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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe

ESC Press Releases 2012

Below you can find press releases about the latest developments in cardiology


 Latest press releases from the ESC

13 Dec 2012Ability to sit and rise from the floor is closely correlated with all-cause mortality risk
05 Dec 2012Rejected hearts now viable for transplantation after stress echo
05 Dec 2012Treat snoring to avoid deadly heart failure
05 Dec 2012Atherosclerosis found in HIV children
29 Nov 2012Short-term exposure to essential oils lowers blood pressure and heart rate... but only when exposure is less than one hour
28 Nov 2012Digoxin increases deaths in patients with atrial fibrillation
22 Nov 2012CardioScape: ESC & EU to recommend transnational funding strategies for CVD research
14 Nov 2012Relatives of people who die suddenly from heart problems have greatly increased risk of cardiovascular disease
14 Nov 2012ESC says don’t forget to screen for diabetes in CAD patients
06 Nov 2012Imaging speeds early diagnosis of heart disease, the top killer in the Western world
29 Oct 2012Atrial fibrillation is a modifiable risk factor for stroke
22 Oct 2012Saving Time, Saving Lives
20 Oct 2012Women more likely to die from myocardial infarction than men
20 Oct 2012Coronary angioplasty improves cardiac arrest survival
20 Oct 2012Calling an ambulance improves heart attack survival
20 Oct 2012Implantable devices are not a luxury
17 Oct 2012The latest science and treatments in emergency cardiac care
16 Oct 2012EHRA ICD for Life Summit - 19-20 October
12 Oct 2012One CVD death in China every 10 seconds
04 Oct 2012Argentina heart attack death rate nearly halved over 15 years
03 Oct 2012Europe’s Largest Medical Congress Selects London for 2015
28 Sep 2012World Heart Day: New European statistics released on heart disease and stroke
18 Sep 2012Cardiovascular disease community calls for tougher targets to curb global risk
14 Sep 2012ESC: Prevention without borders
12 Sep 2012Results from world’s first registry of pregnancy and heart disease reveals important differences between countries and heart conditions
06 Sep 2012Joint EACPR and AHA statement empowers health care professional to use Clinical Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
05 Sep 2012Fitness and fatness: not all obese people have the same prognosis
22 Aug 2012Spouses of people suffering a heart attack need care for increased risk of depression and suicide
24 Jul 2012ESC says 50% of CVD deaths in Europe could be avoided with proper regulation
11 Jul 2012Oral contraceptive use in girls and alcohol consumption in boys are associated with increased blood pressure in late adolescence
26 Jun 2012EVINCI results could lead to 75% reduction of invasive procedures for patients with suspected coronary artery disease
19 Jun 2012Coronary rehabilitation programmes in Europe are underused, 'with poor referral and low participation'
18 Jun 2012Atrial Fibrillation: Flec-SL trial proves efficacy of short-term antiarrhythmic drug treatment
13 Jun 2012Innovations in anticoagulation for stroke prevention
13 Jun 2012Top cardiac electrophysiology congresses join forces
06 Jun 2012How do scientific studies get selected for publication?
23 May 2012Scientists turn patients’ skin cells into heart muscle cells to repair their damaged hearts: first report
22 May 2012IAPCO Awards: Record breaking ESC Congress receives international recognition
21 May 2012Obese adolescents already have heart damage
21 May 2012Nordic walking improves health of heart failure patients
20 May 2012Statins prevent cancer in heart transplant recipients
19 May 2012ESC Heart Failure Guidelines feature new recommendations on devices, drugs and diagnosis
18 May 2012EuroPCR 2012 Press Release No 1 Friday 18 May 2012
18 May 2012EuroPCR 2012 Press Release No 2 Friday 18 May 2012
17 May 2012EuroPCR 2012 Press Release Thursday 17 May 2012
16 May 2012Life saving primary PCI rising in Stent for Life countries
16 May 2012EuroPCR 2012 Press Release No 1 Wednesday 16 May 2012
16 May 2012EuroPCR 2012 Press Release No 2 Wednesday 16 May 2012
15 May 2012EuroPCR 2012 Press Release Tuesday 15 May 2012
15 May 2012Palpitations are predictive of future atrial fibrillation
03 May 2012A fish a day keeps the doctor away?
03 May 2012Regular jogging shows dramatic increase in life expectancy
03 May 2012New Guidelines deliver concise messages for implementing cardiovascular prevention
25 Apr 2012Original research papers on Acute Cardiovascular Care: ESC launches EHJ-ACVC
25 Apr 2012Dublin: CVD prevention capital of the world
18 Apr 2012Hypertension study proves treatment with RAAS inhibitors saves lives
13 Apr 2012Global cardiology leaders meet in Dubai
04 Apr 2012Older subjects who regularly practice Tai Chi found to have better arterial compliance and greater muscle strength than non-practitioners
01 Apr 2012Transforming scar tissue into beating hearts: the next installment
30 Mar 2012Starvation: linked to greatest risk of cardiac complications
30 Mar 2012Immune therapies: the next frontier in battle against atherosclerosis
28 Mar 2012France Congrès honours the scientific and economic communities at a special evening at the Bobino Theatre
27 Mar 2012Alcohol in moderation reduces deaths in men who have survived a heart attack
21 Mar 2012Safety in the Sports Arena
20 Mar 2012The world’s largest heart failure congress
16 Mar 2012Art improves stroke survivors' quality of life
16 Mar 2012Depression increases death risk in coronary stent patients
16 Mar 2012Poor dental hygiene puts congenital heart disease patients at risk of further heart damage
08 Mar 2012Risk of death from heart failure is lower in women than in men
08 Mar 2012International Women's Day 2012
05 Mar 2012International prevention experts converge on Dublin to focus on heart disease
01 Mar 2012ESC: In the current context, industry support for continuing medical education remains essential
25 Feb 2012Airflow obstruction and reduced lung function increase the risk of heart failure
22 Feb 2012Benchmarking study prompts rethink on next Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) prevention guidelines
09 Feb 2012EP Europace journal widens its focus
02 Feb 2012The latest science and controversies in cardiovascular nursing
02 Feb 2012Projecting a strong ethos of the working scientist at FCVB 2012
01 Feb 2012Heart failure is associated with loss of brain cells and a decline in mental processes
30 Jan 2012ESC Cardiologists “intrigued” by novel approach to heart failure
25 Jan 2012Rapid urbanisation as well as cultural habits explain Gulf states' rise in heart disease prevalence
13 Jan 2012The European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation becomes the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology from January 2012
11 Jan 2012Global study sheds more light on role played by exercise, cars and televisions on the risk of heart attacks
06 Jan 2012New generation drug-eluting stents associated with lower rates of mortality and restenosis than bare metal stents

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