risk of type 2 Diabetes?
28 Jul 2011Smoking increases the risk of atrial fibrillation
28 Jul 2011Cardiovascular safety at mass gatherings
28 Jul 2011Cardiovascular prevention and international health: time for action
28 Jul 2011Preventive Cardiology at the ESC Congress 2011
28 Jul 2011Educational Course: Exercise Rehabilitation and Long Term Management of Heart Failure Patients
28 Jul 2011First EACPR training course on the use of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in cardiology
09 May 2011Why do we need to SHAPE up primary prevention?
29 Apr 2011Young Investigators in Exercise, Basic and Translational Research rewarded at EuroPrevent 2011
26 Apr 2011Incidence of Sudden Cardiac Death in National Collegiate Athletic Association Athletes
26 Apr 2011Congratulation to the EuroPRevent 2011 Awards Winners!
21 Apr 2011Should we give the patient (or the cardiologist) a choice in referring patients to rehabilitation?
21 Apr 2011Even interventional cardiologists now recognize the importance of secondary prevention!
21 Apr 2011Eat more blueberries and chocolate!
21 Apr 2011Worldwide time trends in body mass index since 1980
21 Apr 2011Statins for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease
11 Feb 2011Let the barber shave your hypertension away
11 Feb 2011The impact of stress on myocardial diseases
11 Feb 2011Modified QRISK score identifies CV risk at younger age
10 Feb 2011Visit our Sports Cardiology web page
10 Feb 2011European Cardiac Rehabilitation Database: First results soon available
09 Feb 2011Never too late to start moving!
09 Feb 2011Are imposed dietary salt restrictions more effective?
09 Feb 2011Snow shoveling and cardiac risk