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ESC Congress 2011

Industry Press Activities Guidelines

ESC Industry Press Activities Guidelines for ESC Congress 2012

The Industry Press Activities Guidelines can be downloaded here. We invite you to read them carefully and do not hesitate to contact the ESC Press Office if you have any questions related to these Guidelines.

The ESC Press Office offers Industry the following options:

  • 1 Industry Press Conference Room
  • A Display Area
  • 3 Interview Rooms

Please access booking forms and location details for facilities here.

Overall regulations / Media Policy / Registration & Access / Timings & Embargo Regulations / Press Materials Review / Facilities / Booking Allocation Procedure / Communication & Promotion / Contact

Overall Regulations

The ESC allows industry (and their PR agents) - as long as they respect the present guidelines – to:

Hold Industry-related press conferences
Oversee press interviews
Disseminate press materials at the ESC Congress

  • Industry is strongly encouraged to make use of these on-site facilities rather than to hold off-site press conferences.
  • On-site Industry Press Activities, including the dissemination of materials, must be conducted in these rooms only and not take place in any other areas of the Congress Centre.
  • The ESC reserves the right to be the first communicators and set the embargoes for all data released at the ESC Congress.
  • All Industry Press Activities organised around the ESC Congress 2012 must adhere to the ESC press release dissemination timings, press conference timings and ESC embargo regulations, even those not held onsite or using the Industry Press Rooms and facilities.

Media policy

Webcasts / photography /filming / recording esc filming policy for non media

Only confirmed industry partners of the ESC Congress 2012 may apply for filming rights. These will be granted by the ESC on a one to one basis. Completed film requests will be exchanged at the Press Office Help Desk for a filming pass.

  • Exhibitors may film, take photos or record their stands but will still need to get a filming card from the ESC Press Office. 
  • Filmed or recorded interviews are not allowed in the Exhibition Hall.  Free interview rooms are available in the Industry Press Area for this purpose.
  • Industries are generally free to take photos, record and film their own press conferences*. Any video transmissions or webcasts taken at Industry Press Conferences may only be published online after the end of the scientific session they refer to.
  • Industries who are not sponsoring the ESC event will not receive filming authorisation.
  • Suppliers will also require a filming pass from the ESC Press Office. Their requests will be granted on a case-by-case basis. No filming is allowed during set-up.
Sanctions:   Anyone caught infringing ESC filming policy will be banned from the congress site and will not be able to register at any ESC event during the following year.

Other legal requirements

(ESC Guidelines dealing with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (thereafter referred to as SEC) and other financial/ legal requirements for early disclosure of information by industries presenting data at one of ESC’s events).

  • Publicly traded companies may ask to disclose information submitted to one of the ESC’s congresses, prior to embargo date. Prior public disclosure of certain abstract content may be recommended by legal counsel in order to comply with requirements of the SEC or a corresponding regulatory body in the country where the company’s stock is traded.
  • After close consideration of legal requirements, the ESC may grant an exception to its embargo rules and allow the company to release limited top-line data (i.e., general findings with no additional analysis, commentary, investigator quotes, etc.) from the abstract without jeopardizing its eligibility for presentation at the ESC Congress. Companies in this situation should send the ESC Press Office a written request including:
    • Reasons for requesting an exception to the ESC embargo policy
    • Detailed information about the release, including the data to be included, who it will be addressed to and the timing of the release
    • A letter explaining which applicable securities laws necessitate the required early disclosure and guaranteeing that the information contained in the release is only the minimum necessary to ensure such compliance.
    • A draft of the intended press release

  • The press release should note that the abstract has been submitted (or accepted) for presentation at the ESC Congress.
  • The ESC will evaluate these requests on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to change the type of presentation (e.g., from oral to poster) or remove the abstract from the scientific programme if the released information is judged to substantially detract from the novelty of the presentation at the ESC Congress.
  • Any additional information from the abstract (e.g., additional analysis, commentary, or updated information from those individuals and companies involved in the study) is embargoed until the time of the presentation or ESC press conference, whichever comes first.

Registration & access

Press registration and access to the main ESC Press Zone are not available to industry PR agencies, event management, marketing or communications representatives.

Industry and its PR/communications agents must register for the Congress as ‘Exhibitor’ status in the Industry company name.

Access to the Industry Press Area is restricted to registered press and industry exhibitors with activities booked therein and during the booked periods.

Timings & Embargo Regulations

General Regulations
  • Industry Press Conferences should be held following the relevant ESC press conference or the ESC Scientific Session whichever comes first.
  • Industry Press Conferences must not overlap with the official ESC press conferences.
  • Industry and their PR are responsible for meeting their timelines.
  • Companies that break or facilitate the breaking of ESC embargoes will be penalised through prohibition of future on-site press activities and deduction of Accrued Points and Congress rights.

Hotline sessions
  • For studies accepted by the ESC as a Hot Line session, the ESC will also be holding press activities (press conference and press release) relating to the data.
  • ESC Hot Line Press Conferences are held from 08.00-09.00 on the day of the presentation.
  • The embargo lifts at 8:00am on the day of the presentation.
  • It is thus crucial that industry press activities do not compromise the ESC embargoes and regulations.
Topics relating to satellite symposium or corporate information

If industry press activities relate to Satellite Symposia, EBAC Accredited Educational Programmes or Hands-On Tutorials or corporate information, eg a new product launch or issue not part of the main Congress Scientific Programme, you may set your own press conference timing, press material dissemination timing and embargo time.

In any case, please keep the ESC Press Office updated on all related activities. (See contact details
in this chapter).

Press materials review

The ESC Press Office must review all industry press materials before dissemination.

The 2 aspects to be reviewed:

  • It is strictly forbidden to use the ESC logo and the official visual of the Congress in any of the Industry Press materials.
  • The official name of the Congress – ESC Congress 2012 – has got to be used when mentioning the Congress in the industry Press materials.

Press materials:
• Press releases
• Slides for the Industry press conferences
• All materials to be displayed during the industry press conferences
• All materials available to journalists in the display area
• In general, any materials to be handed out to journalists

Even if industry has strictly respected these above rules, industry still needs to send press material before dissemination to the Press Office.
Industry needs to wait for written ESC Press Office validation before print or disseminate materials.
If industry has any amendments to make, industry must inform the ESC Press Office shortly.
A final hard copy version of the slides must be handed out to the ESC Press Office on site.

Facilities allocated to industry press activities

Facilities Quantity Capacity Rates
Industry press conference room


80 pax

€2000 per hour, €1500 per incremental hour thereafter
(set up and dismantling to be included)
Display table



€1,300 for full 5 day-period
Industry Press Interview Rooms


4 pers.

No charge, Max 1 hour per booking
Industry Press Interview Room
For full day booking only


4 pers.

€1,500 per day

Global information on facilities
  • No booking can be taken into account without the relevant form fully completed and sent to the ESC Press Office. For any change, please send a new booking form.
  • Payment is by credit card only.
  • A booking is only confirmed when payment is made.
  • A member of ESC staff overseeing to the Industry Press Activities will be available throughout the Congress period.
  • ESC staff will not be responsible for industry-related tasks such as photocopying or
  • secretarial duties.
  • Any cancellations received after 15 August 2012 will be subject to a 100% cancellation charge.
  • Bookings will be handled on a first-come first-served basis.

Industry press conference room
  • The Industry Press Conference Room is the recommended venue for industry press briefings relevant to the Congress proceedings.Set up and dismantling times for the Industry Press Conference room will be charged and must be indicated in the booking form.
  • Decoration of the Industry Press Conference room can be done ONLY IF included in set up and dismantling times requested. No decoration or signage outside the room.
  • Catering can be organised in the Industry Press Conference room. No catering may be set up outside the room. Alcohol may not be served during day-time events.
  • Industry and their PR agencies must contact the catering provider directly. The ESC Press Office will not be involved on catering issues.
  • Decoration and catering set up & dismantling times must be included in your slot request and will be charged at the full room rental rate.
  • Industry and their PR agencies are responsible for respecting the booked slots. No overlap is authorized.
  • Industry slots booked must include audio-visual test if needed, general set up & dismantling, decoration and catering set up & dismantling if planned, the media brief, journalists’ questions.
  • Badge checking entrance are provided and managed by ESC staff. The results will be sent after the Congress via email, in an excel sheet with contact details of every participant.
  • The Industry Press Conference Room accommodates an audience of 80 pax in theatre style set-up. The top table will be set up to allow for several speakers in a row, and this can be extended / adjusted according to needs.

Facilities in the room

  • Video and Data projection:
    • 4000 ANSI beamer 1024 resolution for pp projector
    • Computer for PP and preview lectern 17’ presentation tool
    • Monitor 18’’ TFT XGA for chair table
    • Projection screen front 240 x 180 pp projection
  • Lighting
  • Audio equipment:
    • Condensor microphone for lectern on right position
    • Table mic. with own switch for chair table 6 people
    • Radiomicrophones general for Q & A
  • Sound distribution box

Display area
  • The Industry Press Display Area is designated for the display of industry press materials such as press packs, press materials or other industry-related materials aimed at the Congress press attendees and relevant to the Congress proceedings.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use this area for any meetings or briefing sessions.
  • Exhibitors are requested to not remove/collect any press packs belonging to any other industry press display exhibitors
  • Industry press exhibitors are requested to proceed to the set up on the afternoon of Friday 24 August 2012 in order to ensure that all displays are ready when the main Congress proceedings start
  • Industry press exhibitors are requested to regularly visit their display, to renew materials in display area
  • Industry press exhibitors are requested to not remove any of their display materials until the Congress officially closes at 13.00 on Wednesday 29 August 2012
  • Equally, industry press exhibitors are requested to organise the collection and/or disposal of their excess materials following the closure of the Congress

Two industry press interview rooms
  • For smaller press conferences and interviews
  • Each room can welcome up to four people
  • No charge, reserved solely for press interviews
  • Maximum one hour per booking
One industry press interview room
  • For smaller press conferences and interviews
  • The room can welcome up to four people
  • Only full day booking accepted

Booking Allocation Procedure

In rare situations when two or more bookings are received at the same time and requesting the same booking slot, the ESC Press Office will refer to the Accrued Points System and each industry’s points to date to resolve the issue. The company with the higher number of points will be given priority.

The ESC press conferences will be confirmed in terms of topics and timings at a meeting in late May 2012. Therefore no industry press conference timing requests can be formally confirmed before June 2012 at the earliest.

Communication & Promotion

The Industry Press Conference schedule is made available in the ESC press area.

The ESC does not make its press database or registration lists available to Industry.


All queries regarding Industry Press Activities bookings and regulations should be directed to the ESC Press Office.
Telephone: +33 (0)4 89 87 77 56
Email address:

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